Monday 25 May 2009

A Message For Peter Hitchins

Image - Trotsky and Lenin.

I would have posted this response to your lastest your Daily Mail blog article peter but I note you now have blocked my e mail from leaving comments on the site, though usually you never allow them to be posted online anyway so no real loss.

Today the penny finally dropped about you peter.

You are still a Marxist, though one that today masquerades as a Reactionary.

Peter was a Trotskyist who was a member of the International Socialists from 1969 to 1975, and joined the British Labour Party in 1977, campaigning for Ken Livingstone's parliamentary candidature for Hampstead in the 1979 general election.

Hitchens left the Labour Party in 1983 when he became a political reporter at the Daily Express and thought it "no longer appropriate to carry a party card".

Peter wasnt just one your usual 'reds' though, one of those pathetic simpering 'ruprechts and ruperts' drooling, mewling idiots we see holding a Hope Not Hate poster on our streets shouting ' Waaaaccciiisst' but a Revolutionary Red, a member of the Revolutionary Red intelligensia.

For 6 years he was a Revolutionary Red, and one of the top turds perched upon the pile of hundreds of thousands of little turds.

Then then he became a political red, moving into the Establishment from university.

Then he became a media red - and then all of a sudden he became a Paleo-Conservative Reactionary writing in the Daily Mail.


This was a phased process, a transition from one revolutionary form to another.

The Revolutionary Red who once waved the red flag, was now waving a blue flag for the conservatives - but he was still a red where it counted, on the inside and still committed to the downfall of British society and our way of life.

This creep is the most successful revolutionary red in British history.

He is the Kim Philby of Fleet Street, one of the last great red vipers from the Cold War still nestling in the bosom of the establishment.

He is a serpent that whispers poison into the ears of our society, and his lisps are the whispers of treason inside our city gate.

He whispers of sterility, senility, servitude and apathy.

The idea that an ideologically committed Revolutionary Red like Hitchens could become an ideologically Paleo-Conservative Reactionary is so rare that I cannot see it happening.

The phased process of Peter Hitchens conversion also suggests a Red moving into the mainstream of the Establishment and then working within the Establishment using classic Gramscian methodology - eg being someone who is using the right wing media to ensure the entire right wing of British politics, from paleo-conservatism to nationalism, are unable to organise.

Therefore I suggest that he and his brother as Gramscists made a conscious decision to use the media from inside the media against the social and cultural values that bound our nation together.

Christopher attacks the centre from the left, Peter from the right.

Each eats away at the centre whilst also ensuring the political forces, social forces and cultural forces of Nationalism and Classic Liberalism, which were once at the core of our society, are unable to organise within society.

Peter Hitchens ensures that the ideas, values and ideology of Nationalism are attacked in the media and that paelo-conserative reaction is promoted to the masses. He seeks to perpetuate the same conservative social forces, institutions, ideas, values and ideology that have led to the current crisis.

This allows the Corporatocracy to remain in power either with a Leftist multi-culturalism perspective or a Paleo-Conservative Globalist perspective.

Hitchens supports the Church, traditional conservative values and liberal conservative values.

Yet these are the very institutions that have been hijacked by the Left and infected with political correctness.

Empowering politically the Church of England in todays society is like empowering the Communist Party - the old Nationalist Church of England for the English people that represented the interests of England and the English is now regarded as 'racist' by a majority of those frock wearing freaks and reds that infest its palaces and cathedrals.

Therefore supporting those institutions or empowering those institutions merely empowers the enemies of Nationalism.

Peter Hitchens says 'DO NOT VOTE, TORY, BNP OR UKIP' and therefore at a stroke the entire right wing of British politics is immediately disengaged from participating in the political process, thereby allowing the left and liberals to organise and impose the Servile State upon us.

He supports the most reactionary, regressive forces in British society being re-empowered, feeble institutions such as the Church of England now in the grip of liberal senility, in order to ensure NATIONALIST forces are unable to arise and organise, both within and outside those institutions.

He supports a paleo-conservative party of the right, which nowhere exists other than in his own mind, whose political manifesto, programme and agenda is simply to perpetuate the failed values of the Tory reactionary right that caused the crisis in society the first place. The fact that no such party of the paleo-conservative right exists or will ever exist means he spend the entire time attacking and undermining the political groups that do organise to represent the right in elections.

Therefore even if Hitchens dream party did arise and flourish - its paleo-conservative values would merely pepetuate and repeat the mistakes of the paleo-conservative past. Its very existence would ensure our nations destruction.

Hitchens stands, knees knocking with fear, before the ideal of Nationalism.

He fears and hates Nationalism as much as the Marxists and Capitalists fear and hate Nationalism.

Peter looks at Nationalism and his bottom lip quivers.

" Better a slow death and cultural alzheimers than rebirth and the nationalist revolution ", are the words of the old grey men of the past of the establishment political parties and their puppet politicians - or they are the whispers of a sly old wolf still hunting down its prey in the darkness of a deceit.

Hitchens wants our country chained forever to the dead historical weight of Conservatism and the Tory Party.

There can be only one response to Globalism and that is Nationalism.

By embracing and perpetuating the values and ideals of Conservatism we as a people and nation will merely perpetuate and repeat the mistakes of the past.

We demand a new future under Nationalism.

Hitchens demands we abandon politics, embrace a dead culture of conservatism and surrender our politics to an emasculated Tory Party.

If the worst that Hitchens can do for the country is demand a return to the obsolete ideology and politics of Conservatism in the Daily Mail, then he truly is the most dangerous Red in the country.

If he aint red, then he ought to be.


Anonymous said...

The Hitchens'political stance is a maelstrom of conflicting doctrines. Hitchens major(P),is senior in name only. Hitchens minor has shifted his poitical allegiance seismically, however he is a man intellectual rigour and has defended at times the unpopular - David Stirling for example - against a hostile liberal elite. In short Hitchens minor is not entirely a bought and blinded man like his confused sibling. If you want examples look on you tube and see him outline his disgust at the treachery of Rowan Williams for proposing sharia law in England. He might not be perfect but he's not a coward and I for one would welcome an exchange with the US - minor for major.


andraste said...

Excellent article Lee.

Anonymous said...

Correction - David Irving, oops.

Epona said...

Excellent article. I knew there was something highly dodgy about Peter Hitchens, all the 'What can we do?'helpless hand-wringing stuff.

andraste said...

Sibling rivalry can be a bitch.

peter said...

Peter Hitchens reminds me of the chaplain at my former school. Convinced in his own delusions, living on this planet but detached from reality. When I have seen him on TV he comes across as rather tedious company and intellectually not the sharpest tool. I suspect he has a personality disorder.
Like Litlejohn he will dance to any tune as long as the piper pays.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, Lee.

I would urge everyone to digg this so that we may hopefully get Lee's article to the top of the search engines whenever someone searches for this creep's name.