Tuesday 12 May 2009

Norman Tebbit - Dont frighten the Fox

I like Norman Tebbit, just as I admire all those who stand up for their principles such as Tony Benn. The fact that they are men of integrity and honour though, does not mean they are right in what they believe.

Integrity does not equate to accuracy, and they are sincerely wrong unlike the majority of their political contemporaries who are merely pig whores gorging on the public purse in the House of Troughminster.

The politicians of integrity despise the pig politicians.

Our democracy therefore become trapped between the scylla of incorrect integrity and the charybdis of institutional corruption. We must seek a new path.

We do not want to be lead by either idiots or the corrupt.

The politicians of integrity realise that the political parties they are members of and the politicial system those political parties operate in are all broken, corrupted and obsolete.

They know that a new politics must arise to replace the present corrupt political parties in the present corrupt political system.

They know that the maggots of corruption that have raised their reeking heads from the core of the corrupted political apple, are merely the first of a hidden mass of other guilty maggots.

This scandal is the tip of a fleet of icebergs.

But even the politicians of integrity still seek to play the petty party political game for the benefit of their own reactionary political parties. Neither Labour, New Labour, Camerons Conservatives nor The Tory Party can ever evolve into the NATIONALIST political party that is required in order to save our nation.

Therefore those like Tebbit merely seek to put democracy in a coma and on life support for a generation.

The old men of the old order see the system becoming senile and yet seek to see it euthenased rather come back to life.

The old grey men of the old order want Great Britain to grow old and die with them, rather than it have a rebirth through Nationalism.

Therefore they want the people to remain quiet as the country is slowly killed.

In effect - Tebbit does not want the rabbits to frighten the fox.

He has said to the public, " Either dont vote or vote for a system safety valve party like the Greens / UKIP but do not vote for the socialist BNP '.

He wants the rabbits to vote in such a way that the foxes are kept in perpetual power over the rabbits.

Whenever you see a fox in the media speaking in the interests of the rabbits, it is best to question the motivation of aforementioned fox.

Tebbits attack on the BNP is not based on our immigration policies for as he says here ;


" What was happening to villages a century ago is happening to countries today. We are no longer marrying exclusively within the Parish, nor even within this Kingdom. We are threatened by the global village. Going fast in much of the world is the concept of a people’s “National Home”. Under increasing pressure is the concept of a sovereign state. In America there are demonstrations protesting against the idea that those who enter the USA without lawful permission from the Government should be regarded as “illegal immigrants”. Here our judiciary relentlessly sabotages any attempts to control immigration because “Human Rights” legislation fails to properly distinguish between British nationals and foreigners.

The unfortunate Home Secretary is not allowed to refuse admission to foreigners and send them back whence they came. It is adjudge that by being in an aircraft that has landed here passengers have entered the United Kingdom and are entitled to claim the protection of British Law. It seems that not being British is no barrier to arriving here at will and simply staying. In short, people are beginning o move as freely as goods, services, capital and information. Not only here but across Europe the concept of nationality carrying with it certain rights of residence and protection superior to those of foreigners is retreating faster than glaciers subject to global warming."

This is all BNP policy.

Therefore it has to be on the issue of BNP 'socialism', and therefore the problem is that Tebbit is a free market Globalist.

The only thing more dangerous than a demented 'One World, One Country Liberal' is a demented 'No Borders, Free Trade Capitalist'.

The acid of liberalism that erodes the nation state from within is as dangerous to the survival of the nation state as the bulldozers of global capitalism that economically eviscerate the powers of the nation state from without.

The socialism of the BNP is not the economic and cultural socialism of Marx but the socialism of opportunity.

The BNP support the principle of a meritocratic society where each is given the opportunity to be the very best that they can be. That way we are ruled by the best amongst us.

We do not believe in the liberal fascist idea of social engineering in order to produce a bogus and artificial equality of outcome, rather we believe that the role of the state is to devolve power down to individuals so that they can take charge of their own lives.

This is the Peoples State.

Contrary to the Big State of Socialism, which demands the people serve the state rather than the state serves the people, nor the Servile State of Fabianism, where corporation taxes subsidise the political correctness and the state enforced dictatorships of consumerism and multi-culturalism, we support a Peoples State where power is devolved down to local people at as many levels as possible.

This is so they can live their lives as they choose, not how the Servile State and its myriad little Gestapo's demands they live.

The Peoples State is a state that serves the interests of all the people rather than the nation and the people serve the interests of the state and its various classes of politicians, banksters, corporations, the race relations industry, specific social classes or other factional social interest groups that run the state or that are able to excercise undue influence over the state.

This is a majority rights state that demands in a democracy the will of the majority must be obeyed by the minority, rather than the majority obey the demands of minorities. This tyranny of the minorities must end.

The Big State model of socialism and the No State model of Globalism are both as dangerous to the British nation as the other.

The BNP is not economically socialist in that we favour the Big State model - in fact we support Distributism, Workers ownership of big industry and community farms. All of these are DEVOLUTIONS of power down from the level of the state and the corporation down to individuals. These are not acts of centralisation of power, into a boardroom or a government office, these are acts of decentralisation of power down to the level of the community and individual worker.

The BNP is not socialist in relation to class warfare nor dialectical materialism, we have a vision of a hierarchical society not a classless society. We want to be ruled by the best amongst us, not by the dictatorships of money and the media that we have at the moment.

The BNP is not socialist in relation to the NHS or public services as we say only the British are entitled to the benefits of Britain, not the whole world.

Tebbit is trapped in the confines of two rusty cages - the first is the Cameron Conservative Party and the second his own loyalty to free market economics.

Globalism began under Thatcher and paved the way for Blairite Fabianism.

Tebbit has served under Thatcher when the Fabians began their Servile State plan and he has been a dupe of their plots ever since.

The Revolution of the Rabbits against the Dictatorship of the Fox has begun.

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Andraste said...

Excellent post Lee.

Power has become a drug for these people, including Tebbitt, they are addicted to their position and status, and historically it has been their whim and manipulations whom they groom and selected to can enter into their cosey coterie, to maintain their political agenda. The political class is perpetuated by incestuous tradition. However, in this current political maelstrom events are unfolding at such as rate as to make their usual planning and scheming extremely difficult, as the old-gang politicians simply can't plot fast enough to prevent the rise of the BNP – they have failed to contain us, which, rightly so, in their worldview is cataclysmic - as Nick Griffin stated yesterday we are the only party who is truly different, we are not part of the establishment – and what’s more we are in fact an existential threat to the system – and they all know it.

However, in the absence of a coherent strategy against the phenomenal rise of the BNP, the establishment will continue to run with its old strategies, which are in fact now backfiring against it, because people are seeing through their lies - and this makes the establishment obvious for the corrupt self-serving den of crooks that it is. Take for example, an establishment politician recently said words to the effect that simply smearing BNP members as “skinheads” no longer works because it confuses people when they see that the BNP are not skinheads! This is the situation we want to force the establishment into, where they lie and then people see the reality is different, and fortunately for us they are falling right into it at the moment – and this further enforces the certainty in peoples minds that all mainstream politicians are simply liars, which of course they are. A lie is clearly seen as a lie when it is brought in closer contrast to the truth, so it is a successful strategy for us to merely continue doing what we are doing, and for the establishment to continue lying about us. Eventually, the idiots of Searchlight, UAF, etc will implode under the pressure, the first signs are already starting to appear as in-fighting is more and more common amongst the leftist groups, specifically as they fight about a strategy to use against the BNP. But like the idiots they are they fall back on their default method which is to smear and blatantly lie about the BNP, this old strategy is backfiring, because with the rise of the BNP is becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the lies.

A lie is a very hard thing to maintain, whereas the truth requires no energy as it lies in natural equilibrium, that is why the establishment and their lackeys are struggling because the energy they are using to maintain the lies of their corrupt system is extremely demanding and stressful. Whereas we however are simply presenting the truth, and the truth cannot be contained, this is a law of nature as certain as gravity.

We have won already because we are a national factor on the political scene, this will permeate into the subconscious of the people and they will, more and more, consider the BNP as a viable alternative to the Lib/Lab/Con axis of evil – we are already now being seen more and more as a viable alternative. People will visit the website in larger numbers, and then see the truth. It has been the strategy of the establishment (including of course the media) to marginalise the BNP and make the BNP appear as political outsiders (this was their strategy of containment), this strategy has been defeated and is no longer viable due to the national presence of the BNP and our rapidly expanding membership. Whereas trailing in our wake the old-gang self-serving, narcissistic reactionary politicians are at once desperately trying to deny reality and cling to their old ways whilst denying the fact that the BNP are now entering the mainstream politic, like survivors of a shipwreck clinging to wooden planks whilst denying that their ship has sunk!

Tebbitt is indeed torn is just such a deluded fool, he cannot let go of the old establishment that he despises, even though he may be more genuine he is still “one of them”, so instead he opts to draw lesser establishment political parties into the fold, as a way to teach the old-gang parties a lesson, hoping that it will result in the establishment reforming itself into something more of his liking, so that it might live longer, a Frankestein’s monster, parts thrown together from remnants of all establishment parties. Whereas he, like all the other establishment politicians, knows that the BNP will completely do away with the old-gang, this is the fear behind his statement, his claims of BNP “socialism” are a smokescreen, that is his rational mind justifying the impulses of his irrational mind.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but it was nice to see Nick Griffin getting a reasonably fair crack of the whip on The Daily Politics yesterday - and a pleasure to see Rod Liddle rooted to the spot in case he might have to make eye contact with Nick - with whom he seems to have similar views on the rise of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Tebbit was regarded as a nasty piece of work by the miners and the British working class in the 80's. He was Thatcher's right hand man and presided over the destruction of the proud British manufacturing base in England so the workers could all work in Tescos. The people in the north- west have long memories and wouldnt want anything to do with Thatcher or Tebbit. They both despite the rhetoric presided over mass immigration and encouraged globalism.

The Green Arrow said...

Yes. A really excellent article. I liked:-

The BNP support the principle of a meritocratic society where each is given the opportunity to be the very best that they can be. That way we are ruled by the best amongst us.

Anonymous said...


DECLAN GANLEY has acknowledged a payment was made to former Polish president Lech Walesa to address Libertas delegates at their conference on Friday in Rome.

The Libertas founder said it was usual to pay a fee in such circumstances, and described Polish media queries about the exact amount as "offensive" …

"Gentlemen do not talk about money to other gentlemen," Mr Ganley told the daily newspaper Dziennik yesterday. "The word 'honorarium' includes the word 'honour'. Let's drop the subject."