Tuesday 5 May 2009

I cannot Sleep Tonight

This is a poem from a collection I am writing.

Let me know what you think.

I cannot Sleep Tonight.

I cannot sleep tonight,
My mind is restless, meandering,
The lost paths of the past,
As a fox in the forest, it roams,
Seeking a den of dreams,
In midnights brush of black,
Wandering memories way,
Sniffing amidst the humus,
Of moments shed in time,
That reek of secrets, long secreted,
Into autumn folds of forgetting.

Suddenly a hare breaks cover,
From a tangled thicket of thought,
White as fresh winter snow,
Bewitching me with her beauty,
Symbolically, she sprints,
Her shadow finding its form,
And fox follows in swift pursuit,
His hot, hungry breath upon her neck,
Seeks reunion with her flesh,
And so the chase begins,
For as it must, fox must be fed.

She leaps and jinks a leading line,
Leading dull fox a merry dance,
Until balled up paws, clagged with clay,
Betray her with a sudden stumble,
And with a snap of jaw it is over,
The chase comes to its end,
And hare surrenders her soul,
With a bright blush of blood,
That cools and clots upon the page,
As fox gnaws upon the bones,
Devouring her sleek pelt, a perfect poem.

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Anonymous said...

Lee - I could dredge up some phrases from literary criticism I read at uni - I could even apply some free-thought and criticism - but I'm worn out; si I shall say - I liked it. I enjoyed reading it. That's something isn't it?

Defender of Liberty said...

enljoying it is enough.

as long as it paints a picture in your head, then its a poem that works,

rest up and re-energise

all the best,