Monday 4 May 2009

Lancaster Unity and Liberal Fascism

There are those in the leftist / liberal camp with very very small brains that inhabit a sort of parallel universe where that say Liberal Fascism cannot exist.

They say that Liberals cannot be fascists, when in fact Liberalism has become the most violent, repressive, fascistic political movement since Nazism and Communism.

These people deny liberalism is a post-modern fascist movement because these people do not understand the nature of Classical Liberalism - which valued free speech, liberty, freedom of thought, the nation state and freedom of association.

Classical Liberalism placed the liberty of the individual before the demands of the state.

Liberal Fascism sees the individual and their liberty and rights as inferior to the state.

Liberal Fascism endorses ;

Political Correctness

Restrictions on free speech eg No Platform policies

Restrictions on freedom of association eg they support banning political parties and organisations they disagree with

Restrictions on the right to join trade unions for people they dislike

The removal of national borders and border controls

The monitoring of private phone calls, e mails and text messages

Invasions of foreign countries eg Iraq and Afghanistan

Internment without trial

I.D Cards

A politicised para-military police force whose role is to physically smash those that oppose the social engineering process of the Socialist / Fabian / Consumerist State

So called 'Equality laws' that racially discriminate against Whites on the basis of their race and sex

And a myriad other assaults on our rights and liberties.

As part of their Liberal Fascist agenda the Liberal Fascists of Lancaster Unity think they have a right to target individuals and slander, smear and attack their religious beliefs.

The fact that those on Lancaster Unity are primarily homosexuals, pederasts, Zionists, Lesbians, immigrants, communists and anarchists - all minority groups - makes their attack on other minority groups, such as those that follow the Northern ancestral religious traditions of Britain such as Odinism and Druidism ironic, racist and hypocritical.

Therefore their attacks on the Odinist religion fall under the very religious hatred laws that they enacted.

If the cowards did not hide behind fake names on the site when they post their abusive comments then the police would be investigating their vile, racist rants against Odinists, Druids and our indigenous religions.

But as they are cowards who are sponsored and funded by the Labour Party and run by the Zionist front group Searchlight we should expect no better.

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Wolfblood said...

What they fear (truth and reality) is what they want to smash.