Thursday 28 May 2009

Searchlight Lies Continue

Searchlight say 6500 e mail complaints have been sent.

The company say they have received 100.

Now who do we believe ? Hmmmmmmmmm

Clear Channel under pressure over BNP ads

Source: Marketing Week | Author: Mary-Louise Clews | Published: 28 May 2009 10:30

Clear Channel outdoorOutdoor media owner Clear Channel has been deluged with letters calling on it to ditch its deal to carry British National Party European election campaign posters, according to anti-racism campaigners.

Campaign group Searchlight says over 4,000 letters were sent to the company by its supporters over the bank holiday weekend, and it was less than 500 letters short of its 7,000 target this morning (May 28).
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The group and its supporters are targeting the media owner for profiting from ‘racist propaganda’ by selling poster sites to the far right party.

It says it has yet to receive a response from Clear Channel, and its next step could be to approach commercial clients about their association with the billboard company if it maintains its silence.

However a Clear Channel spokeswoman says it have responded to each letter sent quoting its policy on political party advertising. She also questions campaigners’ claims over the numbers of complaints, claiming it has received “less than one hundred” letters.

The policy says the laws governing political advertising “allow legal and legitimate political parties to engage in campaigning and maintain free speech”, and that it will accept advertising from such parties without “bias or favour, regardless of the company’s own views.”

It adds it is not for clear Channel to “censor” such messages if they are legal, or “ bow to pressure from lobby groups and activists.”

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have sent clear channel an e-mail and I urge everyone (unless they have done so already) to also send them an e-mail declaring support and thanks to them for standing against the State-bullies.

They were also subject to the hacking/DoS attack which the BNP website were victims of, they are taking legal action themselves so we wish them well with that.