Friday 15 May 2009


The Tory swine flu epidemic is now out of control, it has just now appeared rather belatedly on this blog here ;

Luckily here is the cure for Tory Swine Flu ;

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lee keep at them disgusting Tory traitors.

I think this will win the BNP votes and the Tories will live to regret this big time!

It places a clear line between the Tories and the BNP and shows where the Tories stand - not with the Brits, a position that is losing ground by the day as the growth of the BNP is testament to.

The last thing the average Tory voter wants to hear is this social engineering liberal crap - `Dave` already scares the crap out of the blue rinse set, on seeing this `Dave` will petrify them - they may come running to us!

We need to make sure we pin these ads on the Tories with big arrows pointing at them.

It shows Brits that the Tories will hasten the genocide of the British and that they truly have deserted the british working class for all to see and it is these votes that the Torys will rely on in future.

This may work on some levels for Labour, but NOT the Tories, this is like a stake through the heart of the average tory still clinging to the dream that EU `Dave` may just come good.

The biggest fear for the BNP would be a Tory party that mouthed BNP policy but never acted on it, like Thatcher.

But this polarising works for us as once you get past the initial emotive message you find out the Tories disturbing agenda for the country.

I say, bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Lee one interesting point is that this violates if i remeber correctly the united nations human rights laws regarding indigenes people!

soon we will hopefully have the funds to challege these bastards including the EU abuse of such laws.