Wednesday 13 May 2009

Holocaust Denial - The New Witchery

Holocaust Denial is the new witchery, its proponents hunted down and forced to publically recant their views in witch trials or they are destroyed. If they do not do recant and apologise then their reputations are burnt in the pyres of a manufactured 'public hate' by the media and then they are cast into the dungeons of democracy and left to rot.

Holocaust Denial is not something I agree with myself, I think the testimony of the witnesses of the camps, British, German, Jewish and Polish is enough for me. The way I see it is if the Germans were willing to gas their own disabled children in the T4 programme before the war then I do not see why they would not also gas Jews during the war.

The notion that the use of gas chambers is what makes the Holocaust of the Nazis unique in world history and therefore it requires a holocaust denial to protect its place amongst the evils of mankind is total bollocks as Napoleon also used gas chambers to kill rebellious slaves.

In his book, Le Crime de Napoléon, French historian Claude Ribbe has claimed that in the early 19th century, Napoleon used poison gas to put down slave rebellions in Haiti and Guadeloupe. Based on accounts left by French officers, he alleges that enclosed spaces including the holds of ships were used as makeshift gas chambers where sulfur dioxide gas (probably generated by burning sulfur) was used to execute up to 100,000 rebellious slaves.

The first person to be executed in the United States by gas chamber was Gee Jon, on February 8, 1924 in Nevada.

Therefore the US was gassing people before the Nazis ( though they were poor whites and blacks so therefore irrelevant) and after the Nazis.

But of course the US is not considered as barbaric as the Nazis.

North Korea also uses gas chambers, but its use in the world today is barely mentioned.

Holocaust denial is not a crime. It is an aspect of free speech.

The right to hold free speech only as long as it does not offend someone is not a right worth having.

The Holocaust is of course a question of debate, evidence and history - it is not something that should ever be the basis of criminal proceedings.

The German people were denied free speech by the Nazis, they were denied free speech by the Communists and they are now denied free speech by the so called 'democrats' in the name of holocaust denial.

It appears that democracy is just another totalitarian regime.

There are no grounds for the criminalisation of holocaust denial.

So what if it offends cabals of well funded ethnic lobby groups, liberal idiots and leftist fanatics.

They and their vile opinions all offend me on a regular basis but I cannot go to court and get those bastards imprisoned.

The fact that the Zionist run political Establishments of the nations of the world, and the political puppets of the media that in reality run our countries, have the power to demand the imprisonment of people because they find their views repugnant proves to me that these people who demand the imprisonment of those they disagree with are the real Nazis we should be afraid of, not the views of the holocaust deniers.

The fact that the hunt for last old Nazis still continues apace with the persecution of old German men in their late eighties for crimes they have been accused of ( and lets just ignore the principle that they are innocent before bring proved guilty), but the ex-communists of the world responsible for ten times for murders than the Nazis are not ever hunted down or deported from anywhere, shows us that holocaust denial is just another weapon in the armoury of liberalism in order to control society not protect the victims of genocide.

If it was to protect the victims of genocide why are the communists responsible for genocide in Russia and China never arrested, hunted down or prosecuted ?

Why are the crimes of communism not taught in schools like the Holocaust is and used to brainwash children into being ashamed of communism and socialism like the Holocaust brainwashing is used to make them ashamed of their race and nationalism ?

Why are the political criminals who assisted the murderous regimes of the communist era still involved in the European Union, even sitting in the European Parliament ?

Why are the crimes of communism not protected by a Communist Holocaust Denial Law ?

Why are there no groups hunting down the communist murderers of the world ?

Why are there no reparations for victims of the Communist regimes ?

Why are there no Nuremberg Trials for ex-communists ?

Why are there no monuments or museums to the murders of communism, but the cult of the shoah has its own museum in almost every city ?

Why are there no Communist Holocaust Remembrance Days in the UK, probably because the communist scum during the cold war are all MP's or trade union leaders.

The true heirs of the Nazis are not the NPD, the neo-nazis of today are the so called 'democratic' parties of the left and right in power in Germany that have criminalised free speech in Germany just as the Nazis and Communists did.

Holocaust denier faces jail in Australia for contempt

Frederick Toben, an Australian 'revisionist historian', has been sentenced to three months in jail after publishing offensive material about Jews and the Holocaust on his website.

By Bonnie Malkin in Sydney
Last Updated: 11:52AM BST 13 May 2009

Toben, 65, had been banned in 2002 from circulating anti-Semitic material on the website of the Adelaide Institute and had promised to abide by the order.

But a civil case brought by Jeremy Jones, former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, found Toben had breached the order 24 out of an alleged 28 times.

Toben, who was given 14 days to appeal against the sentence, has said he has no regrets and was ready to be jailed.

"I've mentally prepared myself to go inside for a few weeks or months," he told the news website Adelaidenow before the hearing.

"If you believe in something and you want to have that freedom to express your opinions then you should be prepared for sacrifices," he said.

However, Toben's lawyer has indicated he would seek to have his client serve the sentence under house arrest.

Toben was arrested in Britain in October last year under a European Union arrest warrant issued by Germany, but a bid to extradite him to answer charges of Holocaust denial failed.

He faces charges in Germany of publishing material on the internet "of an anti-Semitic and/or revisionist nature" which denies, approves of, or plays down the Holocaust.

Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany and offenders can face up to five years in jail.

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Anonymous said...

Lee, Any sensible intelligent person knows that Jews were persecuted and oppressed in Nazi Germany. Between 1933 and 1940 the policy was one of emmigration to any land which would have them. Rightly or wrongly they were seen as aliens from Russia who had a disproportionate power and influence ie 60% of Berlin attorneys, ownership of most of the large stores etc , ownership of the newspapers and theatres. They were also very influential in the Bolshevik party in Russia and had been the main instigators of the communist party in most European countries.
After 1941 with the war against the Soviet Union proceeding there was a radicalisation of the policy. Having studied the evidence I know thousands died in internment camps (eg Belson esp towards April 45 when all supplies broke down) mainly of typhus .This was at a time when the allies were killing thousands nightly by area bombing in Germany. What I dont see is any evidence for gas chambers but I do see an allied post war psych ops programm. Implanted through newsreels stories of soap made from Jews, lampshades made from Jews, gas coming in through shower heads as in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. Even Yad Vasheen says these are myths.
So what is the truth? It certainly is dangerous to question it as you will either end up in jail or like Bishop Williamson be expelled from your country and work. The good bishop is probably closer than you know to the truth.

Anonymous said...

I think people who deny the holocaust are complete morons who should be allowed to speak so we can all laugh at them for the clowns they are.

What pisses me off about this is the denial of the 4 million or so christians, gypsies, mentally and physcialy disabled, communists and women from priviliged classes brutally murdered and tortured by the nazi filth.

Denying the holocaust is also to insult our armed services personnel who liberated the camps and saw first hand the horrors committed by the nazis. Denying it is simply jew hatred and as always these wankers never mention the non-jews who suffered and whose suffering they also deny - if they even know about it.

Here's some real time footage of the allied forces liberating many of the camps. It is horrifc and it is undeniable.

Nazi Concentration CampsThe intellectual pygmies who deny it would have us believe that after almost 12 months of heavy fighting, the allies thought: "I know let's create a great big lie about how the Nazis gassed the Jews."

Shyeah, right, course they did, as if anything else would've been on their minds.


Defender of Liberty said...

Spot on Chris.

The real shame of nation is not just that we tolerate the Zionist elite within the political system and allow it so much power but that much of the public are so trapped in their own ignorance of this as a political reality that they would rather remain prisoners of the lie than set themselves free.

They would rather vote to remain prisoners than accept they have a right to be free.


Anonymous said...

Do you know what I worry about Lee?

That the entire white race is now becoming a victim of Darwinism. It is as if we've turned suicidal, embracing some of the most harmful and destructive ideologies that will ensure the white race becomes extinct: Marxism, Liberalism and Islam.

Unlike you, I don't give much credence to the Zionist movement. I think a far greater and far more powerful threat is Islam. It is the most evil ideology there is, what Muslims have done makes the Nazis seem positively avuncular and yet the west has accepted this evil, retarded ideology as equal to the Judeo-Christian religions that made the west the most advanced societies in history and the best hope for all mankind.

And while everyone is pointing at Israel and Zionists, the Muslims are colonising the west and massacring infidels wherever the cancer of Islam resides. It seems we'd rather stupidly tolerate evil rather than stand and fight for our own people and that means the white race will die out. Such is natural selection.



Anonymous said...

You echo my sentiments about the hushed-up atrocities of the communists. I think i shall email a few of my local politicians to see what kind of a response i get.


Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the foul language of some of these comments ( I have always believed that an argument is never advanced by foul language )I have seen the films of the camps liberation. This was in April 45 when the whole of the transport and supply structure in Germany had broken down and typhus was rampant throughout the camps. This is what Berlin looked like in 1945

Whether you like it or not the Jews were very influential in Germany before 1933 and they provided 90% of the Communist leadership pre war. Today they are very dominant in America own most of Hollywood and nearly every media outlet. They certainly since the turn of the 20 th century have pushed for multiculturalism and the Frankfurt school agenda. They led the push for the race relations laws in the UK in the 1960s. As a group evolutionary strategy it has worked well for them.

I have no great axe to grind but I find it absurd that an 89 yr old can be flown to Germany as a war criminal with the evidence supplied by the old KGB, whereas George Bush and Tony Blair fly first class round the world.
Try this link it might open some eyes.

Anonymous said...

So what were conditions like in Austria, Belgium, France, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Poland - I could go on.

Like I said, another denier who only mentions jews, nothing about the other groups. How prominent were gypsies and roma in Germany? How prominient were Hungarians, Poles, Russians, Czechs, Serbs, and what about Christians and political dissidents, the mentally and physically handicapped?

Ahh, they don't matter do they?


Anonymous said...

The offense of Holocaust denial only made sense in Germany and Austria in the mid 80's. 6 million or 600, it doesn't matter -- it was not the mass murder as such that was the horror(we have lots of genocides in history, it was not a first, nor the most 'photogenic'), but the ruthless industrialisation thereof, the turning of human beings into farmed animals, that was the novelty that horrified everyone.

The horror of killing off the weak -- well this is still practiced nowadays, I challenge you to count the number of handicapped children in second world countries like Turkey and so on and compare that to the number they *should* have. Remember the Turkish attacks on our royalty who dared to gate crash the gulag for sick kids in Turkey?

So, let's not conflate the crimes, but let's be concentrating on what actually is the beef here, even if the horror is quite overwhelming!

The problem is not that we laugh at people who believe and spout stupid things, but that those muppets are dumb enough to start acting on that, and Germany by historic reasons have still quite a few of them, and that often ends in injured and sometimes dead people. And it's boring to try and fix the delusion of a silly teenager too. Hence the law, people got fed up with idiots, wishful thinking this was, great on paper, but in reality, we have more deluded people than ever and what is even more crazy, the Nazis (including the Autonomous lot) like Islam too and think it's something to aspire to and learn from. Remember what they say about teaching a pig to count? You waste your time and it annoys the pig...!

Not ideal is it... still the law was a good enough solution at the time, it stopped old men peddling rubbish and this in turn stopped a lot of kids from picking up this idiotic fashion (just as bad as the Che and Hash fashions that brainwashes them into being lefties), prohibition of anything works only a short time, after that, it has to be the individual's moral compass to steer them, and for this only education and discussion will do.

Now Holocaust denial laws are stifling the debate into polite silence, and with a lot of Turks moving in Germany be being openly antisemitic(Mein Kampf is a bestseller in Turkey), we all will have a very interesting future.

Time has run out and I doubt that we'll ever manage to be sensible about it, maybe this needs another 100 years before people are detached enough to apply the proper analysis.

About for Demanjuk being prosecuted, the argumentation of the poster above, to let one criminal go because there are bigger fish is stupid, think about it, with this strategy we can just close up court and forget about justice totally. Let's do what we can, not give up because the job is too hard...

As for 'the Jews dun it'... that's so old, I can introduce you to many Jews who don't like this multi-culti stuff either at all -- but some Jews, just like some Germans and some Englishmen and other people have a part here, and it's not Jewishness but idiocy that is the true well of that cause.

Think about it and compare -- now you are experiencing Gaza in Luton, and 'the right of return' in form of immigration (your ancestors are 'criminals' so you 'deserve' to be dispossessed), Nationalists are vilified (compare Zionists?) -- notice something familiar here?

Ironic that people still go on about 'the Jews' -- self-hating Nationalists anyone? They have plenty of self-hating Jews in Israel and around the world, just like we have lots of self-hating Westerners, and, as the Romans say, the traitor is the worst enemy of them all.