Tuesday 19 May 2009

The Vicar of Fleet Street - Peter Hitchens

Dear peter makes a few points here below and I will respond.


I will analyse them and respond point by point in brackets beneath his comments, I have also posted them on his website so lets see if he responds and puts them up or censors them as usual ;

I've likewise done what I can to explain why the BNP should not receive the support of any civilised person.

( But people should support and vote for those who civilised people in the Tory Party and Labour Party who voted to attack Iraq and slaughter hundreds of thousands of innocent people and waste the lives of hundreds of British soldiers. Your civilised people are crooks and war criminals. Your civilised political people in the establishment parties are the scum of the earth )

I have examined the BNP. I have met its activists and its leader, and read its key documents, which is more than many of its supporters have done.

( here we go - silly peter )

It contains both pitiful, unhinged Judophobes and convicted criminals.

( Ad Hominem attack again eh peter. No war criminals in our ranks though or proffesional criminal fraudsters like in all the other parties. And lets ignore our Jewish members and supporters and councillors. No perjuring lords, paedophiles, and fraudsters in our ranks. )

Its own constitution (I point out for the fiftieth time) clearly and unambiguously defines it as a racially-bigoted party.

( Tsk, Tsk, peter - if the BNP is 'bigoted' then so are the Black Police Officers Association, the AFRO-CARIBBEAN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION, the Black Lawyers Association ETC and all those other black / jewish / muslim groups and charities that work for their communities only. They all have ethno-specific memberships that seek to represent the interests of their community in the multi-cultural process. You may not notice we live in a multi-cultural society where the community that does not organise to represent its interests loses out socially, politically, culturally etc etc. If you dont like multi-culturalism then scrap it - until then dont call us racist for organising to protect our interests as a community. We have already lost enough of our rights and culture because we have not organised to protect purselves in the past. )

There is no doubt that this specific, declared bigotry loses the BNP important support. No Christian, for instance, can conscientiously support it, as both Old and New Testaments unequivocally point out that all men are made in the image of God, and that Christ does not distinguish between 'Jew and Greek, slave and free'.

( Crikey peter is now an authority on the Bible, but lets let him have rather warped view of Christianity as a liberal cult where those that refuse to see the difference between the races that god created have to be expelled from gods church. You dont have to be a Christian to join the BNP, we are a secular party not a christian cult )

(It is the Darwinist survival-of-the-fittest merchants whose philosophy underpins fantasies of racial superiority, though they try to wriggle out of this nowadays).
( The BNP have never stood for racial superiority, another petty lie peter )

Yet the BNP leadership will not abandon it. If the 'policies' they currently adopt (for opportunistic rather than principled reasons) were their real objective, and they were truly concerned for the future of the country, then they would purge themselves both of this poison and of the unrepentant Holocaust-deniers and similar toxic swivel-heads still in their ranks. They could do this out of genuine repentance, or solely out of a self-interested desire for power.

( AAAAH so peter wants the BNP to be UKIP and another flaccid pseudo-party that offers no real competition to the tories but merely ensures the tories remain on the right )

Either would be rational actions, and repentance would actually be a genuine step forward.

(repentance for what - not being the tories and UKIP ? )

However, their bigotry is their fundamental driving force, and so central to them that they cannot abandon it, which is why they cannot and will not do this, even though their inaction harms them greatly. That bigotry will continue to inform and direct everything that they do. It is central to their purpose and being. And that is why it would be both wrong and mistaken for anyone to vote for them.

( Bigotry now. Is peter calling the black police officers association etc bigots who espuse bigotry ? if he isnt then he is as usual talking out of his arse )

BNP enthusiasts don't address this point, because they can't, without admitting that their main motivation is racial prejudice, which they understandably prefer not to do (though this restraint is absent from various nasty websites where BNP supporters, unleashed, let their true feelings show).

( No peter we do not support racial prejudice we fight for our rights as the indigenous British people in the multi-cultural process. Wait until Harriet Harmans new equality laws legalise positive discrmination racism against whites then when you get the sack, and your kids cant get a job, you will get the picture peter. It will be too late then though for you peter ? )

Instead they make rude remarks about me, which are of course very welcome from such a source.

( we dont make rude remarks about you peter, we actually think you talk a lot of sense , but you are paid by the media scu that pimp out the political pigs to the masses and he who takes the cursed gold becomes owned by their evil masters - you do what you do as you have no real choice )

When one of them does address it, or makes an honest effort to do so, I'll respond.

( Okay peter here it is - respond )

Otherwise not. It is sad to see well-intentioned gullible people being fooled by this unpleasant formation.

( are we talking about the BNP here or the tories ? )

Modern politics seems to consist largely of the well-intentioned being fooled by scoundrels of one kind or another.

( and modern politics is run by media corporations that subvert democracy and pay people like you to print stories that ensure the political pigs they support stay in power by exploiting well intentioned and good people )

So peter, instead of repeating crass Ad hominem attacks with the usual facile perjoratives in your articles, ask us the questions and we will respond point by point or submit them to Nick Griffin and he can.

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Andraste said...

This Peter Hitchens piece is utter garbage. At no point does he actually clearly make any attempt to state our position and his opposition to it, instead he relies solely on his usual Ad Hominem arguments, which by the way, as Lee points out, completely fall apart anyway. Just look at the crooks in parliament currently robbing us blind, the war mongers who have slaughtered hundreds of thousands in false and illegal wars, the crimes of the establishment politicians are well documented here:


Andraste said...

Peter Hitchens the pseudo-intellectual. How the mighty fall when faced with the arguments of the BNP and they resort to desperate smears and lies, no-one debates us openly and fairly because everyone, and I mean everyone, knows that we would win, and win the next general election.

The thing is Hitchens is preaching to the converted, much like that rockabilly twat Brooker, so it doesn't really make any difference to the BNP support, because anyone fucking stupid enough to read the Guardian in the first place is beyond saving anyway. The BNP are reaching the wider and white working class, who have been pissed on by wankers like Hitchens and Brooker in their pursuit of their sick socially engineered multi-cult society.

Rock on.

Anonymous said...

The Black Police Officers Association doesn't want to deport the white police officers. I think that's a fairly important difference and the reason that your party is racist and bigoted.

Come down from your Ivory tower said...

I used to have respect for Peter, I thought he was an intellectual pragmatist.

What he actually is is someone good with words but little up top.

He clearly has not studied the BNP and will not adress their points directly and in full.

Using instead smears and ad homin attacks.

This really is sad when people you thought were intellectual heavyweights with an objective view, turn out to be lighter than candyfloss.

Still, ignorant Liberal fascist propagaga pieces pay well - eh Peter up there in his ivory tower!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said 'The Black Police Officers Association doesn't want to deport the white police officers. I think that's a fairly important difference and the reason that your party is racist and bigoted'.
Please tell me where the BNP staes this.(Lee excuse my rant here)Anonymous, open your eyes you dimwit. I honestly don't mind stupid people, up to a point. When i say stupid, i dont mean people who are somewhat daft. I mean people who are told something by the mass media and then repeat it over and over again and eventually believe it. I refer again to LB's comments about the new British that he meets on the trains etc. The same twats that are so mind conditioned by fashion magazines, newspapers and the tele. Wake up Anonymous and stop coming off with the same old shite that the guardian rolls out day after day. Research the facts before you make the allegation, failure to so makes you the retarded product of the system you currently are.


Andraste said...

Another brainwashed idiot said: "The Black Police Officers Association doesn't want to deport the white police officers. I think that's a fairly important difference and the reason that your party is racist and bigoted."Obviously you don't actually know what the BNP stand for, like the rest of you demented self-loathers. You just believe whatever lies you are fed without question. If you ever had enough guts to challenge your preconceived indoctrination you would find out what the BNP actually stands for instead of blindly believing what you are told. You are the perfect fodder for the establishment, never questioning, just hating the BNP because you are told to.

As for the twat you post "die" - that about sums up the level of your argument, as we always say everyone is terrified to debate with us because they know we will win, that's why you resort to smears and lies.

Rock on rockabillies.

ugeine said...

You really are an otter's minge, aren't you?

BNP'ER said...

In recent days, a number of Newsquest websites, including the Bromsgrove Advertiser, the Redditch Advertiser and Stourbridge News, have carried banner and video adverts from the far-right political party. The ads have since been removed from the newspaper sites.

we should be getting our money bk asap

Andraste said...

ugeine said...

"You really are an otter's minge, aren't you?"IF we could collate all the comments that these demented self-loathers have posted, 99% of the content would be of the sort posted by ugeine. Not one post by these establishment drones actually has any clue what the BNP actually stand for, instead they could be parrots are blindly regurgitating the same lies about the BNP they have been fed. Not a shred of individuality amongst them. The establishment love you guys, so easy to brainwash and you perform exactly how they want, like labotomized lackeys... we hate BNP... don't really know what they stand for... must hate BNP... Charlie Brooker told me... must hate BNP... must not question my programming.

Ketlan Ossowski is an MI5 Grass said...

I think the thing I love best about this blog (even more than Lee Barnes' quality rants) is the hysterical comments from the 'alternative' radical(sic) student types who get so hot under the collar when they read these posts...

Their whiny shouts of 'Nart-thee Thcum, Orf Are Thwteeths' crack me up every fucking time...

Ketlan Ossowski is an MI5 Informer said...

Nart-thee Thcum Orf Are Thtweeths !

Anonymous said...

Peter Hitchens lives in the intellectual shadow of his brother and has all his adult life been Salieri to his Mozart. His confused politics are a whisper of the neurological magnitude of the breadth and depth of his siblings learning and reasoning power.When one bears this in mind and the crippling inferiority complex that he bears as a result, it's hard not to pity the poor dear.

Anonymous said...

With regards Newsquest there has been no cancellation of advertising. That was gleaned from a leftie site so it must be true. LOL

Andraste said...

What is a Nazi?

i) Someone who blindly follows what they are told without question.
ii) Someone who seeks to suppress free expression.
iii) Someone who uses undemocratic means to stifle their political opponents, including intimidation and physical attacks
iv) Someone who disregards reality in order to peddle their warped view of the world
v) Someone who thinks exactly like everyone else, and seeks to eradicate individuality

That about sums up all these idiots who have posted up comments, who don't have a clue what the BNP actually stand for, they just hate the BNP because they are told to without question.

How does it feel to be the real Nazi's.

Andraste said...

Fundamentally Hitchens Jr. believes that the political establishment are beyond reproach for their crimes, whereas the working class should be kept in place by whatever means possible. He is terrified of the BNP because of the large working class support.

alanorei said...

Re: No Christian, for instance, can conscientiously support it, as both Old and New Testaments unequivocally point out that all men are made in the image of God, and that Christ does not distinguish between 'Jew and Greek, slave and free'Naturally Hitchens didn't quote the full reference:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28.

Will PH answer the question of whether he thinks the Lord Jesus Christ can or can't distinguish between men and women (having created both)?

One person in scripture took out words from a verse that didn't suit his pitch.

The Devil. See Matthew 4:6 and Psalm 91:11, 12.

That shows me where PH and co. are coming from, at least now. Like Lee, I believe that PH has made sensible pronouncements and written some good books. He seems to have regressed, however.

Anonymous said...

Peter Hitchens is a Marxist Cadre who graduated from the Frankfurt School.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Hitchens was instructed to do a job on the BNP in the build up to the elections. All he's done is regurgitate the rubbish he wrote a couple of months ago. Interesting that only 10 comments, allowed) so far.

George said...

The hypocrisy of Hitchens is starkly exposed if you read his pro Israel piece which follows his anti BNP article.

Why does he support the right of the Jews to have a homeland, which I also do and agree with nearly every word of his article, yet he denies the english the same right.

He makes the point that if the muslims were given the "right of return" to Israel then Israel would cease to exist.

Well the same things happening here mate it's called eurabia and there's only one party with the balls to stop it.

Broken Record said...

On planet Hitchens the BNP are rabid Judeophobes. He tries to twist anything pro-BNP posters say remotely concerning Jews or Israel into his own "proof" that we are anti-semitic nose measurers. He clearly finds it horribly, horribly frustrating that we do not conform to his designated stereotype, and has to keep clutching at the most tenuous of straws. (Apparently it goes back to an encounter years ago with a BNP person who was barking mad). Will he ever come down from his planet? I doubt it.