Tuesday 26 May 2009

PC Police and the Paedophiles

There are over 30,000 sex offenders on the sex offenders register.

It is the job of the police to track what convicted paedophiles are doing when released.

But the police are now following MPPA guidance which cuts police visits to convicted High Risk paedophiles from 12 to 4 checks per year.

Yet at the same time as the police are cutting back visits to convicted paedophiles, the entire British police force are monitoring all its own officers and potential recuits for the crime of 'Being in the BNP'.

The entire value system of our nation has been overturned.

Now the hunt for politicial dissidents and free speech criminals takes greater precedence than monitoring the activities of convicted paedophiles on the loose in British society.

When the police surrendered to Political Correctness after The McPherson Report, then liberty died in England.

The ACPO Gestapo must be dismantled and replaced by a transparent and accountable public body, and not left as a Police Mafia run like Capone used to run the Chicago Mob.

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Anonymous said...

you really are one thick cunt