Friday 1 May 2009

Fuck The Revolution

Image - starving children in the Volga, 1921.

This is a poem for all the idiot Leftist middle class revolutionaries who speak of socialism and communism and who riot on May Day ;

Fuck The Revolution.

Fuck your liberty,
It is just a lie,
For the eternal conflict,
Between equality,
And the ideal of liberty,
Reveals the truth,
Your liberty is the same,
Old whore in a new dress,
Whose cunt is still wet,
From serving the pigs
That ran the old regime.

Fuck your equality,
It is simply slavery,
Where each must bow,
Before tin pot tyrants,
Who see the individual,
As a social criminal,
And so they pass laws,
To legalise inequality,
And make some pigs,
More equal than other pigs.

Fuck your fraternity,
It is a cult of killers,
Who speak of society,
Then imprison the people,
In gulags and camps,
Where winter feasts,
On the frozen corpse,
Of the future, already dead.

Fuck your revolution,
The red rag of your flag,
Red as blood that runs,
From the flesh,
Of the dissidents,
Whose bones you break,
Like the laws you make,
To legalise all your crimes.

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Anonymous said...

Errr .... sentiments agreed, Lee, but some words a bit strong, even for me, especially for public reading.
Please reconsider.

Defender of Liberty said...

The swear words in the poem are designed to produce a 'bourgeoise' reflex in the reader, in that they deliberatly set out to trigger offense - whilst at the same time this is designed in order to trigger in the more aware reader the eventual realisation that the real offense they should feel is as regards the people in the poem who have died and the children in the image.

Instead of finding the swear words offensive, the reader that has achieved real awareness should find the imagery and the history offensive.

We are taught to see socialism and communism as benign and socialists accepted as legtimate politicians in the political system at the same time we are taught to consider swearing as offensive.

To be frank, that is fucked up society, run by twisted and evil people with a warped sense of morality.

Poetry and poets are as Stalin said ' The engineers of the soul'.

The conditioned soul is a hostage to the enemy, in that it thinks and only sees what the enemy wants it to thinks and sees.

The problem in our society is that we tolerate the intolerable, such as the murderous ideology of communism and socialism, whilst at the same time suffer from a bourgeoise morality that regards pornography and swearing as offensive.

The true pornography is the politics of socialism and the crimes of communism - not the language in the poem.

Once we transcend our conditioned bourgeoise morality, and see that the 'pornography' of naked flesh is nowhere near as pornogrpahic as the pornography of the politics that leads to the gulag and laogai then we have transcended the conditioning of our society.

If you are offended by the swearing in the poem, as opposed to the imagery in the poem and the pictures of the children, then that should act as a 'wake up' moment - a Zen moment - of awakening.

Poems are not just poems - they must trigger an emotional reaction of some kind otherwise they are simply words connected on a page.

You have begun the first stage of the de-conditioning process as you are offended and have now read this response by myself - now you will understand that when you read a poem that lists the crimes of socialism from the gulags, the murders of dissidents, the images of the starving children etc but that you only found the swearing offensive - then you will either become more human by seeing what is truly offenive, and shed your bourgeoise moral conditioning, or you will seek to hide from this awareness.

Swearing is only offensive when it is gratuitous - when it is part of a planned and deliberate process or in art then it is not gratuitous.

If you are offended by the swear words then you are a prisoner also in their gulag - as you are a slave afflicted with their morality and a victim of their conditioning.

Either way you have reacted to the poem - job done.


Defender of Liberty said...

Only when we shed the pseudo-morality and mental slavery conditioning of our masters are we set free.

In a truly free society comprised of aware individuals who have transcended the slave morality and conditioning of our slave masters then there will no longer be any need for swearing by poets.

Everyone will be a poet.


Defender of Liberty said...

Only when everyone is a poet and each of us the 'engineers of our own souls' rather than our souls being the products of the conditioning process of the false media, the systems of educated ignorance and the lie of politicians will we live as free people in a free society.

Until then all true poetry has to be a spiritual battering ram, a weapon of revolutionary violence directed at the control and command systems of the criminals that control us, our nations, our society and our souls.

A system based on the monopoly of violence prepared to destroy the planet in pursuit of mutually assured destruction cannot be beaten by physical force, it can only be eviscerated and destroyed by a new revolutionary morality - and the mechanism of all new moral revoutions is poetry - such as the Mask of Anarchy by Shelley and the writings and poetry of Horace who destroyd the Roman Empire with his poetry by destroying its inner vitality and will to power.

Poets that write about the mundane, their facile and asinine social lives, the lives of the liberal elite, that whitter on about their false emotions are all slaves and collaborators.

Enough poems have been written about love, sex, the middle class life style and the boring solipstic obsessions of a morbid civilisation in its spiritul death throes.

Poetry did not die after Auschwitz - it merely surrendered its revolutionary energy to the enemy

True poetry should be a blazing petrol bomb, a mortar bomb exploding and a weapon of mass destruction - with the aim of liberation.

Defender of Liberty said...

All true poets are assassins.

The Major said...

Lee, I have to echo the first poster's comment - the 'c' word just doesn't belong in polite society. Yes, you may be trying to elicit a strong reaction from the reader with the repulsive imagery and vulgar language, but really must you really stoop so low?

Defender of Liberty said...


The fact is I dont belong in polite society, dont want to be part of polite society and in fact on virtually every level I despise polite society.

A polite society is a society of cowards, crooks, hypocrites and idiots.

I want to live in a free society - which is the antithesis of a polite society.

The so called polite society we live in is the accomplice of the political criminals that run our society - polite society is a cabal of fawning lickspittles who genuflect before the wealthy (regardless how they got their money) and those who ponce about bending their knee to degenerates with pathetic titles who inherited their wealth, land and social status as a result of them solely being ejaculated.

You may call that a polite society - I call that a pathetic joke.

Poetry is a mirror of the world - the repulsive imagery is the mirror of a repulsive world filled with repulsive people who hold repulsive beliefs.

Therefore the swear words are more than apt, they are essential.

Death to the polite society - Arise a free society of free people.


Anonymous said...

Well I'm not one for poetry Lee but I thought that was excellent and it echoes exactly how I feel about the rancid cancer of socialism and how it bankrupts the human spirit.

This is poetry I can relate to, poetry from the streets written with passion, written from the heart and I'd like to see more of this from you.

Keep it up Lee.


Anonymous said...

Excellent work Lee, you may force the words to offend, in order to raise the reader above the illusion of finding offence in the words used. Rather than the subject matter.

Now you are ready for your next lesson Lee, raising yourself above the illusions that drive you to do it in the first place.

Only by stepping outside of your own picture, your own illusion, do you begin to see the words you needed for effect, are also words you don't need. Otherwise those needs defeat your own ability to rise above the self.

Defender of Liberty said...

I am not in the grip of the illusion - The use of the swear words are to act as a mechanism to ensure others are shook from their illusions.

Until all others are free of their illusions then such words are neccasery to act as the psychic 'slap in the face' that allows them to awaken.

Therefore I can only cease to use such words, once everyone is a poet and no-one is left in the grip of their illusions.

I use those words because I have already broke free from the illusion and because I see that such words are essential tools to breaking others free from their illusions.

Only be already being free of the illusion, and using those words to free others from their illusions, is such use of the words justified - this is why I said that swear words which are gratuitous are not aceptable nor are they art.

In this case the swear words act as psychic slaps to the conscious and unconscious of the reader who has not yet woken up from their illusions - and what matters most is to wake up the reader.

Therefore they are not gratuitous and they art.

This is why this poem is in many ways a Zen poem, as it seeks to awaken the reader from their state of conditioning with those words.

Once the reader sees that if he had true understanding of the reality of his state of slavery that he would not find the words offensive ( as they are mechanisms of awakening ) but rather he would find the world offensive for what it has done as defined in the poem, then all offense as regards the words used would dropped.

The words then would be revealed as what they truly are, which is a way to liberate the reader.

This corresponds to the Hindu path of Aghori Sadhus who state that the path to enlightenment is through deliberatly experiencing suffering - in the case of the poem the words upset the reader, cause him distress and anger.

Yet this state of mental turmoil is essential in order for them to achieve a breakthrough where they realise that it is only their conditioned mind which finds the words offensive and that if they were free and non-conditioned individuals that they would find what the poem speaks about causes them suffering and mental turmoil.

Once they achieve understanding and are free from the fake moral conditioning that makes them see only the offensive swear words - then the swear words are no longer offensive.

They are merely words.

What matters then is the reality of the suffering of those who are mentioned in the poem - and the swear words and the offense that was felt by those words vanishes into the wind as dried fallen leaves on a windy autumn day.

The reader then stands refreshed and awakened.



Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks Chris,


Defender of Liberty said...

A true poet is a Boddhisatva, someone who has achieved their own Nirvana but who immerses themselves back in the profane world in order to help others towards enlightenment.

In this case I use the swear words not because I like swearing, but because they are essential to helping others towards their own elightenment.


Anonymous said...

All respect to the path of the Sadhus Lee, as it is their chosen path, as part of their training they find one of their ancestors skulls to drink and eat from.

Thus helping to gain the connection with the deceased Saints wisdom, only the Sadhu, like the Sadist have this inherant need to inflict the suffering in the first place, in order to rise above it.

Rather than rising above the need to inflict it, Socialists, Sadists and Sadhus have something in common here, having a strong mind with the abilty to rise above pain being inflicted is good, only for some it then moves into the realms of the need to inflict it on others, in the belief they are teaching them a lesson.

Fine lines we walk Lee, fine lines. A true Boddhisatva would only recognise a Sadhu as on the lower demon path.

They may do penance to rise above, but it is their demon that makes them feel the need for it.

Is this the poetry of the Boddhisatva or tortured demon.

Anonymous said...

Lee, I'm not a slave to anything. neither am I traumatised by the word 'cunt' - if you knew my background and personality you would know that.
What I am concerned with, however twattish they are and in need of awakening, is that the delicate sensibilities of the moribund reader are not further alienated from us, no matter how facile their objections, until we have them in, then we can fully recondition them. It's like what we will do once in power; there are so many worries and concerns to overcome etc. Power first - then we can discuss the best way of going about things.
You are right of course, but lets win 'em over first.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi mate,

In order to defeat the enemy one must first pierce its disguise and seek its true inner being.

One must know the enemy before one can defeat it - and that involves suffering as we fight an enemy whose power is based on violence, terror and inflicting suffering on its enemies.

Unless we are attacked by the enemy then we are not really an enemy of the enemy - for the enemy only attacks those it fears. That means we must accept personal suffering as the price of liberating others.

The Saddhus choose their path - this path of poetry is my path.

A Boddhisatva is someone who has been a tortured demon, as was Buddha who faced the demon Mara, his daughters Tanha, Rati and Raga and the demon host, and has achieved enlightenment.

In order to be a Boddhisatva one must have faced ones inner demons and be able to see the demons in others - and therefore be able to lead others from their inner demons.

Those who have not faced their demons are not able to be Boddhisatva's.

In order to be a true revolutionary poet one must also have faced the demons in oneself that seek recognition, fame, wealth, money and social status in this sick society and to have rejected them all as the 'fruits of evil ' - and when these demons are overthrown then one is able to see the demons still present in others and assist them towards their own liberty,

If you accept the fruits of evil then you are an accomplice to evil.


Defender of Liberty said...

Hi ,

The average BNP reader / non-BNP member of the public does not even know I exist.

You are obviously an experienced nationalist with a background in nationalism and therefore visit this blog - most people do not visit this blog and therefore care nothing for what I write.

I am an irrelevance to the unawakened masses.

I totally agree with you as per the de-conditioning process which has to be gradual and careful as regards the masses as a whole, and thats why I do not write for the BNP site anymore.

This is my blog not a BNP blog.

I support the BNP, but I do not write for the BNP anymore.

I totally agree with what you say if what I wrote used swear words and was posted on the BNP site, but it isnt - and if I did write for the BNP site, as I used too, then I have never used any bad language in my political writings nor in my political speeches.

This blog is for nationalists like yourselves who post on here and who are experienced, intelligent nationalists - not members of the conditioned masses. They are busy watching Eastenders, Coronation street and believing every bit of bullshit told to them by the media.

They do not come here to read my thoughts and poems - as they are too busy existing as slaves in their cells they allow others to define as their reality.

The fact you are on here shows you are a nationalist, the fact you debate with me shows me you are an intelligent nationalist - and that is why I welcome your comments and thoughts even if they are critical of what I write.


Anonymous said...

Lee, I am, like you, an imperfect being among imperfect beings.
I bend with the wind and swim in the same water as those loathe. Thus I survive among them, that they are incognisant of my intentions, and oblivious to the damage I do to them. An onlooker perceives no conflict between me and my enemy but is more comfortable with me than them, for reasons they do not yet fully comprehend but that are immanent in and with the tide.
The enemy are predators, with a primal movement and colour based vision that does not evolve. Thus the preener fish shoals are ignored while the predators are slowly eaten by those who they do not see as a threat.

Wolfblood said...

I'm pleased you're critical of what I write too, Lee. It proves we are capable of free and open debate. Best of all it proves that we are unfettered spirits.

Gnotics and agnostics.
A-gnosticism is a cop-out. like A-theism. Theos means god. Its the definition of god that matters. Mine is the cosmos, or Tao if you like, from which all things are created and destroyed, simultaneously and eternally.
We are the universe aware of itself. Once that is understood the next phase of our evolution begins.

Deistic religions appeal to a sky god deity. They are manipulating our primal urge to terun to the stars.

Anonymous said...

You make very good points there Lee, only Sadhus tie rocks to their dicks and let their tutors bum them, all in the cause of overcoming their perceived 'demons' hence this path tends to be a natural hide hole of the pervert.

You can overcome the demons by simply stop veiwing them as malevolent, the mind is what makes the demon, perception changes all, transpassing the need to be subjected to the way of the perv.

The only point I make here is that there is defending liberty and taking liberty, the difference being, when you subject yourself to something by choice and having it subjected upon you.

A Boddhisatva experiences suffering without feeling the need to join some pervy path of inflicting it. Suffering only ends when you defeat those feelings of need, including the sadistic needs to inflict suffering.