Sunday 18 October 2009

Adam Boulton and The Future For Your Daughters

Just watched the porcine corporate media stooge go through the usual checklist of attacks on Nick Griffin ( Holocaust check, SS check, Dresden check, Lee Barnes WHAT ! )

Yep it appears I am now ranked alongside the Holocaust.


Here is the article below I wrote about when I made the comments about the cult of Feminism


Is this how you want your daughters to look like.

Is this what womanhood has become in our sick society.

Is this how women have been freed by feminism by destroying their femininity.

If this is feminism then it must be smashed as soon as possible so that women can be free of it.

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Anonymous said...

the Daily Mail have as well as the teacher ballerina story the story of nazi thugs of the Welsh defence League with their opponents carrying "Stop the BNP placards" Anyone who doubts this organisation is a securtiy service honeytrap should have no doubts now.

Red Squirrel said...

Perfect example of a red neo-fascist scumbag Lee.

I will use it on one of my blogs and link back here.

Anonymous said...

As usual this was a complete joke of a interview.
Adam Boulton was a twat.
We were all watching this on sky news eveyone in the room was laughing and cringing at the same time.
Muslims tick
immigration tick
Halocaust tick
ss tick
and so the list went on.....
when will they realise the only person looking an idiot with this kind of rediculous interviewing is the interviewer..
How Nick kept his patience with him is beyond me,

and the reference to you? pathetic.
my God if my daughter had turned out like this....Id be gutted

Anonymous said...

Sky got spanked once again.

They should have stuck to their no platform policy. We'll have 5m voters after QT.

Only channel to give Mr Griffin a fair ride was Russia Today, and they're ex-communist!

We know we're on target when we're getting flank from all sides.

Roll on BNP!

alanorei said...

Note the Il Cornuto sign, meaning 'I serve Satan'

Shows the where the other side is coming from

Anonymous said...

Lee what I saw was Nick twisting himself into a knot trying to turn the constitution change into a positive and sounding like a hypocrite.

Bolton focussed on this hypocritical aspect that Nick failed to convince on and Nick ended up looking weak and without principles.

This is what happens when you try and play politics and an oppologist for past policies rather than just be honest from the start.

In part two Nick goes more on the attack and starts strait talking and comes out even, given his cringingly poor performance in the first half trying to defend an indefensable undemocratic constitutional change.

This flip flopping appeals to no- one.

Nick needs to focus soley on getting his point accross and stand by his principles, rather than trying to bend so far in the wind that no-one can see him or tell which way he is leaning.

All Nick needed to do was highlight the fact that the country has been so destroyed that the freedom to even represent the Indigenous people of these islands has been removed.

Yes Nick mentioned this in a round about way but not before he had flip flopped like the typical politician and made the viewer dizzy and untrusting of the party.

If Nick thinks trying to propagandise this issue as a possitive is going to win new members en mass then he is mistaken.

If anything he will lose the members he has gained so far through his original principles.

He should say the party were forced and that it is a disturbing state of affairs, this would have gained the party support as people are looking for someone strong to stand against this ethnocide, not on one hand praise aspects of it and on the other take the opposite or a compromised view.

This is insane, if you don't know where you stand and the public are unclear on where you stand then eventually no-one will stand with you.

Tell it how it is, throw the spin in the bin, if I want bullshit and spin I will look to other parties, one of this parties main attractions is that it is no nonsense - not anymore it would seem?

I just hope Nick does not try the same nonsense on question time or it may as well be game over, as we are fast running out of time, that is unless you are happy to morpth into UKIP at which point you would become pointless anyway.

North East BNP said...

I have to agree with the comment that Nick twisted himself into a knot when trying to explain the constitution changes we have agreed to change, before we have been forced too, and when there is a fair chance the law forcing us to change might not become law due to time.

Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and say no more retreating.
Because if the BNP don't, then the whole purpose of the BNP cease to have any meaning.

lormarie said...

My hunch is that the woman in the pic is a lesbian feminist. Many feminists are lesbians. The whole point is to make themselves appear masculine in order discourage hetero men from approaching them.

I wouldn't call feminism in and of itself a threat or even a cult (ugliness or otherwise). Rather, every movement has its extremists. In this society (crawling with misogyny) radical feminists are needed.

Defender of Liberty said...
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Anonymous said...

yes, I was surprised you were mentioned by Boulton. Of course I agree with you, feminism is a useful tool used by Marxism to undermine femininity , the male and the family centred society a whole

Anonymous said...

dykes are well known by gay men to be the first ones to pick a fight that is physically- they hate men and even many hate gay men - why do you think gay men go round with what is called fag hags i.e straight women