Saturday 31 October 2009

The Drugs Debate

Image - Pete Doherty, UAF supporter and celebrity junkie. Those rich scum like Doherty who glamourise drugs must be treated as drug dealers and importers and executed.

The present drugs laws are idiotic.

Prohibition of drugs merely enriches the criminals, costs billions in crime costs caused by addiction and billions in prison costs.

The legalisation of drugs will open the flood gates of misery.

Therefore we need a Third Way between prohibition and legalisation.

This is Licensing.

Those with a genuine medical condition who are checked by a doctor should be issued with a government license to grow and buy the drugs they need to assist them with their condition if that doctor decides that any drug will help them with that medical condition.

For instance those with Multiple Sclerosis.

I have worked with young people who have extreme MS and who smoke a few joints of cannabis a day and that has a massively positive effect on their condition.

For those idiots that say 'all drugs are as bad as each other' then I suggest that they lose the ability to walk, hold a cup of tea without having terrible spasms, brush their hair or dress themselves and then, after smoking a joint, reassess that situation.

When a joint of cannabis means you dont have to rely on your mum or a carer to wipe your bum after going to the toilet, then those moments of dignity are priceless.

Dickheads like Peter Hitchen should speak to the people Cannabis helps, and not do a 'Gordon Brown' and base their position on the idiots that abuse drugs.

That is the fundamental issue - for some people the drugs really do work, they relieve pain and restore dignity.

Drug users are responsible people who use the drugs for a genuine reason related to its effect as a palliative.

Those that abuse drugs are a problem as they are drug abusers - not because of the drugs they abuse.

It is the individual who abuses drugs that is the problem, not the drugs.

It could be alcohol, cigarettes, valium, chocolate or big macs - the problem with any addiction is the individual, and the addiction merely a symptom of the individuals nature.

For example a heroin addict.

It takes months and months of daily heroin use to become a heroin addict.

Therefore the individual who allows themselves to become an addict deserves no sympathy.

They are idiot drug abusers.

If heroin made you defecate in your pants, feel like shit and cause you to throw up constantly then there would be no recreational heroin users and no heroin addicts.

The truth is they use heroin because they like it and it makes them feel good.

Therefore their addiction is a self inflicted condition - and they are not victims, they are selfish, moronic criminal scum whose money is used to make gangsters rich and fund the taliban.

They deserve no sympthy - only contempt.

Therefore we need a new solution to the drugs problem.

Every citizen should be entitled to apply for a license to use any drug if they have a genuine medical condition that would be assisted by the drug.

For example the list of medical conditions that are helped by cannabis is vast ;

The research is beyond any doubt.

Cannabis is a wonder drug.

The problems in society due to kids smoking super strong skunk is due entirely to gangsters growing the super strong strains of cannabis for profit and then selling it to young kids.

If people who were licensed could grow cannabis for themselves to aid their medical conditions they would not grow super strong varieties nor would they sell it to kids - they would grow the low strength specific strains of the plants that assist their specific conditions.

Therefore any society that criminalises those who use cannabis for a medical reason is not just an immoral and idiotic society, it is guilty of crimes against humanity.

The right to live without pain and with dignity are the foundations of a decent society, as any society that forces people to live in pain and throws them in prison for using a drug that stops them being in pain doesnt deserve respect.

Politicians that allow vulnerable people to go to prison because they are appealing to the most retarded and reactionary sections of our society for electoral gain, deserve to be kicked out of power and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

At the same time as the process of Licensing is imposed, we must also come down hard on illegal drug users and importers.

All heroin and hard drug importers must be executed.

All those that peddle heroin and hard drugs to people must be executed.

All heroin and hard drug addicts must be arrested, fitted with electronic tags and micro-chipped and fitted with contraceptive implants. They can stay with their children in their own homes only if they agree not to use illegal drugs and not to buy drugs from street dealers.

They will be tested monthly and if they are found to be using illegal drugs as well as the ones that they are prescribed by doctors then they must be arrested and made to live in secure government run institutions where their drugs will be given to them in return for them working in those secure facilities.

Their families will be given the opportunity to take care of their childre or they will be taken into care.

No child should have to live with a drug addicted parent.

That way once the drug addicts are in a secure institution they do not have to buy drugs of off gangsters, their condition can be monitored and stabilised and society does not have to worry or pay for the vast amount of crime caused by drugs addicts.

The money they earn during working in those institutions can pay for their families or assist them with costs of re-integrating them into society.

If drug addicts choose to live a criminal lifestyle, then they should have their civil rights removed until they re-integrate with society.

The day the addicts decide they no longer want to live like addicts in a secure facility is the day they are moved from a secure facility to a rehabilitation clinic.

Sticking addicts in prisons is simply moronic, all they do in prison is learn from criminals new ways to use crime to fund their addictions.

The day they leave rehabilitation and re-enter society is the day they get their full civil rights back, such as the right to have the tags removed and have more children if they wish too.

My cousin was a heroin addict who gave birth to a child who was addicted to heroin. No child should ever be allowed to be born like that.

I have a dead brother who was a heroin addict and who died of a heroin overdose.

I know all about the misery drugs cause.

This is why my idea will work as it is based solely on what will work - not political ideology or political point scoring.

This process of arresting addicts and holding them in secure facilities whilst executing hard drug importers and hard drug sellers will ensure that once cleaned up addicts re-enter society they do not relapse as their chances of obtaining illegal drugs will be minimised.

Regular drugs tests once a month for five years after they leave the rehabilitation centres will ensure no relapses - and if they are found to have used drugs when they are allowed back into soceity then they will be arrested and sent back to far tougher secure centres where they be forced to undertake hard labour.

At the same time the drugs laws must be changed to ensure possession of drugs will include not just having the drugs on them, it will also include the presence of illegal drugs in the bloodstream.

If they fail to provide the police with the names of the people who gave them the illegal drugs they will go to the tougher secure facilities for five years of hard labour.

This will ensure that within a decade the entire illegal drug supply network is dismantled and destroyed.

They either grass up their dealers or they break rocks for five years.

We could end the misery of drug addiction in the UK within a decade if we followed
this plan.

As for LSD and ecstacy - both of these substances have definite psychological therapy uses, so should be able to be prescribed by licensed doctors for patients who could benefit from the drugs ;

Therefore as they have definite medicinal usages doctors should be able to prescribe them.

The era of idiotic policies has to be replaced by a vision that will work.

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Anonymous said...

Cannabis could be used for glaucoma sufferers too I believe...

Ted said...

Hang scum Doherty in public!

Anonymous said...

If canabis is proven to help the sick - then prescibe it for them in pill form - END OFF. not in a form with a deadly nicotine addiction often added to the equasion. I am sick of people trying to blur the lines between medical treatment and drug abuse, using the sick as some form of justification for drug abuse.

Give them free pills, outside of prescribed pills - hit them all hard, regardless.

Defender of Liberty said...

The pill form of cannabis doesnt work, precisely because the pill form seeks to remove the active compounds of THC's and CBD's that are the active medicinal agents.

The fact is that pharamacutical company produced and peddle canabbis doesnt work.

People need to be able to grow the specific strains of cannabis that aid their specific condition, as each strain has a different combination of unique compounds that collectively help with certain conditions.

No pill would work, simply as each pill would not target each condition.

People need to try and choose their own cannabis strain that helps them the most - not be given a useless generic pill peddled by the drugs companies that does fuck all to help them.

There is a difference between drug users and drug abusers.

I love chocolate and big macs.

But i dont fucking eat a whole box of chocolates and ten big macs every day, like some dumb fat idiots do.

They are abusers, not users.

Addiction is a problem of individuals and drug abuse a symptom of their own inner sickness.

Drugs are not the problem, drug abusers with addiction problems are.

You are right about the nicotine - nicotine is a thousand times more addictive than heroin and kills a thousand time as many people per year - but hey its legal innit so thats alright.

What a load of old bollocks.

Ban nicotine and alcohol if you want to save lives, and license cannabis for those in pain.

Defender of Liberty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David T said...

I think cannabis is a waste of time for recreational use. People just become lethargic and almost sleepy with it. Wouldn't bother me if it was legalised and controlled. I find waste of time and money myself.

I prefer drinking then take some stimulants with it to counter the sleepy side-effects:- either drink lots of redbull or take a legal caffeine type stimulant. Much more fun.

Agree that it's down on the person. Some scumbags drink then start fights for no real reason. I drink to have a laugh with my mates and get chatty with birds i.e. let my hair down.

Anonymous said...

"The pill form of cannabis doesnt work, precisely because the pill form seeks to remove the active compounds of THC's and CBD's that are the active medicinal agents."

Are you trying to tell me it is not possible and that canibis cannot be sythasised?

I find that hard to belive, I feel there has been no comercial incentive that is all, given the incentive the drug would be sythasised and marketed.

Defender of Liberty said...

No cannabis cannot be synthesised, as the substance that is created is not natural.

The medicines that have been synthesised are about as safe as artificial sweeteners - and we all know how safe they are.

The idea that pharmacutical companies should be allowed to profit from peddling manufactured versions of a natural substance is even more appalling than prohibition - the millions of people who die or who are badly injured worldwide from existing drug reactions per year is bad enough - imagine the numbers if they could peddle more artificial drugs.

I am one of those people that see the drugs companies as dangerous - in many ways the cure is worse than the disease.

You can trust the capitalist corporate scum that run these companies, I will stick to trusting a herb that people can plant, harvest and use as they wish.

I trust nature more than artificial corporations - and most of the evidence so far on these artificial version of cannabis are that they are far less effective than natural cannabis.

We have seen what GM crops do to bees, we dont need to to do that to disabled people with manufactured cannabis compounds.

Anonymous said...

"I will stick to trusting a herb that people can plant, harvest and use as they wish."

If it cannot be synphasised It can be dried and ground into tablet form, I would rather this than local pot factories on every street, which would be a nightmare to regulate.

It would also lessen the smoking of the drug which is a health hazard in itself.

Besides not everyone with a medical condition would want to cultivate their own.

Defender of Liberty said...

Its easy to regulate it - the license issued to people by their doctors would allow them to grow 10 plants and store a maximum amount on their property for personal use.

The smoking of the drug is 100 % safe if smoked without nicotine.

Those who cant grow their own would be allowed to obtain their supplies from registered growers - the whole process must be regulated and monitored.

Anonymous said...

"The smoking of the drug is 100 % safe if smoked without nicotine."

Not according to some health reports, damage to the lungs is claimed to be considerable, possibly worse - perhaps even more so as filters are often not used.

A friend of mine never used to smoke, he got into pot, destroed his life for 15 years and is now addicted to nicotine and its dangers.

Not to mention the severe mental heath risks!

I think I will stick with my pill form suggestion, IF the drug is proven to be the most effective remedy for some serious ailments.

Anonymous said...

Lee - I thought you were a veggie? What's all this about Big Macs!!!!!?

Defender of Liberty said...

I am mate.

Big Macs are my 'food porn'.

I sit in mcdonalds having a egg mcmuffin and drool like a dog on a hot day looking at the people eating big macs.

I dream of them at night.

They haunt me.

I havent had one for over 20 years - and I still crave them.

Adrian P said...

That will be the MSG, it's an addictive flavour enhancer, unfortunately it is so good as a neurostimulant, it is a neurotoxin in that it quite literally burns out your Neurons.

Dr Russel Blaylock on MSG

Dr Russel Blaylock on Nutrition

Shaun said...

Lee, got to disagree with you on this one.

I've been round the block and used to do loads of stupid things. And like you, I have had people dear to me hooked on smack. I would have no problem hanging the cunts who import the stuff.

But thats not the point, nor the solution.

From a liberty point of view, one should be able to do what the fuck one wants to one's body, so long as that act does not endanger one's fellow countrymen; ie drink & drive.

We have had drugs around since well before the Druids used to distribute magic mushrooms at Stonehenge, the "problem" has developed in the last century with the importation of foreign drugs and the development of synthetic new ones.

I would really like the BNP to grab the bull by the horns and be the first party to say we would legalise and then nationalize the drugs industry.

Every slime-ball dealer would have the rug pulled from him and the government would have billions of additional tax revenue. win win.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi shaun,

the problem is that heroin is the drug that funds the global jihad - so we must deal with it in a new way.

The fact that smack pays for bullets and bombs both in Afghanistan and also for the Islamist terrorists in the Uk and their gangster allies, means it does endanger our society.

We must ;

1) We buy the opium direct from the farmers in Afghanistan

2) We process it in the UK into heroin

3) We prescribe it to addicts who are forced to undergo the scheme I describe

Legalisation will reward the criminals and terrorists - thats why the government must license it and control it to ensure the money doesnt go to the terrorists or their criminal allies.

Shsun said...

Imagine you are 18 years old and heroin is legally obtainable, in a chemist, (as in Victorian times) unadvertised in plain packaging. You KNOW that if you start taking it, you will be addicted for life.
Would you start the habit?

Shaun said...

BTW, off topic, I know, but I really enjoyed the demolition job you did of Melanie Phillips on the Moral Maze. Best radio I heard in years!

Defender of Liberty said...

Thanks shaun. Appreciate that mate.

I think the answer is to take it off streets completely and put it in the hands of doctors and chemists on prescription.

That way we control the importation, quality control and supply of the drug - and can wean the junkies off it,

if the drug is for sale then we can never slowly remove the junkies from it as some idiots will always use it if they can get it - just like alcoholics will always use alcohol.

The last thing we must do is increase the supply on the streets - we must end the supply on the streets entirely and place it in the hands of doctors and chemists.