Wednesday 28 October 2009

The EDL, Multi-Culturalism and the British Revolution

The most interesting development in Multi-Culturalism over the last three decades has been the development of the EDL (English Defence League).

Contrary to the media lies about the EDL being 'Nazis and Racists' they are not.

They are genuinely a multi-racial group which is opposed to Islamic Extremism - but now they have to move on to opposing not just Islamic extremism but also the primary causes of Islamic extremism - which is liberalism and multi-culturalism and the media which propagandises these poisons in our society.

And it is about time that such a group has developed in this country.

The tragedy is that the EDL are the only group seeking to Nationalise naturalised British citizens.

Whilst Black, Asian, mixed race and other naturalised British soldiers are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, the only voice that ever appears on the liberal media are the usual 'token' liberal middle class blacks and Hindu or Sikh asians of the Ethnic Middle Class, whose politics are liberal and totally unrepresentative of unassimilated working class Blacks and asians in the UK.

This is the greatest betrayal of all for Black and asian British citizens and naturalised citizens of all ethnicities, races and religions, that the ONLY naturalised black, asian and ethnic voices who ever appear on the media constantly peddle liberal and far left middle class bollocks.

Nor are there any voices of the BWhite working class, except for 'mockneys' like Billy Bragg and John Cruddas who are simply middle class, class traitors.

The irony is that the longer that these middle class liberal blacks and asians are allowed on the white liberal media to promote their hatred of nationalism, patriotism, and to promote their loyalty only to their racial group and their hatred of the British Army and appeasement of Islamic extremism - then the more the public think that blacks, asians and other naturalised ethnic and racial groups in Britain who are British citizens are not assimilated, even when they are.

Just as the white working class and Abandoned White British are not assimilated into liberal society, neither are working class naturalised British citizens - unless they are liberals and middle class like the white liberal middle classes themselves.

Liberalism is in fact more pernicious than racism, for whilst racism is recognised the innate class bias of the white liberal middle class and the ethnic middle class is not ever recognised or resisted.

The White Working class are despised by white liberals and the ethnic middle class more than anyone else, and whilst naturalised immigrant British citizens have their lobby groups and spokespeople like Trevor Phillips to speak for them, the White working class are totally abandoned by the white middle class elite and their ethnic middle class fellow travellers.

No-one speaks for us, except for the BNP and when we do we are called 'racists'.

We are the forgotten and despised - the 'underclass' chav untermensch of 'multi-cultural Britain'.

The entire premise of the multi-cultural experiment was built on false foundations - for how can we as a nation assimilate millions of immigrants, and a million more each year - WHEN WE HAVENT EVEN ASSIMILATED OUR OWN WHITE WORKING CLASS YET !!!

Before the multi-cultural project began then the first group who should have been assimilated into British society were the white working class and the White Abandoned British, but they didnt do that - and now when we see a new Ethnic Middle Class being welcomed into the White Liberal Middle Class, and we are forced to stay in our devastated working class communities, then is it any wonder racism and resentment grows against immigrants.

The first people who should have been assimilated were our own people - but we were forgotten and rejected.

If mass immigration was not about assimilating immigrants into British culture then lets call multi-culturalism by its real name - COLONISATION.

If the aim of mass immigration was to assimilate immigrants into British society, then it was doomed to failure due to its failure to assimilate first the White Working Class and the 'underclass' and secondly its failure to abandon multi-culturalism, or colonisation, for assimilation.

Either way mass immigration has been a total disaster.

If Black, asian and other ethnic and racial groups are British citizens and are truly British then they will be also against immigration and demand all sectors of our society have the chance of assimilation, working class whites included - and the facts and polls show that a large majority of naturalised British citizens are against immigration.

But this opinion is never represented in the media by the usual liberal and leftist Black and Asian tokens and naturalised British self appointed 'community spokespeople' who are allowed on the media and who posture as British but who are in fact spokespeople only for their own racial and religious communities, and even though they are wealthy and middle class, they constantly play the race card for their own benefit and for the benefit of their own community.

Assimilated naturalised British citizens would, if they were allowed on the media, express nationalist and patriotic opinions as much as Indigenous British citizens would.

Nationalist Black and Asian British citizens and all naturalised British citizens must be allowed on the media to promote nationalist values to their communities.

But they are not allowed on the media to do this - so instead we have the constant liberal propaganda of the White Middle Class elite and their Ethnic Middle Class fellow travellers pumped out all the time to naturalised British citizens.

This is a constant died of bollocks about 'British society is institutionally racist, you must be a liberal, you can only be a rap star, a runner or a nuclear scientist who saves the world'.

And all this does is create generation after generation of young black and asian kids and naturalised citizens with a chip on their shoulder, who despise society and most dangerous of all - they despise whites as racists and British society as racist.

This is why the primary racism in this country in relation to race attacks is against British whites and why Islamist terrorism threatens our society.

The white liberals and Black and asian liberals and other naturalised British who pump out on the media a constant diet of liberal bullshit merely ensure non-indigenous British citizens have no loyalty to Britain and British culture.

The ultimate manifestation of this hatred that then develops in these young people is shown by the 7/7 bombers - they were born here, their parents were wealthy and middle class and they went to university here and they had more opportunities than most White Working Class ever kids have ever had - but they lived in Muslim ghetto's, mixed only with their own people, absorbed the liberal hatred for British society that is the dominant feature of the liberal mindset and media propaganda, absorbed the liberal propaganda about a 'racist British society' and then projected that hatred back against British society.

If the blame for the radicalisation of young British muslims can be laid anywhere - it can be laid at the feet of the White Liberals who have deliberately promoted multi-culturalism, who have peddled bollocks about racism and a racist British society and who have allowed multi-culturalism to become the New Apartheid and separate development - colonisation as we used to call it.

All that this endless liberal propaganda does is ensure every generation of young black and asian kids and other naturalised British citizens born in the UK - NEVER ASSIMILATE.

It is the aim and desire of the media to ensure that Blacks and Asians and other naturalised British citizens do not integrate, so that they end up as degenerate, dumb and alienated as the white kids brought up in this vile, sick society.

They then become 'liberals by default' - too stupid to understand reality and therefore they vote for the Labour Party.

The White liberals do not want naturalised, Nationalist, Patriotic, assimilated British blacks and asians and others who will rally to the British flag and defend British culture - they want alienated, racist, self hating British blacks and asians who end up joining the ranks of the idiot white liberals.

This is because the liberals want British culture destroyed.

The liberals want Britain destroyed.

The liberals want immigrants to remain as colonists, not as assimilated British citizens loyal to Britain, proud to be nationalists and patriots - as the White Liberals despise Britain, they despise nationalism and they despise British culture.

This has to end.

The media must allow nationalist, patriotic and assimilated Black and Asian British voices on the media to guide these communities out of the ghetto of multi-culturalism and separate development - which is the New Apartheid.

This is why the EDL are so significant in relation to the development of an assimilated British society where British blacks and asians and other naturalised British citizens are able to become nationalists and patriots as opposed to liberals and socialists.

The EDL are the first of the groups that have attempted to nationalise British youth of all races and religions, and a myriad other groups must also begin to do the same.

Including the BNP.

The BNP must also demand that ALL British citizens, regardless of their race or religion, assimilate into British culture.

The BNP must also demand an end to multi-culturalism and the imposition of Mono-Culturalism - the mono-culturalism of British culture.

Multi-culturalism is the enemy of the British nation, all British citizens regardless of race and British culture.

Multi-culturalism kills nations.

Multi-culturalism kills society.

Multi-culturalism kills British culture.

Multi-culturalism creates a 'soft apartheid' and ghettoisation where each community undergoes separate development and each non-white community cares only for itself and not the British nation, the interests of the British people and British culture.

Multi-cultaralism is the primary driver and cause of racism in Britain.

Because multi-culturalists have never demanded assimilation, then many of the indigenous British people have developed a perception that they have only ever seen colonists come to this country who hate Britain and the British people and hate British culture.

Whilst they call themselves British citizens, they have been encouraged by white liberals to see themselves and define themselves according to their race or religion and to regard Britain and British society as 'racist'.

Therefore many people in those communities have not assimilated and become racist colonists amongst us. This has led to the rise in race attacks against White indigenous British people from these non-assimilated groups.

This has to end.

The death grip that liberalism and multi-culturalism has had on the various racial and religious communities in the UK has to end.

There has to be organisations arise that 'Nationalise' those communities and allow them to become British Nationalists and patriots who work for the benefit of Britain and all the British people - regardless of their race.

This is why the EDL are so important.

At this very moment the EDL are taking alienated young people who are Black and asian and naturalised British, and also white kids who ahve been taught to loathe themselves for being White and British and turning them from liberal self loathers into nationalists.

This is the first step on the creation of a truly nationalist and assimilated British society.

Organisations must arise that say to young Black and Asian kids and all other racial and religious communities in the UK 'You are British, therefore you must become a Nationalist and a patriot'.

We must kill multi-culturalism and the power of liberalism in our society and nationalise all communities in the UK.

The EDL and groups like it must now seek out and recruit young Black and Asian kids into its ranks and 'nationalise' them.

If the government will not turn colonists into British citizens then the EDL and groups like it must.

If the government wont end multi-culturalism and demand assimilation, then the EDL and groups like it must do this.

Only by groups like the EDL reaching out to the alienated ethnic communities who have been taught that multi-culturalism = hating Britain, hating British culture and hating nationalism and patriotism, can the multi-cultural ticking time bomb be defused.

At this moment Black and Asian born British soldiers and other naturalised British citizens are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But apart from the times when a black soldier with a medal is used to attack the BNP and thereby plastered all over the papers - when was the last time you saw a decorated Black British soldier or naturalised British soldier who is a nationalist and a patriot allowed on the media to promote nationalism, patriotism and British culture and demand an end to mass immigration, anti-white racism and multi-culturalism.

Never - thats when.

The only blacks and asians and naturalised British citizens we get on the media are all middle class liberals and have never served in the military.

This is the ultimate sickness of the media - that they are more racists than the racists they profess to despise, for the only blacks and asians and naturalised British citizens they allow on the media are either as liberal as them or they are the usual racist 'community representatives' with their ethnic fancy dress and right on anti-white racism.

No blacks and asians and naturalised British citizens who are proud to be British nationalists are allowed on the media to express nationalist and patriotic views.

Oh no - such Nationalist Blacks and Asians and other naturalised British citizens who are against multi-culturalism and mass immigration are NEVER allowed on the media.

This therefore leaves the impression amongst people that they are all anti-British, anti-British culture and anti-assimilation and therefore leaves the indigenous British people thinking they are colonists not fellow British citizens.

This is the product of liberalism and multi-culturalism.

Therefore the EDL are doing one good job at least - they are taking alienated black and asian kids and other naturalised British citizens turning them from anti-white racists with a chip on their shoulder into British nationalists.

The day that we see Black, Asian and other naturalised British people on the media demanding an end to immigration, an end to multi-culturalism and the restoration of British culture and the ending of Multi-culturalism - then that is the day that racism will diminish, anti-white racism will diminish, islamic extremism will diminish, ghettoisation will diminish and a more cohesive British society created.

The tragic fact is that is the liberals who are the primary drivers of anti-white racism, racism against ethnic minorities and the destruction of British society and British culture.

This was not accidental.

They set out to do this.

Now the tragic consequences can be seen in incidents such as 7/7 and the endless race attacks against white people in this country by individuals incited into racism by liberal propaganda.

The day that British Blacks and Asians and other naturalised British citizens are on the media to defend British culture, defend British Nationalism, demand patriotism and demand an end to multi-culturalism, mass immigration and colonisation is the day our society will be far, far safer.

Until then the real enemy, the White Middle Class Liberal retards and their Ethnic Middle Class hypocrite fellow travellers will continue to profit from the New Apartheid in their sick and evil game to destroy Britain by using immigrants.

This is not just my opinion - this is a fact as revealed just a few days ago.

Immigrants were not allowed into the country for their benefit nor for the benefit of the British people - they were allowed in simply as White Middle Class wanker politicians and their Ethnic Middle Class co-conspirators wanted them in Britain in order to undermine British society, destroy British culture, undermine British national identity and ensure that the political interests of the liberals were promoted.

This was one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history.

They may as well have been slaves shipped in for their masters to use, as they were shipped here, dumped here and then indoctrinated with hatred for the White British people and British society.

Their job was simply to undermine social cohesion, destroy British culture, undermine nationalism and patriotism and nationalist values.

They were brought here as slaves in the name of Liberal Slavery, not as human beings who were brought here for their benefit or the benefit of Britain and British society.

They were then indoctrinated with hatred of Britain, British society, British culture and White British people by White Liberals for their own political ends.

One day these White Liberals and their fellow travellers will pay for their crimes.

The gun crime, drug abuse, violence, poverty and social alienation in black communities and Islamic extremism in Asian communities is a product of Liberalism.

We must all demand the following British Revolution ;

1) An immediate end to multi-culturalism

2) An immediate end to all mass immigration

3) Assimilation to replace multi-culturalism

4) British culture and British nationalist values imposed on our society to replace liberal values that promote and assist colonisation, terrorism and racism against the indigenous British and the social alienation of non-assimilated British citizens

5) Colonists of all races and religions deported if they refuse to assimilate into British society

6) The white liberal middle class media scum and their ethnic middle class fellow travellers forced to allow Black, Asian and White British Nationalists on the media to assist all our communities to assimilate into a new cohesive British identity that is based on British nationalism and patriotism

7) The prosecution of those politicians that used immigrants as slaves for their own ends and who usurped democracy and did this in secret without the permission of the British people and whose actions have led to racism, anti-white racism and Islamist terrorism.

8)A programme of nationalisation for all communities in Britain, from the White and Ethnic Middle Class to the Abandoned White British and the Colonists that requires them all to undergo a 'nationalisation' process. This will be a two year programme of National Service for all 18 year olds. They will either join the British Army, work on a farm or in hospitals, but all young people will undergo this process in order to impress upon them a sense of a shared British identity and sense of being part of our National Community.

9) The immediate removal of all proponents of Liberalism, political correctness and multi-culturalism from our schools, universities and public bodies such as the police.

10) The imposition of a process of nationalising young children in schools

This is the only way we will save our society.

We must create a British National Community out of the fractured and polarised remnants of Britain and British society.

Not until the youth and citizens of Britain of all races and religions stand united proudly beneath the British Union Flag and their united voices demand the British Revolution is enacted and liberalism extirpated and destroyed, will our nation be saved.

Not until the British Revolution has swept away the entire detritus and diseased remnants of the old liberal order and imposed its vision on all of our society, will our nation rise to greatness once again.

Now lets begin the Revolution.

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lormarie said...

Multi-cultaralism is the primary driver and cause of racism in Britain.--DOL

This can also be clearly seen in the US. Groups who assimilate face less hostilities.

Anonymous said...

I have no time for the current EDL, they undermine and sideline our cause, potentially even more so than the Lib Lab Cons.

They will be supported by the state as the exceptable opposition no different to UKIP,

I suggest we continue to have nothing to do with them, which is currnet BNP policy.

If these people want a real opposition then they should support the BNP - THEY DO NOT!

They publically denounce the BNP.

any people seeking to lift this group and support this group does so at the expense of real nationalism in much the same way as UKIP does.

It is the easy rout that leads not to freedome or success but compromise and ultimately a dead end.

Defender of Liberty said...

How can the EDL be 'opposition' to the BNP, when they are not a political party ?

They are not opposition to the BNP and nor could they be - they are a pressure group and that its.

We should have nothing to do with the EDL simply as they dont know their arse from their elbow regarding both strategy and tactics and how to get what they want - they are a one issue pressure group, but they are pointing the way forward for a real Nationalist movement to arise and replace them.

The EDL phenomenon are significant for what they represnt, not what they are doing.

The fact is that the BNP must take note of the issues in this article - which is that we must begin the process of nationalising British society and nationalising British naturalised citizens.

The EDL are a group that we should have nothing to do with - but the facts remain that we cannot ignore the neccesity for the nationalisation of all British citizens to begin ASAP.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't waste too much time trying to get foreigners to assimilate. I'm from America, and assimilation doesn't work in our country because of the large numbers of immigrants that are from a culture very different from founding stock Americans, and global communications makes assimilation even more difficult because immigrants maintain ties to their original homeland.

I can understand the realist position that there are some people who are legal, don't try to take over the country, and abide by British values, and it would be inhumane to kick them out. However, from what I've gathered it seemed like there are simply too many immigrants in Britain to assimilate. When you're dealing with 20% of Britain being of foreign origin, that's a large segment, and since the immigrant populations associate with people of their own ethnic group, there is no need to assimilate, since they have enough support from their own extended family currently in the country.

I think it's possible to be a realist and yet not embrace civic nationalism, which your article kinda borders on. The EDL is civic nationalist, and if you think that the EDL has it right, why not join them? Or join UKIP?

I think the BNP needs to continue being the place for moderate ethno-nationalists, who realize that culture does not exist in a vacuum, that each ethnic group has the right to exist and live in its own country in a homogeneous society, and if you just attempt to Britainize the mass numbers of immigrants, you won't really get that.

Blood is thicker than word. I've realized that living in America, seeing Hispanics refuse to assimilate despite all of the prosperity they have had access to. And why is that? Because they do not want to relinquish their heritage, the culture of their ancestors. And I suspect that many of the immigrant communities feel the same way. The culture of the British is not theirs, their ancestors did not build it. Boudicca, Alfred the Great, and Lord Nelson are not their heroes. Just like men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson will never be heroes to the majorities of Hispanics, because their heroes are Caesar Chavez, Miguel Hildalgo, and Simon Bolivar. And most Blacks will see the Founding Fathers as dead white males who owned slaves.

And you know what, I'm ok with that. Back when I was a civic nationalist, I demanded that everyone in this country believe my values, speak my language, and revere my heroes. When the BNP converted me to ethno-nationalism, I came to look at things from the immigrant's point of view. They have their own rich culture, history, and heritage, why should they give it up? And since whites are reproducing at sub-replacement levels, why not take the land over? Since whites will not keep it, it's up for grabs.

Anonymous said...

It's sad, but its reality and human nature as I, an American brought up on the lie of civic nationalism, have come to see and understand it. People do not relinquish their own culture and heritage willingly, it only works, like it did in America during the early 20th century when two of three factors are all true.

1.) Numbers - numbers need to be small enough that the foreigners will not genetically AND culturally alter the makeup of the native population.

2.) Racial and cultural compatibility - it helps when the immigrants have racial characteristics along with cultural values that are similar to the native stock.

3.) Isolation from country of origin - the immigrants need to have contact with their "motherland" severed in order to assimilate and not have a sense of dual-loyalty.

In the case of America, factors 2 and 3 were true. While the mass immigration wave was very large, it was made of people who were both white and Christian, which made blending in to the Anglo-Saxon founding stock much easier. Global communications were also non-existent at the time, at least to the masses. I have no knowledge of my ancestors from Europe prior to Ellis Island, and partly because my ancestors had no way of maintaining ties to their original country.

In Britain none of these factors are true. You have a 1/5 of "Brits" being of foreign origin, and it will continue going up as these immigrant breed way faster than the native population, which is shrinking. You have populations that are often neither racially or culturally compatible with the native stock, and unless native white British breed at high rates and absorb all the immigrants, the non-white "Brits" are always going to stand out and feel alienated simply because they don't look like the Brits throughout Britain's long history. To them, they'll always wonder about the accomplishments of their ancestors, which is why you have things like Black History Month.

Then there's global communications. Because of the Internet and cell phones, it's much easier for immigrants to maintain contact with their families and country of origin. This creates that sense of dual-loyalty that people feel, which is understandable and natural. If you were a part of an immigrant community, wouldn't you feel a sense of loyalty to the country and people that made produced you? Blood is thicker than water.

Anonymous said...

Now you could say that I'm an American who doesn't know what he's talking about, which is fair to say since I've never been to Britain. But I've spoken with BNP supporters who've described the situation to me, and it parallels strongly with what's going on in America.

I've seen the lie of civic nationalism shatter when seeing how Hispanics behave when they reach a point that's too large to assimilate. And honestly, black Americans aren't that assimilated either, because they had developed a separate identity that goes back to the 1600's. While we speak the same language, they view themselves as something different from white Americans. Despite the propaganda you hear that demonizes white Americans, black Americans often choose to segregate, and many blacks oppose interracial mixing because they want their children to be black like their ancestors. They view the works of their artists and writers as being something Black, rather than American, which is fine. The sooner we whites snap out of the civic nationalist claptrap, the better. For in every formerly white nation, it's only whites that are expected and actually attempt to make civic nationalism works. Ethno-nationalism itself is called Third World-style nationalism, because people from the Third World don't view identities as cultural clothing that anyone can adapt. It's something based on blood and thousands of years of shared history and heritage. And its that strength of Third World peoples that may be the reason why they will continue to exist while the noble and altruistic white race will be be as dead as the dinosaurs within the century.

I really hope the BNP stands opposed to the EDL that attempts to perpetuate the civic nationalist lie that fuels the extinction of the white race.

Anonymous said...

I still find it hard to understand how my thoughts and feelings on multiculturism etc have changed over the years. It was my experiences of living in a 'diverse' community that opened my eyes. 'Assimilated' or otherwise I've got no interest in living in areas with significant numbers of ethnic minorities any more. I just don't like it very much.

Essentially nobody has the right to dictate that Britain should be solely ethnically British. Similarly, nobody has the right to transform Britain into a multicultural society against the wishes of the majority of the population. A balance, of some sort, has to be struck. One that would result in some areas becoming diverse and others remaining predominantly British. People would naturally gravitate to the areas they felt most comfortable in. After the experiences I've had I'd choose a British (or should I say English) area. Lee, would I be right in thinking you'd be happy in a diverse area as long as the ethnic minorities were 'assimilated' and 'naturalised'?

Anonymous said...

Hey uh not that I mean to make demands, but I noticed the first part of my response wasn't posted. Could you please post it, so my response could make a little more sense. What you have is the middle part.

If you need me to resend it I can do that.

oakshield3 said...

The fact remains that a start has to be made to halt and reverse the liberal multicultural agenda before it raches apoint where it explodes into open warfare, which it inevitably will if people of good intent don't act soon.
Lee has made a start by suggesting a way forward in the first instance.
Those unable or unwilling grasp the core values of British nationalism, and/or fail or refuse to see the potential in this initiative over the long term are about as useful to the cause as its enemies.

lormarie said...


I disagree re: assimilation. Asian Americans are assimilated into the white majority and they face less racism than blacks and Hispanics. It isn't simply due to being the "model minority" IMO. Asians don't assert their racial identity as much as blacks and Hispanics do. As a result, they don't make whites feel uncomfortable.

johnathon ross said...

Please spread this letter using technology. E mail it to someone important, The Police, Your Member of Parliament. Let us save our culture our heritage and our indigenous population!

I wish to report to you a case of the most serious crime in the world.

Against the Geneva Convention Ethnocide and United Nations Indigenous Peoples Rights to Identity and Culture.

This is a case of Ethnocide and it is happening here and now in the United Kingdom.

Labours plan of uncontrolled immigration policy has come to light and this can be proven in the statistics.

Wikipedia lists and explains exactly the Crime of Ethnocide.

Attacks On Culture and Displacement.

Put simply it is the cleansing or minoritising of an indigenous population by methods other than mass extermination.
It is a fact that by 2070 the immigrant population will be ahead of the indigenous peoples of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
This is a Crime against humanity according to the Geneva Convention it is an equivalent crime to Genocide and is a form of ethnic Cleansing.

I am reporting this crime to every agency in the UK to expose this crime to the British People.

Take action Now! Reveal this Labour Plot because the hunt is on for the conspiracy that exists between labour and conservative politicians who have plotted this treason.


[Your Name Here]

I have emailed this matter to hundreds of important people, If they ignore it and take no action then surely they by default become an accomplice to the crime.
Organisations, QC’s, Barristers, Solicitors, Members Of Parliament, The Hague, The United Nations.

As an Englishman, along with thousands of others we have been displaced and made to feel inferior in our own land we will have a website shortly so that the whole world can see what is being done to us. THE FIGHT BACK HAS BEGUN.

Open Your Eyes And See Before it Is Too Late!

IPCC Complaint Made.
Crimes Reported to West Midlands Police and Metropolitan Police.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you why it doesn't feel right.
First of all IF the top people of the EDL really knew the ideology of Islam, they would not be making remarks like "We don't mind Islam it is the extremists we are against" because they would know full well the goal of Islam is the same, whether extreme or moderate"
and well meaning people that have joined them, haven't as yet seemed to of fathomed out as to why "moderate" muslims are not marching alongside them in protesting against extreme Islam.

Second, the people at the top of EDL are going well overboard in burning nazi flags, black hoods etc
instead IF they really have to march, they could easily avoid any waycist tags, islamophobic tags in the media, by doing what they really should be doing, and that is demonstrating against the loss of Democracy.
in a real democracy, where all are allowed a voice, to point out danger using facts etc, Islam would not be a problem, as it would never get a foot in the door.
So really they should be marching and protesting against the EU dictatorship.
which leads me to believe, they are state funded, state set up, to provoke civil conflict.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

[Pt 1/2]
Hon. Alan Johnson
Home Secretary
Home Office

Chief Constable Chris Simms,
West Midlands Police

CC: Ms. Salma Yacoob

RE: Ms. Salma Yaqoob’s request that the EDL (English Defence League) be banned from Birmingham

I was surprised to read someone who allegedly considers themselves ‘British’ wants to ban a group, like the EDL, who from what I have read, from numerous sources (not just the liberal multicultural propaganda machine) are people who truly represent the interests of working class Brits. They are British First, and anything else is Second.

While some would like to portray then as Nazi’s and Racists, they happen to omit that the EDL are a genuinely multi-racial group which is opposed to Islamic Extremism – and who have moved on to opposing not just Islamic extremism, but also the primary causes of Islamic extremism – i.e. liberalism and multi-culturalism.

For many of those from all races, within the EDL, have mothers, fathers grandparents, great grandparents, if not great, great, great, great grandparents who have been born in Britain, many of their families have died in British wars. They have earned their citizenship in blood and tears from many generations; because they are BRITISH FIRST.

Now Ms. Salma Yaqoob, who has probably never bothered to read anything as revolutionary as the Magna Carta (although its principles were most undoubtedly a cause and foundation for how she ‘became entitled to British citizenship’) wants to trash the Magna Carta, and dump it in favour of the Koran (simplistically speaking of course, for those who lack critical thinking faculties).

For I do not see any petitions Ms. Yaqoob has launched to ban Islamic extremists from Birmingham, and furthermore stifling the dissenting voices of those who do oppose Islamic extremism, would put Ms. Yacoob in the corner of those who quietly endorse Islamic extremists, by shutting down the voices of those who oppose Islamic Extremism.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Pt 2/2:
Her follower (see below – i.e. Asiaticus), it appears does not even have the critical thinking wits, to follow a link to determine where (Why We Are White Refugees) may link to. That would be too much like making an enquiry, so as to make an informed decision. Not only, can ‘Freedom go to Hell’ in such a mind, but also the ‘Freedom of Enquiry’, it appears. [Photograph: Islamic Protests with slogans: "Islam will dominate the World" and "Freedom can go to Hell" and "Islam will be superior" and "Shariah for the Netherlands"]

Whether either of them are aware, or care, or support the Labour Party’s latest antics about manipulating Immigration policies, and the consequences this is having on Britain, only they would know. But then Freedom can go to hell, and so can freedom of enquiry, right? Not to mention of course, that their priorities are not the future of Brittish England, but the Islamicization of Britain.

Labour wanted multi-cultural Britain, to “rub the Right's nose in diversity”.

British Elite's Conspiracy of Silence: The Non-White Immigration Crisis!.

To conclude; may I suggest that prior to the Home Office or any British Government Organisation banning the EDL, from any city; they first request the person who is making such a request for the banning of the EDL, to answer the following question:

Are you British first, and Muslim Second?...

Nobody who is truly British First, would ever demand that the EDL be banned from their city; to the contrary.

Respectfully submitted,

Lara Johnstone
Why We Are White Refugees

Anonymous said...

In my experience the EDL are very politically confused and naive. They offer no structured framework for solving our country's multitudinous problems. They are not even structured as an organisation themselves.
Many are vehemently anti-BNP in no small measure and hold views which are the opposite of many Nationalist policies. They could easily become a problem for the furtherance of Nationalism in this country. I think they are far less likely to end up being of benefit to the nationalist cause.


Canada Awakens said...

We call the libs here PC s ,short for "political correctness" " which the Muslim assc push and lobby daily
We agree that stealth jihad is only succesful because of our politicians
The exception is our PM Harper,he doesnt get pushed around.
Yes its time for the men of Enland ,Sweden ,holland ,Germany to take back their country ,their streets
Canada is awakening !we are starting to protest jihad as well

Canada Awakens said...

If someone comes to our country they should be thankful enough to obey our LAWs period ,sharia law is not a system the modern democratic person can tolerate .Freedom to all and Merry Christmas
Hope that Tommy and all supporters keep up the good work !
( Note:Utube exposure is important Tommy,lets keep it as clean as possiable please}