Friday 30 October 2009

Manchester Police Spend Million a Year on Interpreters

I have just had the following response to an FOI request I put in for details on how much Greater Manchester Police spend a year on interpreters ;

The information in regards to Interpreter fees is as follows. Please note that we only information from 2002:
2002/03 - £351,891
2003/04 - £546,340
2004/05 - £687,836
2005/06 – 775,992
2006/07 - £951,019
2007/08 - £956,461
2008/09 - £1,115,732

Note that the year 2009 has not finished yet so we can expect another £ 200,000 at least.


It would not cost a penny if we did not allow anyone settle in Britain if they could not speak English.

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Anonymous said...

No surprise there. Manchester is a real magnet for immigration and Manchester Labour council

No wonder the Council Tax goes every year

So its not even a basic requirement to take the trouble to learn English before one comes here to lig off tax payers and just adds to the burden

martinohr said...

So do you speak the language of every country you visit, well enought to not need an intepreter if you the victim of crime, or accused of a crime.

The builk of that money spent by greater manchester would be saved simply by recruiting coppers from the communities which they serve. I'm guessing that you won't like such a simple solution.

Manuel said...

Ke ?

Sorry couldn't resist, I hear the BBC are going to stop doing re runs of fawlty towers on the grounds that it is racist.

Fawlty Towers

Andraste said...

@ martinohr

If there wasn't so many immigrants then there would not be such an expense for interpreters.

I guess you don't like such a simple solution.

As regards recruiting police from specific communities in order to represent them - that is highly racist - or do you agree than English police officers should only represent English people?

You are an idiot.

martin ohr said...

Andraste. I though BNP policy was that whoever had already immigrated into britain wouldn't be forcibly re-patriated; therefore there will still be a need for intepreters. Or maybe I have this wrong.

I don't suggest recruiting police from specific communities, I'm in favour of a police force that broadly represents the gender, ethnic, sexual orientation, political viewpoints mix that we currently enjoy in britain- that is likely to mean that forces with particular high numbers of certain ethnic minorities in their region would have correspondly similar high numbers of officers from those ethnic minorities. Roughly/Broadly speaking.

Rather than recruiting almost all coppers from a limited range of very thick right wing white blokes as is the current case(apologies to by step-brother here).

I'm afraid having intepreters is the price to be paid for living in a such a rich and vibrant society- it's also the least we would expect if we found ourselves in trouble in a nono-english speaking country.

Defender of Liberty said...

They stay - they learn English.

No translators will be funded under a BNP government.

The police are not thick right wing blokes you twat, they are run by far left, liberal, politically correct New Labour ACPO arseholes.

The first and only community the police serve are the BRITISH NATIONAL COMMUNITY - therefore they serve the majority not minorities.

If minorities dont want to join - then thats down to them.

You go to any country on the planet other than the UK and you have to learn the language.

Spare me your vibrant bollocks - this country isnt vibrant, its dying from mass immigration and colonisation.