Wednesday 14 October 2009

My Prophecy on Question Time

This is my prophecy for the Day After Griffin, or Judgement Day as it is now known by tories like Ian Dale and that Mehdi bloke in the New Statesman who is always banging on about the BNP.

I hereby solemnly prophecise that on the evening of October 22nd both during and after the recording of Question Time that millions of Britons will not succumb as fawning fanatics to the allure of historical fascism due to Nick Griffin talking about the BNP policy of withdrawing from the EU and that those non-existent millions of suburban fascists watching QT will also not immediately hang the fasces flag from their windows and paint little black moustaches on their top lips. I also prophecy that non-existent black shirted legions inflamed into action will not start marching in the streets due to the comments of Nick Griffin, that British society will not collapse into racial, religious or civil war, that democracy will not collapse and we not end up living like Mad Max in a nation filled with nomadic biker gangs, the economy will not implode into using shells and pebbles as currency and Dame Vera Lynn will not get a number 1 album.

Okay, I may be wrong about the latter.

The UAF are not marching to defend free speech, they are marching to deny free speech.

They are a tiny minority of violent thugs using mob tactics and terrorism to deny the majority of ordinary British people the right to hear opinions and views that they dont like and which they believe should be silenced.

They want to deny you the right to make up your own minds on the BNP.

They want to tell you what to think and deny you the right to hear those ideas that they personally dont like.

They are stealing from you the most precious thing you own, your own free will.

They are denying you the ability to make your own choices.

The moment that someone demands an opinion be censored or excised from society just because they personally disagree with it, is the moment that they have become a fascist.

The UAF are denying you the right to hear for yourself what the BNP stand for and to decide for yourself whether you agree, or disagree, with the BNP and Nick Griffin.

Fascism isnt just the pageant of brass bands, flags and marches that we see on The History Chaneel five times a day, it is the desire of a minority to force majorities into silent obedience, to censor and surpress opinions and views that sections of that society disagree with and to deny people the right to make up their own minds.

Fascism is a methodology, and the New Fascism is Anti-Fascism.

The UAF are using what used to be called 'fascist' methodologies - violence, mob rule, intimidation, terrorism, denial of free speech etc etc.

Therefore they are the fascists, not the BNP.

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Andraste said...

Brilliant posting.

Anonymous said...

here here

We need a nationalist revolution ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ said...

Yes well said as ever Lee, the UAF are terrofied of the truth reaching the British people, perish the thought that the British people would be allowed to become informed and education about the BNP and make up their OWN minds....Donna

Anonymous said...

Well said! Who do they think they are? They disrupted a recent papersale in Birminghham. They were dismayed whhen even the local 12 year olds said "we're with the BNP!"