Thursday 22 October 2009

Oh the Joy

Oh the joy.

To watch the liberals froth and fume in the midst of wars, terrorism and disease over Nick Griffin.

This is the last gasp of the old liberal bourgeoise.

To watch the rigged panel, the rigged audience and the rigged host all attack one person and then him hit back is exquisite.

The utter farsical biased nature of the thing is so obvious that it goes completely against the British tradition.

All it is the 'holocaust, gas chambers, ku klux klan, blah blah'. They are not saying one thing about something like the economy, Afghanistan etc.

Therefore this is not a Question Time, this is an anti-Nick Griffin Hate In.

The British people dont like that.

The liberals have revealed that they have abandoned the primary basis of what it means to be British - a sense of fair play.

Nick walks tall tonight - the BBC, the panel and the audience appear bigoted, bullying, obsessed with historical events such as the Holocaust, biased and venal.

Its a Win - Win.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how it was mainly non indigenous British in the audience who felt it necessary how to tell an indigenous British politician how he should behave in his own country.

Weird as well, no one in the audience questioned Jack Straw about British imperialist foreign policy and the illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Even teh UAF websites are pro military generals at the moment.

Anonymous said...

How true.

What is the real relevance of historical events being rammed down our throats, whilst our over-crowded, rotten, banal country continues its weary tread fully well knowing that something is awry.

Question Time: topical my fucking tight arse.

What next, asks lefty drone, Uncle Nick says water is needed to sustain most terrestial lifeforms. You what!! The digusting ideas this man has, he has an agenda, fascist!

Anonymous said...

and they the gang in the audience had the audacity to ask what is British...well of course so many are mixed up they have no idea...

but its certainly NOT their unfair ravings

David T said...

And these ethnic minorities with their white liberal middle class friends gave possibly the biggest applause when that asian told Nick Griffin they would get a whip round to send him and his supporters to Antartica.

That was quite obviously, when you look at the repeats, a pre-planned line of attack that Dimbleby allowed depsite that Asian calling Griffin "Dick", which usually surely Dimbleby would have rebouked him and moved on. Certainly a white man would have been rebuked had he got Baroness Warsi's name wrong and called her Baroness Waki or something more suitable.