Thursday 15 October 2009

A Simple Reminder

In order to take power and change the law a political party has to be able to participate in the electoral process.

A political party prohibited from participating in the electoral process cannot take power and change the laws.

When a political party is in power it change the law.

When a political party is in power then it can bring in its own new laws.

A political party without political power, or that is not totally dedicated to taking power whatever it takes, is a joke.

The aim of particpating in the political process is to gain power.

Those who see politics simply as ideological posturing without political power are not the national revolutionaries that will save our nation.

The true national revolutionaries are those that are determined to play the political game by the rules of our enemies until we are in the position to make up a whole new set of rules.

Those that would surrender the nationalist political struggle for some pathetic grand ideological posture are reactionary dinosaurs.

Politics is the art of the possible.

Our aim is to take power.

Once we are in power then the National Revolution begins.

Step by step, a law at a time, we will dismantle the entire politically correct liberal fascist apartheid system and impose a proud British culture mono-culture instead of this vile multi-culturalism.

All those who work with us will be rewarded, all those that oppose us remembered.

The liberals and their lackeys will reap what they have sown, for the way they treat us now is how we will treat them in the future.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. I'd put that on me fridge door

Anonymous said...

I respect what you're saying but the article is flawed by the very first line:-
"In order to take power and change the law a political party has to be able to participate in the electoral process."
The 'electoral process' you speak of is a myth and not the one we have at present.
The electorate are being lied to and brainwashed and nothing of any substance will be effected by the electoral process we have now and of which you speak. That is why it is in place - to deny and deceive. They are laughing at us for participating in it.
I voted BNP in the euros and locals knowing my vote was virtually worthless, as were the votes of labour, ukip, green, no2eu and so on. But then again even the Con's votes were worthless and they won on both counts. The Tory faithful here are in for a rude awakening in the near future when it all goes belly up.
This fight for national survival will be fought on the streets and in the hills Balkan style by some very tough and determined patriots and never at the totally rigged ballot box and voting system which is being daily undermined by thousands of unwanted newcomers.

ANY vote is a wasted vote imho because it's WHO counts the votes that really matters as Uncle Joe once said allegedly.

Anonymous said...

This is my only real concern, Lee.

Anonymous said...

Unrepentant British Nationalist@16:07
Re your link:-
"I would love the opportunity to join the British National Party – and set up a new wing. My first policy as the party's newest member would be to divide and conquer the current leadership and its manifesto. I would back Frank Bruno for leader."
Stephen K Amos

This is the sort of puerile garbage that the Zionist controlled media pump out every single day. The Independent(sic) is in such dire financial straights, I hear it now shares the offices of that other duplicitous, backstabbing rag the Daily Mail. I also hear it is an incredible £1.5 billion in the red but that doesn't stop the Zionist Marxist backers keeping it propped up even in its death throes to keep churning out its anti indigenous agenda of spin, lies and half truths. As an aside, have you noticed how Marxists and Communists love to invert reality and truth? Remember the name given to the now defunct East German Police State - the German Democratic(sic) Republic where you got shot in the back for daring to try and leave?

Like I believe and said earlier, this fight for our survival is not going to be won or lost at media rigged elections and the cardboard ballot box anyway but by a bloody Balkan style conflict. Even if the BNP were somehow to win an incredible, impossible 100 seats sometime in the future, that would still leave 546 of the common swine (plus the 724 unelected noble swine) to continue with their nation wrecking agenda.

The indigenous people will be out on the streets and fighting in the hills and fields long before then imho.

Anonymous said...

"The indigenous people will be out on the streets and fighting in the hills and fields long before then imho."

In which case it would help if the indigenous people were organised into some kind of mass movement beforehand that could act as a nucleus for the fighting, like for example a political party.

It might be worth looking at how the Labour Party changed its rules to try and deal with Miltant. There might be some clues in that.

pete said...

The agent provocateurs paid for by the state and Searchlight post lots of comments about fighting the system on the street and paramilitary crap. They have even set up a front called the "EDL or English Defence League" to faciltate their aims. This will act as a honey trap and attract a few hot heads into useless football chanting on the streets. It will also repel most sensible English voters and prove once again a blind alley for nationalism. The BNP can only obtain power through the ballot box by winning hearts and minds ; that is the battle and ignore siren calls from commentators such as the ones above who probably are searchlight lackeys.