Thursday 22 October 2009



There was no monster.

There was simply a mass liberal hysteria, extremist left wingers who attacked the police, a rigged hostile audience, a rigged hostile panel and a hostile host.

The British people now see there never was a monster.

Now the debate starts in regards to policies.

No Platform is down and now the publicity means people will now be looking at BNP policies.

Its a Win - Win.

Well done Nick.

Job done.

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Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Gordon Brown to condemn the violent UAF demonstration and the attacks against the police which resulted in 3 coppers injured. But I wont hold my breath for an official condemnation.

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine if this was the other way around and Nationalists stormed the BBC HQ, injuring 3 police officers, firing flares and raining down bricks and bottles on the police and the BBC building?

Andraste said...

The disgusting bias of Question Time only revealed Nick as the warrior of truth that he is.

alanorei said...

Nick stood to his guns and did well, excellently well, all things considered.

Thanks for your analyses, Lee.

It did seem that Bonnie Greer was playing fast and loose with British anthropology but she couldn't substantiate anything.

She should read After The Flood by Bill Cooper.

The individual who quoted Revelation out of context was referring to events of the 2nd Advent. No-one on earth has control over those.

The issue of unrestricted immigration vs. rising unemployment raised by one older member of the audience was glossed over.

The chairman, audience and the rest of the panel by-passed or muddied all the big issues, as you point out, Lee. No mention by them of 7/7 as an example of true Qur'an-believing Islam

The female sex pervert should read The Pink Swastika by Lively and Abrams.

When Nick said he opposed the teaching of sodomy to school children, no-one clapped or cheered. I conclude that they would all condone legalised buggery of minors.

It was instructive to see the lib/lab/con contingent squabbling amongst themselves, while obviously not giving a proverbial tinker's about the dispossessed white Caucasian British majority.

Baronness (sic) Warsi clearly hasn't read the Qur'an or studied the history of Islam. Or if she has, she's a bare-faced liar.

The heaviest hits they scored were about past quotations, e.g. Mark Collett's and some of Nick's 'edited' for effect and on racially mixed backgrounds e.g. the individual who claimed to love this country etc. and where did Nick want him to go?

I guess the only real response is for the BNP to keep pushing for genuine indigenous British values or better yet, virtues (indigenous simply being that majority, as Nick said, who have been here for millennia and are now in grave danger of being swamped by a hostile foreign ethnic and ideological invasive tidal wave).

But great work by Nick nevertheless.

I wonder where they got most of the audience from, the LSE maybe? Sad to see so many young white Brits, male and female, brain washed by the left, or brain sullied more accurately.

Anonymous said...

The racist wanted Nick to go to the South Pole, because it is colourless or because it is "white"!

That was a disgusting racist comment and all the left wing think this was a good thing to shout at a white man?

What if Nick had told the man to go live in the black sea because it is "colourless"? This would be all over the world's news tonight and Nick would be arrested for racial hatred.

Anonymous said...

He did good - Straw was a wreck, Bonnie was more vocal than the Lib Dem, Warsi-called is token if ever and the indignation was mostly from... foriegn looking people.

Any word about us who live underneath these people and their seven kids?

Trying to catch Nick out at every turn and even pulled the Gately card out of the bag lol.

Maybe 3.5m votes next year.

Congrats though Nick, the BNP are still shining to me and many more I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Nick griffin and that destruction of Jack Staw and the BBC.

Anonymous said...

The BNP are so racist that even an Asian man is applauding the BNP in the audience at the pre BNP Question Time run through.
3:40 onwards the asian gentleman at the front, good on him and good on the BNP.

Anonymous said...

It was a little hard to judge what to make of this circus, had the smears stuck? did Nicks points hit home? was the bearbaiting turning off the viewers and exposing the mainstreme as the crooks that they are?

What I wanted to know was how others responded, Mr Joe and Jane average.

So I headed over to the BBC have your say page, it read 80% win for the BNP.

Job done.

Nick, you walked into the Lions den, we knew it would be tough.

But you came out with your message intact and delivered to the nation.

Thanks Nick.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin is a legend... he totally and smoothly wiped the floor with them. The lib/lab/con regime destroyed there own arguments.

Well one BNP good luck :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, well done Nick,i admire his guts to sit there and still be smiling during that farce of a programme last night.
That awful muslim woman had us cringing everytime she opened her mouth, What it complete fabrication(her summing up of everything Nick said) about the awful deal women get within the sharia law system? or does she just want to pretend that its all 'lovey dovey' and equality rules within in its rules and regulations?

Sammie Hall said...

I have written a comprehensive bank regulatory legislative proposal that I would like to offer first to the BNP.
It's the sort of idea that would cause your opponents to smack their heads and say 'why didn't I think of that'.
Sammie Hall, law & analytics

Anonymous said...

Nick did himself proud last night.I and a lot of other people would have wilted under the pressure from the panel and audience.

Anonymous said...

Nick showed great courage in walking in to that bear baiting pit.
How many of his critics would have had the balls to do the same?

Having viewed this program with a group of friends who can best be described as apolitical I think the following can be concluded.
I have tried very hard to remain objective and review this event from the reactions of the average voter’s point of view.

1. Most viewers were disgusted by the violent anti-BNP demonstrators.

2. Most viewers realised that this was not a normal "Question Time" program but had been changed in to an "I hate Nick Griffin" event.

3. Most viewers recognised that David Dimberley was not an impartial host. He was the official ringmaster of this circus.

4. Most viewers recognised that the audience was not an "average" representation of the British public.

5. Most viewers picked up on the fact that the only question asked by an "average" looking white guy about why we continued to have large scale immigration when unemployment is so bad was deliberately ignored.

6. Most viewers agreed that Jack Straw waffled off topic and was completely useless.

7. Most viewers agreed that Chris Huhne was a "grey" man with little of interest to say.

8. Most viewers agreed that Baroness Warsi was successful in creating the impression that the Conservative party would be more effective at handling the immigration problem. They also assumed that her view of Islam was probably the more accurate view because she is Muslim. They also gained the impression that she was quite arrogant with a very high opinion of herself.

9. Most viewers thought Bonnie Greer was a little wacky who seems to think she is an intellectual of some sort.

10. Most viewers thought that Nick Griffin looked very scared at the beginning and could see him visibly trembling. You may think he had very good reasons for this but to the "average" viewer they felt it was because he had taken on more than he could handle and wanted out.

11. Most viewers thought Nick Griffin made some good points (when he was allowed to) but that he also seemed to spend too much time evading answering difficult questions directly. The average viewer has no idea that all TV programs are edited. They think they are watching in real-time what is actually happening.

12. Most viewers thought Nick Griffin making reference to a non-violent KKK when responding to the question about David Duke and the American Friends of the BNP were silly and deserved to be laughed at.

13. Most viewers thought that Nick Griffins response of not being able to explain his views on the "Holocaust" was an attempt to hide his true views or he was just embarrassed about his previous views on the subject and didn't want to discuss them. The very real danger of extradition, prosecution and imprisonment for expressing anything other than orthodox views on this subject is completely lost on the average voter.

14. Most viewers thought that Nick Griffin laughed or grinned at the most inappropriate times which they found disconcerting. They were unsure whether this was down to nerves, an attempt to hide his discomfit or was just plain weird.

15. Most viewers thought that when Nick Griffin stopped trying to be so polite and fired back in anger he scored some good points.

16. Most viewers did not like Nick Griffins remarks about Jack Straws father being a conscientious objector. They thought it was a cheap shot and that no-one should be held to account for the actions of their family members.

17. Most viewers thought they had been cheated. They wanted to hear Nick Griffins views on a variety of topics and instead were just treated to a crude hatchet job.

18. Most viewers agreed that Nick Griffin had a lot of courage to walk in to that situation and not lose his temper under such extreme circumstances.
All agreed that they would not have been able to do such a thing.

Anonymous said...

I like the phrase 'British majority' better than 'indigeous British'