Thursday 22 October 2009

Theres No Such Thing As Bogus Asylum Seekers Says Tory

Baroness Warsi on QT has just said, " Theres no such thing as a bogus asylum seeker".

Bang goes the Tories election campaign.

Thats one to use time and time again.

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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! I worked for immigration enforcement in London Bridge, 1999.
We dealt with thousands of bogus asylum seekers every single day.

We even had two goons from HM propaganda unit pay us a visit for re-education.

We were told to call all asylum seekers "customers"!!

We called them "subjects" but were warned that we had to use the new PC term.

I quit my job a few weeks later.

Incidentally a BNP demonstration marched past us one Saturday at Beckett House London Bridge, we all stood at the windows and cheered them.

fellist said...

Double digit IQ affirmative action appointments... they'll do that for ya!

Anonymous said...

About time this country realised immigrants are abusing the laws of the Uk, making false declarations to get married, making false claims of violences to secure visas in the country, etc. etc. This has gone on for too, too long. I know of at least 50 men who have had their lives ruined by immigrant women, getting married then making false claims to stay in the country. BNP I hope will sort this once and for all.