Thursday 15 October 2009

Victory for the BNP

One of the greatest victories in the history of the BNP since its creation has been allowed to slip below the radar over the issue of the possible legal changes to the BNP constitution.

I consider this news story below as validation of the years of hard work and struggle of every BNP member and activist.

We have forced this government to take notice of our people, the forgotten white working class who have been betrayed by all the establishment political parties in the multi-cultural system.

If the BNP had not started winning seats in elections, then our people would still be forgotten and despised by the white, cosmopolitan, liberal elite and their politically correct middle class ethnic and gay rights lackeys in the Servile State.

Because of the BNP the plight of our people is now being addressed and dealt with.

This shows that the BNP generates positive change in our communities, by drawing into those areas government funded schemes and programmes, without even being in overall political charge of those areas.

The BNP energises an area, drawing into that area extra funding and resources precisely because the BNP is strong in those areas.

The better the BNP does in an area, the bigger the grants the government gives the area in the hope that the social conditions which generated the BNP vote are dealt with, thereby cutting down the BNP vote.

The government see the BNP as a symptom of social problems, and therefore they see the way to undermine the BNP vote is to remove the social problems that cause the BNP vote.

In effect the government have to oil the squeaky doors and ignore the ones that dont squeak.

So the motto is simply ' Vote BNP for a good oiling' - as the moment you vote BNP the government pours money into your area.

If you vote the BNP into power in your area, then they literally throw money at the area in the hope of removing the social problems that generate the BNP vote.

So the lesson is clear - vote BNP and the government listens.

The next struggle for us is against the Equality Bill and its plans to allow Affirmative Action plans and Positive Discrimination Plans where better qualified white applicants will be rejected for jobs in favour of less qualified non-white applicants.

That is legalised racism, and the start of the Liberal Apartheid System.

What we are about to see is the present White Working Class being forced down the social scale to become a permanent White Underclass.

This will be accomplished by the new laws that will force employers to actively discriminate against white applicants.

At the same time this will impact on the White Middle Class. As the new legislation begins to bite in our society we will see the White Middle Class being forced down the social scale to become the new White Working Class.

That is the inevitable result of legalising Affirmative Action and Positive Discrimination Plans.

From such treasons, Revolutions arise.

War on Right-wing racism launched in ‘vulnerable’ areas

Martin Bentham, Home Affairs Editor Martin Bentham, Home Affairs



Ministers today launched a £12 million scheme to combat the spread of
Right-wing extremism. The move comes amid fears that the recession
could create rising social tensions.

Under the plans, each of more than 100 areas across the country judged
to be vulnerable to extremism will be given extra help to boost job
opportunities, education and living conditions available to residents.

Special community forums will be set up to allow local people to air
grievances, while further measures will aim to ensure that council
leaders and other officials "speak out" more effectively for those
they represent.

The unprecedented initiative - which in London will initially be
implemented in parts of Barking and Dagenham, Bexley and Bromley - has
been prompted by concern within the Government about a potential
spread of Right-wing extremism caused by increasing unemployment,
immigration and deprivation in some communities.

Such fears have been heightened by the success of the BNP in this
year's European elections, and the party leader Nick Griffin's
appearance on BBC1's Question Time next week, as well as the recent
spate of violent demonstrations involving the newly formed English
Defence League.

Communities Secretary John Denham said that to prevent such groups
from exploiting discontent within deprived areas, ministers wanted to
ensure that the key concerns of people living there were not ignored.

These, he said, included the decline in traditional jobs in some white
working-class areas, change and competition for jobs caused by
migration, and problems with anti-social behaviour.He added that the
Government would seek to address such problems by improving residents'
access to jobs, housing, education, health and other key services, but
stressed that the new plans for "giving people a voice" and improving
local leadership were essential if the fight against extremism was to

"None of this will work unless on the doorstep, in pubs and community
centres local people know that someone is speaking up for them and
fighting their corner," Mr Denham added.

"They need to know that the jobs being created are jobs they can get,
the houses being built are homes they can live in, and that the
library, the school and the hospitals are being built for them, their
families and their community."

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Andraste said...

These people are so stupid, it's too late to stop the rise of the BNP - they are trying to bolt the barn door after the horse has bolted.

The worst case scenario for the sick establishment is that the BNP ever gained wide acceptance - this has happened, everyone knows about us. Trying to now pump money into these areas won't make any difference to the rising support of the BNP.

The insane lunatics in power are the architects of their own destruction. They all secretly plotted and schemed against the white working class for decades, and in their narcissistic arrogance they completely underestimated us, thus we turned to the BNP. This is the dynamic - and it's too late now - the cat is out of the bag, and it won't ever go back in.

Unknown said...

Well done to the BNP. The BNP is like a boxer who has been on the ropes for a number of rounds, covering up, ducking, taking shots but deflecting many. But then comes back with a flush counter punch that wobbles it's opponents legs. A massive underdog. Heavily outweighed and out-sized. A bit
like a middleweight against a super heavy. The giant heavyweight has all the the physical advantages but in a pound-for-pound sense the middleweight has all the class, ring savvy and fighting heart. In the later rounds, the giant but clumsy heavyweight will start to tire and the Middleweight will go on the offensive. Then the heavyweight will be exposed for all it's obvious weaknesses. But it will try to foul, hold on, and do everything to try and avoid the it's inevitable defeat. But eventually the Middleweight will take the Heavyweight down punch-by punch. Until eventually the giant finally sinks to it's knees and lands face down on the canvas.

extant said...

Hmm, £12,000,000 sceme to suppress us even further eh !

I have another photo of a Helecopter above my property today(to the tune of £15,000ph), this time it was much closer and remember they cant afford to give our troops even proper sleeping bags !
The change in the constitution is just in time to boost our votes in time for the election (fucking idiots), they wont and will never learn, because they dont live in a in the same World as we do; the real World..