Monday 18 May 2009

Charlie Brookers Liberal Fascist Youth

One of the great things about the Window Lickers and the Metro-Sexuals is the fact that they are so incredibly dumb.

The most obvious things escape their attention as they cannot think for themselves - they have to be told what to wear, where to eat, what to eat, who to date, what clothes to wear, what to listen too etc.

They are the Sugar Ape army.

Without a giant bill board advert or a TV advert to tell them what they should be doing 24/7 then they just cannot exist.

Take for instance the 250 plus comments posted on my site today.

The aim and entire meaning of a blog is to get traffic.

The more traffic, the more hits the higher the rankings.

Therefore the posts on a blog are designed to increase traffic into the blog itself.

Today we saw just how witless the metro-sexual lemmings are.

At the behest of their master they twittered and posted comment after comment on this blog, without even having the intelligence to think ' Doh ! Oh yeah, perhaps thats what he wanted me to do '.

The lemming mentality is the byproduct of the consumer society - the lemmings are like the Hitler Youth whipped up into a frenzy by their master Charlie and a myriad other little masters, directed at the latest enemy and then let loose.

Once the Hitler Youth assembled in their tens of thousands in uniforms in stadiums and experienced the ecstacy of the crowd, now British youth assemble in their thousands in festivals like Glastonbury or at raves in their consumer fascist uniforms of the latest fashions like Reebok and Nike and experience the ecstacy of the crowd.

Just as the Hitler Youth were brainwashed by fascist propaganda, British youth are brainwashed by consumerism propaganda.

Today Charlie Brooker saw for himself just how utterly ridiculous, absurd, pathetic and empty are his pack of followers.

Like the Grand Old Duke of York he marched them up to the top of the hill and then he marched them down again, just as Hitler once sent the Hitler Youth to burn down Jewish shops and beat up those who 'were different to them' or who did not fit their definition of the fascist ideal.

The irony is that the fascist impulse is the basis of consumerism itself ;


This is the fascist motto of consumerism followed without any flicker of awareness by its little acolytes.

Charlie whipped up a public hate, an Orwellian prophecy come true, and witnessed for himself just how depraved and dangerous his little pack of mewling dogs are.

Onwards you little fascists of the metro-sexual hordes, the concentration camps you will build already exist within the emptiness of your own souls.

You do not exist as you are not individuals.

You do not think for yourself as you allow others to do your thinking for you and twitter you your opinions.

You are rats that love your trap.

On 14 January 1978, during the Sex Pistols final date at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, a disillusioned Rotten addressed the audience directly — "Ah-ha-ha. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? Good night".

Do you ever get the feeling youve been cheated ?

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Mr Whippy said...

Four massive ranty posts about the same subject in just a few hours = Charlie Brooker getting under your skin in a big way.

And why wouldn't his fans want you to get loads of traffic? Your spittle-flecked, incoherent, barely literate rants are the best advertisement for the anti-BNP cause I've come across in ages.

Andraste said...

Spot on Lee. These morons are so stupid they don't even realise that they are whipped up into exactly the same frenzy of hate as the Nazi's. They are the modern Nazi's who would kill without question anyone who dares oppose their political agenda. This has to be one the greatest historical ironies; that those who profess to hate fascism so much are indeed the fascists... or is it that they simply hate what they really are?

odin said...

I loved the way you baited them & made all the red worms crawl out of the woodwork Lee!

xthemusic said...

Nope, i get the feeling you're a cunt.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to become a Communist to annoy yous.

Anonymous said...


I hope your children die a horrible death.

ugeine said...

Hi there white dragon.

I was just raving at Glastonbury with my Nikes, my retro stained H&M pink shirt and my white chinos when my twitter account from my Special Sony Ericsson C905 with 8MP camera, 8gig memory (that's 20,000 Coldplay tracks) and Wifi as standard (Not to be confused with the K850I which only has a 5 MP card) and it was a message from Charlie Brooker telling me to insult you.

You see, Charlie didn't expect somebody so intelligent and with such a great grasp of popular culture to finger his game so quickly, so he ordered us all to insult you.


Andraste said...

The twat Mr Whippy wrote:

"And why wouldn't his fans want you to get loads of traffic? Your spittle-flecked, incoherent, barely literate rants are the best advertisement for the anti-BNP cause I've come across in ages."This is another classic piece of leftists bullshit that they always trot out, like the unthinking drones they are.

Oh, so now you are advocating giving the BNP a platform to debate our views? I thought we was to be "denied the oxygen of publicity"... which is it? So far no-one has ever openly and fairly debated the BNP... why? Because we would win hands down and you all know it. Problem for you lot of self-loathing freaks is that your time is up, the people are waking up and flocking to the BNP in record numbers, so you are about to exposed for lunatics you are.

Every smear about the BNP, every lie, is an admission that the establishment, the media and their demented unthinking fascist slaves have lost the argument.

Anonymous said...

I do love the way you constantly refer back in time. A goalkeeper in the 60s, the sex pistols in the 70s, the motherfucking Nazis for gods sake. And you then start insulting Coldplay fans, who will not be reading this blog. You are actually a moron. I would feel sorry for you, if wasn't for the whole "I'm a massive cunt" thing.

xthemusic said...

And as far as the whole 'i wanted you to post'


You're trying to make a good thing out of the hole you've dug. I hope this does get promoted, so more see you for the dick you are.

Anonymous said...

Reading that gave me a massive boner Lee, wanna go fuck again? I can do the reacharound thing that you liked last time. Do we have to pretend we are black again though? I didn't understand that.

Anonymous said...

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ololol said...

This has to be one the greatest historical ironies; that those who profess to hate fascism so much are indeed the fascists...XFD, quoted for hilariously ridiculous irony.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ever get the feeling you've been cheated and read the same hate filled Blog 4 times?
yeah me too.
you need some new material you bigoted prick!
what about the gays, the blacks or the most terrible of all asylum seekers?
the more traffic this Blog gets will mean more open minded people will read this and see it as an advert to not vote BNP.

Jewbag said...

You've invoked Godwin's Law and thus fail at the internet. Reductio ad Hitlerum is not debate, wit, or intelligence. It's hopelessly scrabbling for something, ANYTHING to validate your otherwise worthless dribblings devoid of actual insight or knowledge.

Applemask said...

Charlie Brooker > Jonah Goldberg.

In fact, Charlie is worth eighty-seven thousand Jonah Goldbergs.

angel sigh said...

For someone's who's apparently'trolling' us, don't you reckon you're putting in a bit too much effort? I can almost see the beads of sweat on yr furrowed brow :-D

Jonathan Proudfoot said...

Seriously though Lee - nine blog posts in twelve hours? Get a life mate.

Anonymous said...


Your mum called - she says it well past your bed time, don't forget to take your tablets (again), have a rest from writing drivel on the internet (for a couple of weeks) and do try and stop playing with yourself - you will only get blisters again.

Anonymous said...

you do know that your conceited form of nationalism and hatred actually make more people hate the country of their birth than anything else.

Ironic as well with the multiple nazi references it never once crosses your mind that fascism was motivated by sick and twisted german nationalism.

Hatred of the bnp or fascists isn't wrong. Nor ,necessarily, is violence against them. The bnp and their militant comrades harm people, if one bnp member beats up people who don't agree with him gets beaten up in return that is social justice.

The fascist ethos was not to consume that is and ever has been the capitalist ethos. The nazis didn't want their people to consume they wanted them to produce.

Anonymous said...

I think xthemusic is the one who's 'Spot on', Lee.

Charlies fashion victims said...

You know what's really funny Lee and so very sad.

These very same sheeple or clones of them will be the ones who claim they always supported the BNP when the BNP reach power and popular exceptance and chief cheerleader will be Charlie himself.

That is a fact.

Jake Laverde said...

Your blog - EPIC FAIL!

BlackLesbianAsylumSeekerInAWheelchair said...

Yes, of course that's what you wanted them to do. That's why you've fired off a whole series of increasingly unhinged, undirected and illiterate posts in response. I would suggest that perhaps it's time for you to have a "rest", but it would be a shame for my new daily amusement fix to disappear just as I've discovered it; you're like a one-man Speak You're Branes, but even more delightfully "confused". Even your old mucker Sheppard's site isn't as fun as this, so please, I implore you, keep up the good work.

By the way, I notice you like using the word "meterosexual" a lot; really, a lot. Y'know, dozens of times within a handful of posts. Are you trying to tell us something? You can practically hear the vinegar strokes as you describe Brooker's quiff for the umpteenth time. Or maybe you just feel "uncomfortable".

Pip pip.

Anonymous said...

The irony dripping from every word of this ludicrous post is just hilarious.

I fucking hate Brooker. But I fucking hate you far more.

Swineshead said...

I don't think Brooker's piece was anywhere near his best - I prefer it when he sticks to TV and leaves politics to the big boys - but your efforts here are really very poor.

Are you the lad off that Russell Brand Naziboy documentary?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, what a cock.

The BNP couldn't pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel. At least Hitler actually had the brains to get his sick schemes carried out - most BNP members can barely go for a shit by themselves.


By the way, I'm a Communist and I'm shagging a Jew. Up yours, Nazi.

Tim W said...

i love the way you think your ahead of the game lee, it really really works you know.
you spend your days adhering to the laws of the blog...letting it tickle your feeble excuse of a cock with one hand, whilst fingering the mucky holes of every other "look at me!" website with the other.
the BNP and your sorry self have yet to grasp the fact that your weeping drivel stands upon a decaying platform that bears the oldest, overused spunk ridden whip...PATRIOTISM!!!
keep writing your torrent of sloppy shit lee, and i'll keep laughing at you wanking over google analytics.

Andraste said...

Brookers slaves all share the same herd like mentality:

We HATE the BNP, We don't even know what they stand for, but we hate them anyway because cunts like Brooker have told us to.

What a bunch of pathetic tools. Anyone brave enough to challenge their preconceived notions about the BNP and learn the truth simply need go to:

Joe said...

"They are the Sugar Ape army."

You do realise Charlie Brooker wrote Nathan Barley don't you?

Anonymous said...

Spot on Lee with your analysis - complete automatons these mk2 model 348T uberliberal metrosexual weak limbed fools. These biomachines leaving little messages here.

I really do know these types - I saw them all the time at university - I was a more mature student (26) having actually lived a little life before going to one. Born and bred in London I saw all too many there; it seems to attract them in fully assembled cohorts. I recall one who actually thanked and smiled at his mugger!! (I presume because the brainwashed victim thought it would appear racist to object to robbery as the mugger was black). Proper Londoners, would've not got into such a situ or at least objected with words or a well placed elbow, But, hey such is your brainwashing. (I knew of at least half a dozen mugging victims amoungst you naive students).

All you twitters (whatever the fuck that is?) with your conditioned, pavlovian, consumerist and unrooted ways about the latest distraction (bread and circus) or (panini and facebook) there may, just may, be a cure. Once you leave the early Summer of your ages, the ascent to proper adulthood - you know when you actually get over your teens, 20s and early 30s (such is the incubation time of your present malady) you may evolve some depth and reflection on a more profound level greater than a fucking ipod or 2 inch phone text screen - you know, something of more substance than a t-mobile ad whilst you sip Cola's vision of your multi-cultural caffine existence. It's not guaranteed, just a chance. It is hopefully that moment when all you early Summerers may realise what it's about. I repeat it is a long shot though.

The bigger picture, if you awaken, is that you will regret that the many, many pied pipers led you down the lite bite side of lies and banality. But suffer that fate without too much bitterness.

Perhaps marriage and having kids will assist you metreosexual rats - but that takes a commitment and honesty that I fear you cannot have due to your easily distracted habits. As in Monkey Dust, the satire simply refers to you as 'wankers' - which is a most eloquently efficient and prosaic term for your tribe.


p.s. What on earth is a Sugared Ape?

BlackLesbianAsylumSeekerInAWheelChair said...

Sugar Ape (no 'ed') is a fictional magazine in a satirical television programme called Nathan Barley, of which Lee is a huge fan, which mocks the vacant hipster youth culture of gentrified East London. Lee is using this to suggest that Charlie Brooker is like an acolyte of said magazine. He is doing this because, like the barely-literate, psychotic, cultural ignoramous he is, he is unaware that Charlie Brooker wrote Nathan Barley in the first place. Lee is thus attempting to satirise Charlie Brooker using his own comic creation, as if someone represented a social stereotype Charlie Brooker had never thought of before. This might have been funny if Lee had been aware of the fact.

BlackLesbianAsylumSeekerInAWheelChair said...

Of course, you'll have been totally unaware of that, "Ross", being a completely different person to Lee, despite writing using all his tics, mannerisms, catchphrases, neologisms, references to early 00's satirical comedy programmes, disjointed throught structure, and general unhingedness.

Anonymous said...

I like the Sugar Ape mention, but you realise Brooker wrote Nathan Barley right?

May I offer some advice?

You're not a writer and you're certainly not a great thinker.

GO OUTSIDE! It's really not as bad as the internet/ Daily Mail would have you believe.

Anonymous said...

Sugar Ape is a spoof magazine from CHARLIE BROOKER'S comedy Nathan Barley. It mocks the metrosexual types you assume are his fans!?

Oh dear, what a twat. YOU'RE writing a blog you pathetic cunt. How is that different to Twitter? Fucking moron...

Anonymous said...

Blacklesbianwheelchair thing....

No, you insinuate wrongly. 'Ross' is just that, a seperate individual not a psuedonym or alter-ego from Lee Barnes.

I presume you have, or think, you have studied psychology (or perhaps its less esteemed brother, sociology) to use words such as 'neologism' (actually my words mean more to just myself, you would've not commented so precisely otherwise) - as for disjointed throught(sic) structure I am sure you understood the references and stereotype that you fulfil so agreeably. Perhaps it is closer to your bones than you welcome. Oh so demur one.

Much obliged


BlackLesbianAsylumSeekerInAWheelchair said...

"(actually my words mean more to just myself, you would've not commented so precisely otherwise) - as for disjointed throught(sic) structure I am sure you understood the references and stereotype that you fulfil so agreeably. Perhaps it is closer to your bones than you welcome. Oh so demur one."

What the fuck are you talking about, "Ross"? You're not making any sense, man. Are you feeling a bit "tired"?

BlackLesbianAsylumSeekerInAWheelchair said...

Oh, and to address the one bit of your post that actually makes any sense, "Ross", I studied biochemistry at university (have you ever seen the inside of one? Except when collecting your dole-supplimenting check after the medical experiments, I mean). I use the word "neologism" because I'm literate (another big, confusing word, I know, but try to bear with me) and, get this (concentrate hard, because it's pretty revolutionary stuff) IT'S THE WORD THAT DESCRIBES THE THING I'M TALKING ABOUT! But kudos on your ability to work out that I'm a bemulleted East London hipster twat purely from the fact I can read and write, especially as I'm sure you don't get many like that 'round your way.

And cheers for commenting on my typo. I'd love to help fix your grammar and punctuation, but it's a bit difficult when it's so bonkers I've no idea what the fuck you're going on about (do you, incidentally?). English is your first language, isn't? It would be so sad if it was your only one.

Anonymous said...


Just a brief (yeah as if) retort, little busy now, but I shall pay you the time to respond.

Seems I made you blink first, with your rather emotional tantrum. But that's in the breeding and nurture I suppose?

I've seen the inside of a university, duh! - I think that was made clear in my first post? But it would be cheap of me to comment on such comprehension skills.

Never claimed any dole in my life, and I'm not sure why that is something people of your obvious 'stature' use as a criticism - it's rather old hat and a cliche. (I hate welfare-scrounging white pikeys and shitty black trash myself. So respect where it is due). I actually am self-employed with a business and a couple of employees, but anyway....

Question on literacy - not sure if this makes sense but I obviously know the meaning of the word 'neologism' hence my pointing it out? Perhaps your emotion got in the way of a measured judgement of the text? (Science may have not been your forte then, with such apparent impetuosity?).

Reading and writing skills - yes well done for having these! *condescendingly pats your head* (with much force)

' I'm sure you don't get many like that 'round your way.' I think I mentioned I came from London, so unsure of your point as you are suggesting you also live in London? I moved away. Again it's those flawless (or floorless) comprehension skills you have.

Incidentally the 'manor' I am in now has rather higher than average academic achievement rates. Not something you might find in Tower Hamlets or where ever you reside, Bohemian funkster you.

That you fail miserably to perceive metaphor ,or allegory to be more precise, in my original post is not my failing - it is yours! Or was that cunning in the extreme to deny what you realise. Dishonesty exists in all forms it seems. Perhaps you are just a plain dunderhead?

Clearly my grammar and punctuation are fine, but it's the usual stance that those like you adopt with no evidence (fuck me, your scientific method must have been shoddy). All these mock virtual arguments have the one thing in common for mentalities like yours and that is to scrutinise errors where none exist - however yours did, albeit a 'typo', but hey a cheap shot.

I will quote exactly. 'English is your first language, isn't?' Ahem, far be it for me to nitpick but to create a tail question, as you valiantly tried, one needs to properly invite affirmation of the statement. E.g. English is your first language, isn't IT?

Those in glass houses throwing stones or pots & kettles springs to mind. Yes, more symbolism and metaphor, not bewildered are you? I can't help commenting that your clumsiness must have interfered mightily on a empirical and observational level with your chosen subject. I just hope you are not a bio-medical scientist or anything to do with cultures and samples? If you are practicing, I hope you recognise Salmonella better than you do comprehension and meaning.

I speak German, somewhat fluently, in answer to your muted question.