Wednesday 20 May 2009

Chris Martin Joins Twitter

Hi everyone,

Its me Mr. Coldplay Chris Martin.

I have now set up my own twitter account as Gwyeth said its okay,

you can catch my twitters here ;

One world, One Love, One Record Label

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Griffin's Glass Eye said...

Get a job, you lazy dole scum. I'm watching you.

Anonymous said...

"Get a job, you lazy dole scum. I'm watching you"

Now presuming the contributor calling himself 'griffins glass eye' is not a private detective and isn't on a surveillance mission, watching LB 24-7, then i think it is fair to say that you are a yellow belly, dole scrounger yourself.
For fucks sake grow a pair. Just ask LB to meet you somewhere set your stall out and go toe to toe with the man. You would certainly improve your street cred a lot more than saying 'I'm watching you'. You sound like a fucking peeping tom. TWAT!!


Pagey_B said...

Was blogging as Charlie Brooker every 2-3 minutes for hours the other day not enough for you?

Considering all these tweets are about as amusing as genital warts, might I suggest that you leave your computer and maybe find a job? Gainful employment is good for the soul - which might make you to want to stop being a Nazi cock head.

Just a suggestion.

2357 supporters can't be wrong said...

Lee, is this one of those twats on Facebook you were going on about earlier?

andraste said...

"Get a job, you lazy dole scum. I'm watching you.Pathetic... as usual.

andraste said...

Pagey_B said that Nazi word, proving her credentials as an anti-waycist and braindead moron. Well done, keep up the anti-waycism, and remember, never, ever start thinking for yourself, otherwise you might actually be interested in finding out the truth... and we all know that the truth makes you a waycist.

Anonymous said...

could there be a more hypocritical racist arsewank than you?
i don't think so.

p.s. CUNT!

Pagey_B said...

Wait, let me make absolutely sure I've got this right: because I oppose Nazism and I see parallels between the Nazis and the BNP (you would ideally like an entirely white Britain with no Muslims, no Jews and no gays) that makes me a "braindead moron"?

And what is this 'truth' that i should know about? Because I've been reading the BNP website (as well as the lovely leaflet that they put through mine and my immigrant husbands door this morning) and to be brutally honest I think that your version of 'the truth' is complete and utter horse wank.

Good day and send my regards to the f├╝hrer.

p.s: And stop spelling it 'waycist' - it's not big, it's not clever and it makes you sound like a retard.

andraste said...

Pagey_B said : "you would ideally like an entirely white Britain with no Muslims, no Jews and no gays"Really? The BNP has gay members, in fact I was out canvassing with someone who is gay the other day, the BNP has Jewish councillors, and also has members who have partners from other races. As regards Muslims, we expect the same respect to our traditions and culture as we would give to Muslims in their country. Again, you obviously have swallowed the establishment propaganda without question... as I said. As regards the immatire Fuhrer remark, my grandfather fought against Nazi Germany and the BNP has many, many member who are ex-servicemen who served in WWII, so please spare us the lame and predictable jibes... one thing is for sure more and more people are seeing through the bullshit of people like you. The BNP are interested in the truth, you and people like you are driven by your own internal urges to hate someone and the establishment have given you the BNP.

Rock on. \m/

Pagey_B said...

“I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated or turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the earth is flat…I have reached the conclusion that the ‘extermination’ tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lies, and latter day witch-hysteria.” - Nick Griffin. I find it hard to believe that any REAL Jewish person (as in, a practising, devout Jew) would join a party where their leader is a Holocaust denier. You probably do have some people in your party who are 'technically' Jewish (as in, their mother was Jewish) but have since renounced Judaism - which still affords you being able to say "the BNP has Jewish councillors". Being able to legitimatly use that in a quote must be a blessing for the BNP, but still makes you no less Nazi I'm afraid.

And here's Nick Griffin speaking on the Soho pub bombing (comitted by David Copeland, who was...and here's a suprise...a BNP member! Friend of yours?) "The footage of dozens of "gay" demonstrators flaunting their perversion in front of the world's journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive." And also, here's that lovely young whipper-snapper Mark Collett on the subject of AIDs:
"A friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it." He's such a charming young man! Even Lee Barnes himself (who is either your alter-ego or you're shagging him) wrote something on this very blog about gay men being being half naked in bondage gear parading around in front of children. Your gay friend whom you were canvassing with clearly is ashamed of his homosexuality, treating it as a disease that should be cured rather than something that should be celebrated.

Your problem seems to be that you think people who oppose the BNP are as reactionary as you. That we all just jump to the conclusion that your party is evil without thinking because that's what we've been told to do. In reality, it only takes a sane, intelligent, open-minded person minutes to realise that what you and your friends believe is fundamentally wrong. I've been pouring through all the pro-BNP material I can get my hands on lately to try to really understand you people and make an informed decision about you and yet I STILL see very clear parallels between the BNP and Nazi parties.

And if I was a Nazi soldier in WWII Germany I would have shot your Grandaddy right between the eyes and raped his dead body silly. Too bad that didn't happen...

andraste said...

"And if I was a Nazi soldier in WWII Germany I would have shot your Grandaddy right between the eyes and raped his dead body silly. Too bad that didn't happen..."As I also said, the people like yourselves are the real Nazi's and this statement reveals that fact, thanks for proving me totally correct. Also, try something here that I know is almost impossible for you... imagine if I had written something like that, you would be using it to justify how the BNP are thugs and dangerous... oh yeah I forgot you're the good guys, you can say and do whatever you want and it's always right, right?

And the fact that you use your establishment supported position to attack the BNP, means you are nothing more than a bully and have no true sense of self, instead you need to blindly feel you are part of the good guys.

The fact is, that you are the very same people who if the establishment told you the earth was flat, or that witches are in your town, you would believe it and people like you would be leading the charge of the lynch mob, foaming at the mouth. You are utterly controllable, the fact is you simply cannot face that fact, so you surround yourself with other lunatics like yourself as a means to distract from the reality of your existence.

"yet I STILL see very clear parallels between the BNP and Nazi parties."That is an unqualified statement, meaning you have not proved in anyway how you reach that conclusion. I can prove many ways in which you are very similar to a Nazi concentration camp guard.

The thing is, and its a fascinating aspect of human psychology, often times people who profess hatred for something are usually expressing their own hatred for what they really are.

Pagey_B said...

"oh yeah I forgot you're the good guys, you can say and do whatever you want and it's always right, right?" Yes actually, that's completely correct. I'm glad you finally get it! Just face facts; we're right and you're wrong.

Good day to you.

Anonymous said...

Chris Martin doesn't have a twitter account.