Monday 25 May 2009

DOS Attack - Who Did It ?

The recent attack on the BNP website is evidence of a worrying trend.

On thursday the website of an bill board company hosting BNP advertisments was attacked by DOS attempts from hijacked computers.

The source of this attack was allegedly traced back to a server linked to Bluestate Digital and Searchlight, both of whom are now under investigation for a variety of interesting criminal offences.

The location of the ISP's used in this attack against the billboard company was mainly hijacked computers based in Eastern Europe and Russia.

Then on Friday afternoon the BNP website was hit with a massive DOS attack for approx one hour.

Then starting from 17.30 Saturday night another massive attack also targeted the BNP website with another DOS attack.

Guess where this came from - yep. Eastern Europe, Russia and Lithuania.

Isnt that a strange coincidence.

Two attacks in two days both from the same place and both linked to the BNP.

I think there may just be a connection there.

On sunday morning I contacted the Counter-Terrorism Unit, Scotland Yard and MI5 to inform them that one of the largest DOS attacks in British electronic warfare history was underway against the BNP.

I said ' Today the BNP, tomorrow the NHS or the Bank of England'. They got the point.

Also note that Lancaster Unity, who facilitated and incited and assisted the attacks and threats against the bill board company are also under police investigation.

The police had better make sure all flights from the UK to Israel are now closely monitored for fleeing Searchlight, Bluestate Digital and Lancaster Unity idiots.

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andraste said...

The DoS attacks are so futile and pointless, what it reveals is the utter desperation of these idiots. What has it achieved? Nothing, well, it has put the idiots who launched it under investigation - that is the only thing it has achieved.

The DoS attacks are the manifestation of the built up frustration and rage by the leftists freaks who see themselves as utterly powerless to stop the BNP... we have won, they have lost, fact. So, they react with impotent rage, like a drunk in the pub who lashes out at anyone around him because his wife has left him, and his feelings of being powerless cause him to lash out at the word, that's what is going on within the left.

And also the church sticks its nose in and makes what will be seen in the coming weeks and months as an unbelievably stupid mistake and attacks the BNP... This action, another action motivated purely out of desperation, only serves to further advertise the BNP and also further confirms in peoples minds that the church are also part of the establishment... what another spectacular mistake.

The problem the establishment, the media and the leftist freaks have is the same, they are desperate and actions carried out in desperation are error prone.

So, please all you collective idiots keep attacking because it backfires every single time. There is nothing that can be done to stop the BNP, we have already won. because our message is out and now that it is out and we have defeated the "no platform" policy our message will permeate every level of society, and so this time marks the beginning of the BNP rise to power, it cannot be stopped, it is now inevitable. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I agree that the BNP are going to do well next week . The party is going to pick up several Euro seats. However it must react quickly to restore service to the BNP website. People click on links eg from the BBC website , the longer it is down the less people find out the truth.

andraste said...

The on-going attack on the BBC website is futile, although it is admittedly frustrating for us to be at the mercy of the Russian mafia who are no doubt the ones actually carrying out this attack, only they have the ability and sophistication to launch such an unprecedented attack.

Anyway, if someone is motivated to visit the BNP website, then they will return if they cannot access it there and then. The new people visiting the website will be two distinct groups, i) our enemies and ii) people interested enough to investigate the BNP further. The second category are not simply going to give up, they will be interested enough to return.

So as I said previously the attack is ultimately utterly pointless. The only possible way it could be effective is if the plan was to keep the website under attack for the next few weeks and keep it down until after the Euro elections... this is simply impossible, therefore the attack is pointless and in conclusion means nothing, it is a desperate and impotent action.

In fact it could actually be positive for us. We know how generous our members and supporters are and already there is talk of a fund being set up to purchase the hardware and systems necessary to protect against these attacks, Simon Bennett (the BNP webmaster) has already mentioned that he has been speaking to someone who quoted $42,000. I expect BNP members and supporters would raise this in a very short period of time, particularly if the fund is initiated whilst the memory of this attack is still in peoples minds. This is a classic example of :

That which does not kill me makes me stronger.

andraste said...

Oops, first sentence of my previous comment should read BNP not the loathsome BBC.

Simon Darby said...

You are a fucked up wreck of a cretin. There never was a dDos attack on the BNP site you lying piece of worthless humanity.
Fuck off and die of an overdose you cunt.

Max Mosley's dad said...

Forty-two thousand DOLLARS? *tsk* You can't even get proper British nationalists these days.

Next thing you know, the BNP will be outsourcing all their marchin' and rallyin' and fightin' to overseas suppliers as well.

andraste said...

Simon Darby said... "You are a fucked up wreck of a cretin. There never was a dDos attack on the BNP site you lying piece of worthless humanity. Fuck off and die of an overdose you cunt."HAHAHA... another self loather can't stand the fact the BNP is now on the road to victory, and, as mentioned countless times before, the idiot uses the naught "c" word... you people really are so predictable.

jackie's arse crack said...

I see that fat one-eyed cunt has accidentally let a little truth slip out somewhere. Something about a £5,000 donation being paid into his personal bank account?
Fucking great news, the full truth will come out soon, and once his arse is in Europe come June, there is no way he is going to be able to stop himself - drink, slags and pockets of money. That fat hypocrite is finished; and he'll be his own hangman! I cant wait.
ps, fuck you Barnes.