Thursday 28 May 2009

Fag Hag Attacks BNP

Image - Eddie Izzard says, 'Dont vote BNP or I will bum you'.

Eddie Izzard, another self important, pompous, 'socialist' multi-millionaire, proffessional idiot and Labour Party member says dont vote BNP.


The idea we ever become 'attractive' as a political party to rich fag hags like Izzard is the day we implode as a political movement.

Lets see Izzard go to Pakistan dressed as a fairy and act like a mincer under Islamism.

Naaah, thought not.

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Anonymous said...

Izzard lives in France doesn't he?

Anyway he can afford to be a 'socialist' much the same way as Alex Ferguson is, and the pampered 'pop stars' like that other 'man of the people' yes, the one the only, mockney middle-class wank-stain Damon Albarn.

Can you see a little bit of a thread here...?

We need a nationalist revolution ¸¸.•*¨*•♫ said...

Ha ha Lee yes, i know i'm on the right track when Izzard condemns the BNP, he can't wait until the day Sharia law is completely imposed in Britain, i just hope we get tickets when Izzard is called to the mega mosque for "talks".

Look out for him entering politics, i think he is going to join the Labour party, i heard him say this, great just as he joins the Labour party will be retreating into the wilderness, thankyou God!........Donna