Monday 4 May 2009

More PC BBC crap - The Human Journey

Image - The BBC Homo Sapiens Nelson Mandela. You can just imagine the BBC commissioning editor on the line to the scientist that made the model, ' Oh for fucks sake mate, cant you make it more black ? We are paying good money for this. Make it look more like Nelson Mandela. Stop laughing or we will cancel the cheque '.

The BBC are about to launch a new pseudo-science series, The Human Journey, presented by some pretty airhead presenter called Alice Roberts (who got her degree in anthropology during an era when racial science was perverted by marxist politics and therefore knows only what lies she has been taught - though she is very easy on the eyes ) and so they commission a forensic skull expert to reproduce what some skull found in Romania would look like if it were alive today.

The problem is that the skull they have made is simply pure BBC propaganda.

Even though scientists debate whether the individual skull was EVEN HUMAN,as it has archaic features that suggest it was a Human-Neanderthal Hybrid - they make it look like Nelson Mandela with a skinhead.

Even in the article in The Independent they state, 'we dont know what skin colour it would have had' so they go and give it one that most resembles a modern sub-Saharan indigenous modern African - even though the modern sub-saharan skin tone is itself a result of thousands of years of human racial evolution.

Just because sub-saharan have dark black skin today, does not mean the ancestors of sub-saharan Africans, or all humans, had dark black skin tones 35,000 years ago.

But the cruncher comes here when the airhead Roberts says " He said the skull doesn't actually look European, or Asian, or African " - therefore in order for the good doctor to have made such a statement there have to differences between the skull shapes of modern Africans, Asians and Europeans, which therefore means RACIAL DIFFERENCES DO EXIST.

Its good to know that even when they are indulging in pseudo-science the BBC and its airheads are unable to even understand the trite and facile logical inconsistencies in their own ideological nonsense.

Milford Wolpoff of the University of Michigan and his colleagues maintain that the principal human races-Negroids, Caucasoids, Mongoloids, Australian aboriginal peoples and southern African Bushmen-began to evolve well before the appearance of anatomically modern humans, Homo sapiens. Contrary to mainstream thinking, races did not evolve as a result of modern humans leaving Africa to colonise the rest of the world some 100 000 to 200 000 years ago. Or so Wolpoff argues

If you try and research from a scientific standpoint the origin and periods of racial diversification from the Homo Sapiens line, you find that the internet is swamped with pseudo-christian bullshit about the issue of race with all sorts of crap about Adam and Eve and Creationism.

Yet the irony is that both the Creationists and Multi-culturalists in their utter ignorance agree on a similar pseudo-scientific propaganda model, that posits the theory that all humans come from some 'ancestral Eve' and that we 'all come from Africa re the Garden of Eden'.

Both are bullshit.

The 'Eve theory' is flawed simply as the modern human populations of the planet have experienced massive evolution since any point of commonality, and therefore the idea that we today are IN ANY WAY like the 'ancestral eve' of hundreds of thousands of years ago is utter nonsense.


This is why modern racial groups exist with the vast physical and genetic differences between them.

We may share fundamental traits with some fictious 'human ancestral Eve' but we also share plenty of similar traits with Cheetah the chimp in the Tarzan movies.

The fact is though that just because we share some traits with chimps, and with an 'eve', does not mean we are chimps or eve.


We may share genetic traits with early humans, but we also share many more traits with Chimpanzees.

Therefore to say because we share traits with chimpanzee's that we today are 'Chimps from Africa' is total nonsense and simplistic drivel.

That also doesnt mean we should give human being drugs that are given to chimps because we share DNA with chimps.

In regards to the molecular composition of chlorophyll and hemoglobin, the substance in human blood that carries oxygen from the lungs to the other tissues and organs in the body, they are actually quite similar. The only difference between the two molecules is that hemoglobin has iron as the center atom while chlorophyll has magnesium at its center.

Therefore minute differences in DNA, as between the gene codes for chlorophyll in plants and hemoglobin in blood, creates vast changes in the nature of the organism that carries those DNA codes.

Therefore the most minute differences in DNA ,as between humans and chimps and as between human racial groups, create vast differences in the biological nature of the creatures that carry that DNA.

The many thousands of DNA differences between modern racial groups create a vast amount of genetic and physical differences between racial groups, though this science has been neglected and dominated over recent decades by Marxists who have sought to surpress it - resulting in the deaths of millions upon millions of people who have been forced to endure generic medicines instead of race based medicines.

If modern races do not exist - then how come the proffessor in the article is able to tell the difference between modern African, Asian and European skulls ?

The fact that recent DNA research proves that the Cro-Magnon people of Europe and modern European are gentically exactly the same , eg they share the same racial characteristics as they do today as they did 35,000 years ago, should have meant the forensic skull modeller did his research and ensured the model had WHITE SKIN, not black skin.

The REAL science is here as opposed to this facile and asinine BBC bullshit ;

If the modern European people of today and the Cro-Magnons of 35,000 years ago are genetically identical then how come the idiot used black clay to make the model.

Modern Europeans are not black - they are white.

Therefore the model should have been white and not black.

And why did they use a model of a weird, hybrid skull to make their model instead of the many other Cro-Magnon skulls in Europe that display the same racial characteristics as modern Europeans ?

Instead they use this freak skull to make a freak model to try and sell their facile multi-cultural bollocks to the idiot masses who will watch this TV show and then go about spreading and believing the BBC bullshit.

Of course race exists - and the BBC are simply fighting a pathetic rearguard propaganda action to try and bolster their pseudo-science to support the failed Marxist model of ' one race '.

This refusal to accept reality is the basis of the Liberal Genocide - in that by refusing to accept the reality of racial differences the liberals have consigned generation after generation of peoples of all races to death as a result of forcing them to use generic drugs for health treatments as opposed to pharmacogenomic drugs tailored to treat specific racial and ethnic groups.

The hand of the liberals are sticky with the blood of millions.

Therefore the propaganda the BBC pumps out is the same sort of sick, racist propaganda that the Nazis once pumped out - in that the result of the propaganda has been genocide.

The intent of the liberals may have been to avert genocide, but as William Blake wrote - The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Article in The Independent here ;

( Please note that thankfully The Independent is about to go bankrupt and we will no longer have to endure their bullshit and bullshit from Steve connor, Johan Hari and Alibi Brown as they will all be sacked )

Revealed: the face of the first European

235,000-year-old skull fragments found in Romania are made flesh by scientists

By Steve Connor, Science Editor

Monday, 4 May 2009

Forensic artist Richard Neave used skull and jawbone fragments found in a cave to build this likeness of an early European

This is the face of the first anatomically-modern human to live in Europe. It belonged to a man – or woman – who inhabited the ancient forests of the Carpathian Mountains in what is now Romania about 35,000 years ago.

The artist's reconstruction – a face that could be male or female – is based on the partial skull and jawbone found in a cave where bears were known to hibernate. The facial features indicate the close affinity of these early Europeans to their immediate African ancestors, although it was still not possible to determine the person's sex.

Richard Neave, the forensic artist who reconstructed the facial features in this clay model, based his assessment on a careful measurement of the bone fragments and his long experience of how the soft tissues of the face are built around the bones of the skull.

The reconstruction was made for the forthcoming BBC 2 series The Incredible Human Journey which documents human origins and evolution, from our birthplace in Africa to the long migratory routes that led us to populate the most distant parts of the globe. It is impossible from the bones to determine the skin colour of the individual, although scientists speculate it was probably darker than modern-day Europeans, reflecting a more recent African origin.

Mr Neave's clay head of the "first modern European" now sits on the desk of Alice Roberts, the Bristol University anthropologist who will introduce the BBC series, which is scheduled for screening next Sunday evening on BBC 2. "It's really quite bizarre. I'm a scientist and objective, but I look at that face and think 'Gosh, I'm actually looking at the face of somebody from 40,000 years ago', and there's something weirdly moving about that," Dr Roberts told the Radio Times.

"Richard creates skulls of much more recent humans and he's used to looking at differences between populations. He said the skull doesn't actually look European, or Asian, or African. It looks like a mixture of all of them. And you think, well, that's probably what you'd expect of someone who was among the earliest populations to come to Europe."

Potholers discovered the lower jawbone of the first modern European in 2002 in Pestera cu Oase, the "cave with bones", located in the south-western Carpathians. The remaining fragments of skull were unearthed in 2003.

Scientists have dated the bones using radiocarbon analysis to between 34,000 and 36,000 years ago when Europe was occupied by both Neanderthal man, who had lived in the region for tens of thousands of years, and anatomically-modern humans – Homo sapiens – who had recently arrived on a migratory route from Africa via the Middle East.

Although the skull shares many modern feature of human anatomy, it also displays more archaic traits, such as very large molar teeth, which led some scientists to speculate the skull may belong to a hybrid between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals – an idea discounted by other experts.

Erik Trinkaus, professor of anthropology at Washington University in Missouri, and one of the first specialists to study the bones in detail, said the jaw was the oldest, directly-dated modern human fossil. "Taken together, the material is the first that securely documents what modern humans looked like when they spread into Europe," he said.

Neanderthal man

*Lived in Europe for 300,000 years, surviving a number of ice ages before dying out 25,000 years ago. No one is sure why. Original fossil remains were found in 1856 in the Neander valley, near Dusseldorf, Germany. Socially advanced but left no signs of art, decoration or jewellery. But archaeologists have discovered a flute and have tested their toolmaking skills, suggesting a higher level of sophistication than first thought.

Homo sapiens

*Arrived in Europe some 35,000 years ago, competing with Neanderthal man for 10,000 years. DNA studies suggest the two species did not interbreed. First remains of Homo sapiens – modern humans – found in 1868 in a cave in the Dordogne, France, and known as Cro-Magnon man. Left cave paintings at Chauvet, Lascaux and Altamira, suggesting a sudden development of art.

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Cosmotheus said...

Humans cannot be seperated from the rest of terrestrial biology.

The bipedal, binocular anthropod was already extant across earth, just as every other species and proto-species.

Each anthropod evolved according to the local environmental template to become the modern races, leaving traces of their development.
Macaques look like orinentals.
Gorillas and apes look like Africans.
Who knows, perhaps we exterminated our own kin, the neanerthal and others, leaving the myth of Yeti etc.

This liberal multicult sickness is the viral meme that will lead to horrific genocide and mass extinction across all species.

Unless we confront it and stop it.

Anonymous said...

Same as the climate change and credit crunch scams, all engineered by the usual suspects.

alanorei said...

I aim to outline the origin of the black race in the up-coming article. It will be non-pc.

Dr. Alice certainly is easy on the eye, agree with you 110% there, mate.

I think she is a good researcher and capable presenter e.g. on Coast but I also agree she's been brainwashed.

That said, we're in this fight in no small way for the future of lasses like her, university-cloned or not. They're worth fighting for.

Anonymous said...

Dr Alice is clever and looks fuckable, but sadly she's a lesbian liberoid marxist, and therefore incurable.

Caroline Lucas of the "greens" looks like she would enjoy a good nationalist length too, and in fact she probaly would ;-)

Andraste said...

Dr Alice is clever and looks fuckable, but sadly she's a lesbian liberoid marxist, and therefore incurable.

Caroline Lucas of the "greens" looks like she would enjoy a good nationalist length too, and in fact she probaly would ;-)

These women are used to the flaccid sexual congress of effete liberals, bizarre androgynous freaks and narcissistic wannabe porn stars - thus they will never have known what it is to be serviced by a truly vigorous male. Although I expect in their fantasies they yearn to be rogered senseless by a "neanderthal" nationalist!

Anonymous said...

I expect in their fantasies they yearn to be rogered senseless by a "neanderthal" nationalist!Ho-ho!
Many a true word spoken in jest!

Very amusing! :-)

Imagine how excited the "males" at lancaster urinary must be at the thought of being beaten and sexually abused by some lederhosen-clad virile "nazi" ..... in fact I reckon that's why they scream and shout at us, in the hope of being "punished" ....... like they rile the cops and get a sexual thrill at being truncheoned ...



Anonymous said...

I found this posted only yesterday on You Tube so ir probably won't be there for long.

johnny rebel said...

you are a miserable fucker, really. did you not see the look on the black cunt's face when the bitch (or that indian dude whatever) said the rest of the world came from one tribe that left the niggers in africa, what more do you want you ignorant prick. stop moaning jeez

samuel l jackson said...

wikipedia much

Anonymous said...

Dr Alice presents the wimmins left leaning pre-election version, blame Tony Robinson and that Timewatch crap for allowing her to blur more lines between academia and showbiz. Its dangerous crap, if a bright 8 year was up late enough to watch it they would be hoodwinked into a life of eternal Harpesonism.

Adam M Mason said...

Great article. I like to download BBC propaganda from time to time - recent ones which peaked my interest were "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" and this one. In the Darwin programme, this (again painfully PC) presenter introduces us to Darwin's influence on Nazism (I'm not sure if they mention the influence on USSR communism) I was surprised he actually mentioned Eugenics and the American forced sterilisations of the 20th C. Also Francis Galton etc. But in a way to make Darwin still the hero even though he was a plagarist and a eugenecist himself (married his mother's sister).
So now we have this pathetic show "The Human Journey" which I found on mininova so I bittorrented it and scanned the first few minutes. It really is pathetic, it makes me angry. Then again it's interesting reading Jaques Ellul and seeing his commentary relating to public opinion and how it never actually corresponds to the truth. After a year of research I'm not exactly opposed to this new Global Governance system (how can you be, it's futile since we have a world army trained to destroy any dissenters when the time is right, only a superhero or a really good idea which can influence the majority will make a difference now) although I am disturbed by comments about impending genocide which I see in increasing online editorials - I wonder if the writer could elaborate what draws that conclusion. And by the way as for the comments by you self-confessed 'nationalists' about that presenter, you're fucking vulgar. I know none of us would be here without the natural base lust of men but keep it in your pants won't you? It's gross. I know it's annoying to have such a sexy airhead tell us what our supposed origins are as sponsored by some pathetic socialist corporation - but I don't find your jest funny, it's disgusting, grow up.

Anonymous said...

I'm so deeply impressed with the scholarship demonstrated by you gentlemen. The weight of your evidence against that of every scientist in the entire world is astonishing. Your observation that all scientists, i.e. those trained to critically analyse all evidence, are 'brainwashed' is right on the money. Kudos.