Saturday 30 May 2009

Muriel Gray - Idiot No.1

Image - Muriel Gray, Champagne Socialist, Corporate Media Whore. " I cant believe I get paid to write this shit - Cheers ! Kerching Kerching !"

There have been few times when I have read an article from a red and been left speechless.

Muriel Gray just did that.

I remember her from my youth, a mouthy communist Scottish bint with a hyperactivity problem.

Read the article here ;

She must be mad.

She is an intelligent woman, so she must either be totally bonkers or she has abandoned any journalistic integrity and has become simply another pseudo-socialist Corporate Media slut who is paid to act as a whore for the papers that buy and print her drivel.

I actually feel embarrased for her.

This is one of the worst peices of journalism that has ever disgraced the name of journalism.

In an election campaign where the anti-democratic machinations of the Corporate Media have dragged the name of democracy and the media into the gutter, this article is outstanding in its utter idiocy.

The reason why the media print such drivel is because they ensure that the BNP never has a right of reply.

Therefore they dont have to do journalism, they can just print as much bullshit as they like and know that they will not be challenged - however absurd the bullshit they print.

The problem is that the dumbest people in our country, mainly reactionaries of the Tory right and socialists, believe what they are told by the Corporate Media.

This Zombie Army of the media undead, the brainwashed morons that believe everything they are told by the press, then believe that what they read is real.

These idiots are the sort of people like those in America who a century ago when shown a cinema film for the first time, drew their six guns and shot at the indians doing a war dance on the screen.

I call them The Media Frankensteins Idiots.

These are the same sort of people that go on Anti-Capitalist demonstrations and accuse the media of being 'fascists under the control of the capitalists' but then believe everything that the Corporate Media tell them about the BNP !


How can they say' I dont read the papers as they are all racists and fascists' and then read articles printed in those papers about the BNP and then say ' Look what the papers say ! Those bloody BNP are fascists ! '.

The sad fact is that the children of the corporate media, those 'socialists' that say they fight the BNP, are the primary shocktroops of the capitalist elite and the corporate media.

They are slaves, doing exactly what their capitalist and corporate media want them to do.

Those real socialists who died for socialism in the past would be ashamhed of these witless fools that today espouse socialist ideals yet allow themselves to be enslaved to the Corporate Media.

There are no journalists anymore.

There are simply bullshit artists that write bullshit for brainwashed idiots.

The art of journalism is dead, and also the ability of people to even understand what journalism is no longer exists.

Therefore stupidity reigns.

Take a look around you at our nation.

This is the country that the stupids rule.

This is the land where stupidity reigns.

This is the land where the stupids believe every corporate media lie they are told.

This is the land where the stupids are even proud of their stupidity.

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andraste said...

I was having a great conversation with someone the other night knowledgeable on the subject of the media, and basically he said that what it boils down to is that any cheap hack can make a story about the BNP doing so therefore guarantees that they will get their name in the paper, look at the fucking idiots from Pink Floyd, that mockney twat from Blur, that fucking drug fiend waster Docherty... and this sad specimen Muriel Gray... by attacking the BNP they feel somehow important, somehow part of the righteous crusade against the evil-doers, because by attacking the BNP the establishment automatically bestows upon them a sense of self-esteem, which is otherwise lacking in the media obsessed pornstar-like desperation to be acknowledged... And thus, what underpins their motivations are not legitimate issues, otherwise the BNP would be given a right to reply and would be debated openly and fairly, but what motivates these people is there own ego... their own malformed egos drive them to jump on the anti-BNP bandwagon... to be one of the "good-guys", it's the easiest and oldest trick in the book, in fact for these type of degenerates its instinctive... remember that kid at school who supported what ever team was at the top of the league and thus changed his allegiance on a weekly basis, well these kids have now grown up and they are the sycophantic nobodies like Murial Gray, who are so desperate to be important, so desperate to be liked, fundamentally so desperate to define themselves by external means because they have no inner validity that they all pour out of their nests like rats to attack the BNP.

These people are scum pure and simple, they do not know their arse from their elbow, and they would sell their own grandparents if it meant they would be relevant. The fact is they will never be relevant, they will never be valid, because they are fucked and do not truly know themselves... and exactly the same goes for the leftist idiots who post shit comments on this blog... exactly the same mental disposition, exactly the same utter desperation to fit in, to be important, to be a "good guy".

Fuck you, you pathetic nobodies.

Anonymous said...

I agree, on my infrequent passages through my local city I over hear ''conversations'' that beggar belief.So much so one wonder whether they are mentally ill or have become mentally degenerate / deranged due to the 'media consumer dumbed down education environment'

But then I guess this is the aim of the corporate-media-consumer establishment

andraste said...

Indeed the product of the dumbed-down educational system and the media shallowness is purposely intended to create idiots who never question anything, who act like labotomized Pavlovian attack dogs against whoever the establishment sanctions. This is what we are witnessing first hand with these mentally deficient morons who keep posting to LB' blog, that is why also it is fascinating to observer them in action, like recently scientists made a breakthrough in observing the HIV virus in real time attacking healthy cells, similarly the people who attack the BNP are the virus of humanity, the disease, who attack healthy existence. If any leftist disease bearer disputes this then debate me... right now... or will you resort to the normal tactic of calling me a cunt... either way I win.

andraste said...

That photo of Murial Gray says it all... "Look at me everyone, I am at a celebrity party, I am important, I define myself by this environment"

... total fucking shite as my Scottish mate used to say to people like that.

Anonymous said...

Whilst on holiday on Orkney a couple of years ago I had the misfortune to La Gray on radio Scotland or somesuch. Obviously she must have thought that no one would care what she said up there and she was safe. What followed was a vile, racist anti-English rant that would have made even Andy Murray blush, but I'm sure if challenged she would have denied being wacist.