Saturday 30 May 2009

The News of the Screws - more BS

Image - Jamie Lyons, Deputy News Editor of the News of the World

It looks like The Guardian dropped the story about my 'racist rant' that the reporter who rang me informed me was straight from Searchlight, but now some idiot on the News of the World has repeated the allegations.

It appears that Searchlight even now, after having been exposed as the primary propogators of pure bullshit in British politics, still have plenty of media saps who will still lap up their vomit.

Very interesting.

I shall have to think what to do next - perhaps a defamation action or just a PCC complaint.

Here below is a link to the article and a blog article about The Guardian for those of you who have come from the News of the World website after having read the joke stories printed by the sick perverts that run the paper, who specalise in printing pictures of young semi-naked girls under the guise of 'news'.

If you are one of the sub-literate readers of the News of the World you may need a dictionary to understand the bigger words.

The facts, as opposed to News of the World bullshit here ;

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andraste said...

Fucking hell, this cunt call himself a journslist, he's a fucking comedian, a shit, Butlin's warm up act at that. His urinal diatribe is revealing, it shows what sort of toilet trader he is, cottaging his way through life, and, presuming he has one, his wife trusts this guy? Fucking how stupid, if he can publish this shit then he is capable of anything, he is probably analysing his office secretary as I write this.

andraste said...

Where have all the leftist drones gone? Are they getting all fueled up with their semi-queer/experimental mates at the student bar on that cheap piss? Let me guess when these swinging dicks get back from their Saturday night homo-erotic-love-in they will feel emboldened to post shit up to LB's blog? Fucking hilarious how leftist pussies think they are hard...

andraste said...

Jamie Lyons... he looks like a fucking gimp. He is bent, I bet fifty pence on it... just look at that photo... he is a fag, got rogered by Cameron's gang at public school, now he walks with a limp and secretly waxes lyrical about Himmler.

Fan of Lee said...

Oh, I do hope you'll keep us posted as to the progress of your defamation action, Lee!

That means you'll be claiming that the NOTW article tends either to lower you in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally or expose you to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or cause you to be shunned or avoided.

But of course with your prestigious LL.B.(Hons) you already know that!

(Just a thought: would it be possible to issue a libel writ against your own blog on the grounds above, I wonder?)

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee, do you do requests on this blog? I'd love to read your views on the results of the Britain's Got Talent final!

Paul Morris said...

Lee, with so muh attention being paid to everthing the BNP are currently writing, could it not do without more nonsense from you?

Searchlight belittled you and your lie aout an MI5 investigation for starters.

It's foolish and inmature, ill-informed rants like yours that are seeing u slipfurther away from our once achievable goal.

Do us all a favour and go on holiday until June he 5th.

eric the fish said...

You'll find yourself in The Observer together with your Nazi-insignia fetishists.
Keep on taking the tablets.

Defender of Liberty said...

Ha ha ha it looks like the morons from the NEWS OF THE SCREWS are online.