Sunday 31 May 2009

The Real Enemy are the Media

Image - Barry Bennett and Johnny Depp. (Just kidding) Where did they get this picture from ! Me wearing a suit and tie is about as rare as a full solar eclipse.
Crikey, I am one handsome bloke.

Image - The masses enslaved to the Corporate Media.

The primary enemy of the British people and the main block on the rise to power of the Nationalist political movement is the Corporate Media.

No-one elects the Corporate Media in to power.

No-one is able to hold the media to account other than by defamation actions that cost millions of pounds, therefore excluding ordinary people from ever forcing the media to offer amends to them when they are defamed and lied about.

No-one ever voted for the media to have such power in our society, they have been allowed to accumulate this power because the media control the political parties that they pimp out to the masses.

The Fourth Estate are Fifth Columnists, the enemy within.

They have more power than any Emperor, any King or any Dictator over our society.

They control the minds of millions and are able to control who gets elected to power.

The Corporate Media represents only their own interests, promote only their own economic interests and seek to have only those political parties and politicians that are totally subservient to them and their interests elected into power.

Only those who are whores for the media are allowed into power by the media.

The journalists that work for the Corporate Media are paid to do the work for the Corporate Media, they are nothing more than whores prostituting themselves and their talents for profit.

They dare not go against the interests of their media bosses, for if they ever dared print anything other than Corporate Media propaganda for their bosses they would be sacked.

The article of Muriel Gray is a case in point. A socialist that gets paid by the Corporate Media is a hypocrite.

Muriel Gray is a crap writer.

In fact there is probably only one proper journalist left in Britain and that is Christopher Hitchens.

He may be a lefty liberal drone, but the fact is he is motivated by principle whilst the others are motivated solely by profit.

There are only two other real British journalists apart from Hitchens and both of them live abroad - John Pilger and Mark Steyn.

Mark Steyn was sacked from The Telegraph as he would not bend his knee to the Barclay Brothers.

Therefore the btst British journalist of the last three decades was forced to flee the UK in order to be able to continue his career based on his principles.

The mangy curs in the media that vomit into the papers today are merely whores who sold their principles for profit.

Journalism is dead.

What we have today is Corporate Propaganda pumped out for the interests of the Corporations that own the media companies and for the benefits of the politicians and political parties that are the whores of the media.

Even worse than this dictaorship of the media are the so called 'anti-capitalist leftists' who march against things like the Iraq War and yet still believe the lies the media tell them about the BNP.

It was the Corporate Media who were the primary agents of the Iraq War.

The Corporate Media beat the war drums for Blair and Bush.

The Corporate Media printed and published and propagandised all the bullshit phoney WMD stories, the 45 minutes to a missile strike claims and the rest of the endless BS that the Bush and Blair Junta's wanted published in order to incite the idiot masses into a foaming mass of fear and fury.

The Corporate Media are accomplices to genocide and war crimes.

They must one day face justice for their crime of propagandising the Iraq War, just as the politcians that voted for the war must.



Watch these films below and then realise that you will never be free if you keep believing the lies of the Corporate Slave Masters

Watch this video here for the wake up call that will change your world ;

Watch this vvieo here to see how the media are war criminals ;

Lee Barnes, the BNP's senior legal officer and one of Griffin's closest allies, has posted a video on his personal blog of a black suspect being beaten by police officers in the US and describes it as "brilliant". Barnes adds: "The beating of Rodney King still makes me laugh."

Barnes told the Observer his comments were "nothing to do with colour" but were merely a reflection of his belief that the police should have more powers to punish perpetrators of crime by "giving them a good thrashing".

( The above is the story the Guardian have rung after their call a few days ago when they told me that searchlight was touting the story of my 'racist rant'. Thanks Jamie. Nice one. Thats just the sort of comments we want published.

Unlike the insipid liberal idiots that read The Observer behind their fortified houses in all white estates, real people experience real crime and want real tough solutions to crime.

The definition of a liberal is merely someone who hasnt been mugged or burgled yet.

Give it time, they will all sooner or later experience the fist and boot of their wonderful multi-cultural society smashed down upon their faces.

There is never any mercy given when some white liberal felled by the blows of an ethnic gang of muggers with their white hoody rat lackey tagging on along for the ride, screams out ' You cant do this I am a liberal '.

Sooner or later every liberal will become a victim of their delusions and of the broken society that they have created.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,
It's interesting to draw a comparison between the communication possibilities now and state/corporate control of them, and the lack of state media and the prevalence of leafleting and pamphleteering that abounded in the sixteenth century - just before the first civil war.With the the lack of a corporate press the myriad of pressure groups informed and persuaded the English to revolution. I know that is a very simplistic analysis but it chimes well with the excellent efforts of Adam Walker

Anonymous said...

The threat to the media has come from the internet and I would say the BNP would not have got a look in without the development of the internet. Most British newspapers have declining circulations and I suspect a few are shortly to go out of business. The British people can see through the media lies as the Polish people saw through the Communist lies despite the Communists having a media monopoly.So prediction for BNP vote on Thursday between 10 and 15% nationally and beating the UKIP vote in most of the UK.

Roderick Spode said...

Very smart black shirt, Lee.

Defender of Liberty said...

I also own a pair of rainbow coloured socks - does that make me gay ?

I also own a pair of dungarees - Does that make me a lesbian ?

I also own a tweed jacket - does that make me a Tory ?

I also own a donkey jacket - does that make me old Labour ?

I also own a pair of Armani trousers - does that make me New Labour ?

I also own a wooly hat - does that make me a lib dem ?

Fuck me, you truly are a pathetic little dick arent you.

It costs nothing to be a rich liberal - They pass the cost on to other people. said...

The Liberals will retreat to gated communities, then they will blame the mess they have left behind them on the people left in the mess, same way they currently scapegoat `chavs`, something which they created.

They will then create a fascist ruling elite, to make sure they maintain their power as far as possible away from the masses and any accountability.

In fact we are 80% of the way there already.

How proud they must be, to destroy the greatest country in the world?

lormarie said...

LOL @ rainbow socks.

The pic is a bit of a surprise since you appear to dislike the metrosexual look. (Not sure why as it has NOTHING to do with being gay or feminized) It simply means a man who pays more attention to his grooming and clothing habits.

Defender of Liberty said...

Hi lormarie,

I have been trying to work out when the picture was taken.

I am very slim in it so I suppose that was taken around 1999.

You are right I look gay. I am not gay of course, but in that picture I look gay.

Yes I was what would be called a fore runner of the Metrosexual Male.

I worked as a lifeguard in sports centres and as a gym instructor back then and I was a full time fitness fanatic into martial arts, swimming, boxing etc. I also had one superb six pack at that time, and in fact I must admit I was pretty hot.

I now have a keg instead of a six pack.

In the picture the shirt was Paul Smith (about $200), the trousers were black velvet Hope And Glory drain pipes ($300), the jacket about $200, tie about $50. That was exchange rates back in the late nineties, not todays.

Yes I was a poser.

I also feel sick now that I can no longer fit into any of them and that I once spent so much money on them.

Oh the folly of youth.


lormarie said...

No you don't look gay in the pic to me. You look as though you take the time to fix yourself up. Everyone should IMO.