Monday, 5 October 2009

Edmund Standing, Harrys Place and Hypocrisy

A very interesting news story here on Arutz Sheva, a national news site of Israel, about an article on President Obama's website comparing Israel to the Nazis ;

But what is also interesting are the banners on the right of the article on the website, so lets take a look.

The first is ;

This site has links to Neo-Nazi sites on it and also has a flashing banner telling American Jews, who one would guess would be AMERICAN CITIZENS to come 'home'.

Presumably 'home' is Israel which is a strange thing to say as if 'Nazis' said that Jews belonged in Israel then they would be called racist.

One wonders if Palestinian refugees and Palestinian Christians in America who are also AMERICAN CITIZENS would be offered a chance to go 'home' to Israel or whether this racist 'home' policy applies only to Jews, who have no link with Israel at all other than that they are Jews.

Explain that one Edmund Standing !

The second is even better ;

This is a site for Homosexual Jews which seeks to cure them of their homosexuality.

How PC and so respectful of diversity and difference, or is homosexuality and homophobia something only the West should worry about ?

Edmund, are you there ?

Then comes the Third ;

This is the 'Bring a Bay to Israel' site. Not a black one though, but a very 'Aryan' looking baby in fact. This is an anti-Abortion site, and there was I wondering why so many Jewish liberals and Jewish owned media outlets in the West attack Christians as 'fundamentalists' when they fight against abortion !


Then finally ;

Another anti-homosexuality site with loads of anti-homosexuality articles and propaganda.

Yet guess what - the ADL and the rest of the Jewish activism groups that list all the 'hate sites' dont list these sites as 'hate sites'.

I wonder why.

Edmund - come on now, stop sulking.

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Anonymous said...

So you've proven that there DOES EXIST a far right newspaper in Israel. It's a right wing settler movement newspaper, sort of akin to the BNP.

There's no reason for that fact to shame Edmund standing, though the existence of the BNP should shame you, am I right?

Defender of Liberty said...

So an Israeli newspaper is akin to the BNP, a British political party.

Keep off the crack mate, its done your brain in.

Just say no.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Hey Lee John,

I was wondering, what your views were about 'overpopulation'?

Mine you can find here...
Wake Up Whitey! and Impact of Sex and War...

Am curious about yours...