Tuesday 20 October 2009

Tory Toffs Use Tory Generals / Lords to attack BNP

How wonderful that all these war heroes have come out and attacked the BNP.

What bravery, what insight - what hypocrisy.

No doubt each will get their peerage from David Cameron after he has been in power for a few months.

None of them stood up and attacked the Labour government over the Iraq and Afghanistan War.

Nah, they attack the BNP.

The Establishment never attacks the Establishment.

The BNP never sent British troops to fight in an illegal war for oil.

The BNP never sent British troops to die in Iraq and Afghanistan for oil and pipelines.

The BNP unlike the Tories has never supplied the enemies of Britain and the tyrants of the world with arms and weapons.

As for the Tories.

They provided Saddam Hussein with his chemical weapons plant that produced the nerve gas that killed the Kurds ;





These generals were nothing more than lackeys of the Labour government during an illegal war and lackeys of the tories now they are out of the army looking for peerages from the incoming Tory government.

The other war heroes like Simon Weston are involving themselves in politics, therefore they are inviting people to analyse their motives and political beliefs.

The moment people like McNab and simon weston involved themselves in politics, then they invite a response.

They cant hide behind their heroic past when they become involved in politics.

Therefore they will now be questioned.

Being a war hero does not mean you are beyond criticism once you get involved in politics.


Though the actual number is not known of how many prisoners are ex-servicemen then the true figure will be around 14 %.


1 in 4 of the homeless are ex-servicemen ;


Yet who does Mcnab aim his fire on - the BNP.


They should have made him a general.

He seems to have the brains for it.

Then we have Weston with his worry about the image of Churchill on BNP leaflets.

In the middle of a war where British troops are being slaughtered because the MOD hasnt got enough troops to move soldiers and avoid them hitting IED’s and helicopters cannot evacuate the wounded , Weston is worrying about BNP leaflets.

My god, they should be ashamed of themselves.

With themselves so obviously selling themselves to the Tories for political gain and the promise of Ermine to replace the gold braid, then this is a disgusting, amoral, sick political Tory stunt.

I am appalled and disgusted by them all.

This is a tory led joke campaign run by tory toffs in Nothing British About The BNP - which is a tory front group run by two tory toffs and from the Conservativehome office.

These are simply people who are being lined up to sit with the Tories in the House of Lords.

This attack on the BNP is a Rupert Murdoch The Times sponsored attempt to bolster the Tories - the Tory Party by the way that supplied weapons to Saddam Hussein and various other tyrants and criminals around the world when they were in power.

The attack on the BNP is I suspect a smoke screen to prepare the way for an attack on Iran by Israel, as Murdoch needs the Tories in power and Blair as President of the EU in order to ensure Britain is 100 % on board with the attack.

With Blair as President of the EU and the Tories as slavish to the US and media as Blair and the Labour government - then the war is guaranteed to go ahead.

These generals are a disgrace.

They can be condemned on two grounds ;

1) They stayed silent during the lead up to the Iraq and Afghanistan War, allowed British troops to fight in an illegal war and allowed British troops to go to war unequipped and with second rate kit.

That was a dereliction of their duty and a betrayal of every British soldier sent to fight in the FIVE wars started by Blair and New Labour.

If they had resigned before the war went ahead then perhaps we could have avoided the Iraq War abd Afghan invasions, but they didnt.

Therefore they stand accused of a dereliction of duty.

2) That whilst the Afghanistan War is still going on, and British troops dying day after they have chosen to attack the BNP instead of demanding an immediate end to the Afghanistan war and the recall of all British troops to the UK.

They have not done this, instead they attack the BNP who has never sent any British troops to die in illegal foreign wars.

This is also a cowardly dereliction of their duty to the soldiers they profess to represent and 'care' for.

If they truly cared for their troops then they would demand the immediate return to Britain of all British troops from Afghanistan on the grounds that the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable, that we went to war for oil in Iraq and to protect oil and gas pipelines in Afghanistan, that the troops are under equipped and that lack of air support and helicopters has enabled the Taliban to slaughter our troops with IED's, that you cannot export and impose democracy by force and that the British troops wounded in the war have been let down with their medical care in the UK, had their benefits stolen from them by the Labour government and that with a quarter of the people in prisons being ex-servicemen many suffering from PTSD and a quarter of the homeless on our streets being ex-servicemen that British society and successive British government have betrayed our troops.

But they wont say that.

They wont say it because its against tory policy.

This is because they are nothing more than Tory stooges using their war medals to get peerages from a future Tory government.

They attack the BNP but have not attacked the Labour government or the Tories for what they did in the past and what they will do once elected into power.

These generals are a disgrace.

1 in 4 prisoners in British prisons is an ex-serviceman.

1 in 4 homeless people are ex-servicemen.

The generals have served their entire careers the governments that used British troops for their own ends and then dumped into society with PTSD and disabilities and then let them slip into drug abuse, alcoholism, homelessness and prisons.

This is how the Tories and Labour take care of veterans - they abandon them.

These generals were part of the government that sent us into the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and now they want to lecture us on their morality and decency.

They lost the right to lecture anyone when they refused to resign their commissions before the start of the Iraq War or when, like Jackson, they collaborated with Tony Blair in his illegal wars in the Balkans - such as when the SAS were ordered by men like him to train the KLA terrorist groups that were involved in the massacre of innocent men, women and serbian children.

These people are now politicians.

The moment they allowed themselves to get involved in politics then they politicised themselves and their opinions.

This is simply the establishment on the attack against the BNP in order to divert attention from the crimes of New Labour and to support the Tory Party.

Oh how they must fear the BNP.

The attacks on us are the greatest validation.

This Nothing British About The BNP campaign is a Tory led campaign being promoted by the Tory Press.

These are not patriots.

These are the people who serve a political party, the Tories, that supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons plants and weapons that were used to murder British troops in the Iraq War is scandalous.

Whilst this campaign has been launched in the midst of the Afghanistan War and on the eve of the attack on Iran and they have stayed silent and not demanded the end to Afghan war and that we do not go to war with Iran is a total disgrace.

The fact that the generals and the others are supporting the Tories is a total disgrace.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

I hold the politicians, the government and the generals in contempt not British troops.

I hold Mcnab and Weston in contempt for their cowardice and stupidity in attacking the BNP and because they chose and still choose to remain silent about the betrayal of British troops by successive British governments who have abandoned British soldiers to homelessness and poverty.

Mcnab and Weston attack the BNP but stay silent about the Afghanistan war, the Tories who sold weapons to Saddam Hussein and the Labour Party that sent British soldiers to die in an illegal war for Iraqi oil.

It appears that Simon Weston did raise the issue of faulty kit before the war began but that is irrelevant to his idiotic attack on the BNP today - the fact remains that he is wasting his time by attacking the BNP, and he is merely obfuscating the real issues even though British troops are being slaughtered day in and day out in Afghanistan, for tory advantage.

Simon Weston has not attacked the government for starting the war, he has not attacked both Labour and Tory governments over the issue of 1 in 4 of the homeless being ex-servicemen and women, he has not attacked the tories for arming Saddam Hussein with the weapons that killed British soldiers and gassed the Kurds. He doesnt attack the Labour government for failing to ensure we have enough helicopters and armoured cars.

No. In the midst of the slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan Weston attacks the BNP for putting Churchills image on a leaflet.

He is therefore either a tory stooge or an idiot.

I hold the Tory Toy Generals and the Tory Rent a Heroes like McNab and Weston in contempt who allow themselves to be used by the Tory front group Nothing British About the BNP to attack the BNP over the pathetic issue of pictures of Churchill on BNP leaflets, and yet who are wasting their time attacking the BNP whilst the Afghan War still wages on and they are attacking the BNP instead of attacking the Tory and Labour governments that caused the the lack of equipment and deaths.

It appears that Simon Weston was policitised by the Tories in 2008 when he agreed to sit alongside Fredrick Forsyth on some Tory policy unit ;


So Weston is just another Tory stooge using his medals to benefit the Tories, even though the Tories were the party that allowed British arms companies to sell weapons to Iraq and Saddam Hussein which were then used to kill British troops.

Whilst British troops are dying for a corrupt, vote rigging US puppet government and to defend the wealth of US oil corporations and their pipelines in Afghanistan, Simon Weston is attacking the BNP.

He doesnt attack the links the Tory Party has with Baroness Neville Jones who was a governor of the BBC, who sat as a member of the intelligence bodies that drafted up the dodgy dossier and who also was a director of the arms companies that sold weapons to Saddam and who profited from the Iraq War ;



Baroness Jones was employed by Qinitiq when it was run by THE CARLYSLE GROUP which has George Bush's father as a director ;


But no comment from Weston about that. No comment from him about a Tory who is up to her neck in the blood of the Iraq War.

I see this attack on the BNP as a sick political stunt.

I am appalled and disgusted by the generals and McNab and Weston.

Shame on them.

Shame on them all.

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Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Repeating yourself a bit there, Barnesy.
And are you going to sell tickets for when you go mano a mano with andy McNab? Agreed Simon Weston might be a pushover these days, but McNab? Love to see it!

Defender of Liberty said...

Perhaps I should also go man o mano with a trained Ninja Warrior from Japan or Mike Tyson when he was world champion boxer.

McNab is a trained killer, that was his job, I havent been trained as killer by the SAS, though I was trained to do CPR once.

I could though kick his arse at Halo, Demons Souls on PSP 3 and archery on the WII.

Me fighting Mcnab would be like me fighting David Blunkett.

There is no honour in such a fight between unequals.

A man seeks to fight with honour.

In the old Norse and Keltic traditions a warrior fought only for honour - not money, oil, medals or peerages.

A warrior would not have ordered his soldiers to fight in the illegal Iraq and Afghan wars because the Labour government that was sending him to war was the heir of the Tory government that sold Saddam Hussein his weapons.

There was no honour in the Iraq War - only the shame of the generals for taking part and the shame.

There is no honour for those fool heroes who are attacking the BNP for using an image of Churchill on a leaflet but who are staying silent today about the ongoing Afghan war and who do not demand the immediate withdrawl of British troops who are dying in a needless war they cannot win, without the kit to keep them safe, for a corrupt afghan government so that the US can steal Iraqs oil and pump it through Afghanistan.





But why would anyone like you understand the concept of honour in warfare ?