Wednesday 20 May 2009

David Cameron - New Twitter Account

Image - This is me Dave wiv my posse the FWA (Fops With Attitude) I am the moody looking one with a girls haircut top row second from left. My hair is fluffy isnt it. I have slept with all of these guys in the picture. I also lost at soggy biscuit with them. Doesnt Boris look moody at the bottom - he is bottom row third from right. Ooooh get him.

Hi, call me dave.

I have decided to set up a new Twitter account to keep in contact with the youth of Britain. Groovy huh.

Follow what I am doing live on my Twitter account here ;

See you soon.

Love you,


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Simon Darby's Twitter Followers said...

Now it's THREE fake Twitter accounts... if, as you yourself said only recently, "ANYONE THAT TWITTERS IS A CUNT. ANYONE THAT RECIEVES [sic] A TWITTER IS A CUNT." then what does that make you, Lee?

I look forward to your sock puppet's reply, which is sure to be as measured and reasonable as ever.

One other thing I've been wondering, Lee: Why have you taken a female name for your other personality? I mean, you don't expect us to believe that the commenter who's been threatening and insulting visitors to your site, even offering some of them out for a fight, is actually a woman, do you?

Of course, if that's what BNP women really are like, I will happily stand corrected.

Oh, and one more thing, Lee: GET A JOB.

Anonymous said...

You've set up a third fake twitter account! good god, you must admit that this is pretty weird activity? When you're typing do you do the voices of the different characters in your head? Do you dress as them? Are you dressed as David Cameron now?

I'm starting to get dangerously addicted to your blog

andraste said...

Lee, you are doing a fantastic job of getting these morons to reveal themselves, it's like pissing on an ants nest.

These idiots all same the same things, contradict themselves all the time, and reveal how little they actually know about the BNP - it really is fascinating to have these freaks posting up to your blog and being able to observe them first hand.

Some goon previously couldn't work out why David Duchovny had been Twitter'd - LOL - he was scratching his head thinking "Is David Duchovny cool again? Damn, I better run down the charity shop and get the X Files box set, I wouldn't want to be uncool. I know I can get one of those new giant socks for my head whilst I am in town too, then'll i'll definately be cool."

Anonymous said...

David Cameron doesn't have a twitter account.

Anonymous said...

oh Lee.
Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee.
you and all you're bigoted cunts mewing about irrational hatred.
fuck off and die you cunts.

Anonymous said...

Very educational. Colorful too...