Sunday 3 May 2009


Here are two stories. One is from The Guardian and the other The News of The World.

Today the Guardian ran an editorial attacking the BNP here ;

The first story below is written by an ignorant, racist black journalist who works for The Guardian and the second is about the white victim of a racist rape who has bravely spoken out about her ordeal.

All these stories reveal so much about society.

The editorial of the The guardian (link above) reveals that The Guardian calls the BNP racist for standing up for the interests of our people.

The stories below reveal how the media and especially the Guardian are run and staffed by some of the most demented, arrogant, absurd, racist idiots on the planet whilst the final story below reveals the reality of our social situation - one that we are called racist for by the Guardian and its cabal of parasites who live in an middle class, ideological Ivory Tower and who believe that the racist crimes committed against our people do not exist and are simply 'BNP racist nonsense' .

It is a tale of two worlds - one world where white cringing leftists listen too, genuflect too and obey without thought the utter ideological bullshit of radical blacks who use the Marxist-Leninist terrorism of the word 'racism' in order to extort and demand money, status and privileges they do not deserve on the grounds of their talents or intelligence from our society.

The other world is the real world - the world of anti-white racist child rapes, black racism, anti-white racist violence, of rapes of white women by black thugs and illegal immigrants entering our country deliberately to rape white women.

Yet those who seek to defend and give a voice to our white daughters, wives and children and protect them from these ethnic criminals are called racist by the Guardian even for daring to speak of the issue.

One day we will hold the Guardian, its staff and the entire liberal elite to account for their crimes against our people and their collaboration in the crimes against humanity of the liberal Establishment who allowed, encouraged and profited from allowing scum like those below into our country.

Of course all white people are racist

Only by acknowledging the influence of subliminal stereotypes can we eradicate their pernicious effects

Joseph Harker The Guardian, Wednesday 3 July 2002

When the head of the crown prosecution service said he believed almost all British people were racist, he was roundly condemned. It was a moment of political correctness gone mad, commentators said. But one thing no one seems to have paused to consider was the possibility that he was right. In fact, what about: all white people are racist.

I don't mean they are all wilful bigots, of course. But racism is a combination of prejudice and power. And sadly prejudice is a deeply ingrained human trait.

Globally, white people are the dominant group, and in politics, economics, the media and all aspects of society, this power is used every day. It starts from the top and filters down to white people everywhere, regardless of their individual economic situation.

At the highest level, when President Bush tells Palestinians a different leader must take the place of the man they elected, he's treating them as second-class human beings. When the leaders of western economic powers deny fair trading terms to African countries, they are doing exactly the same. And the images of these pathetic victims help fuel more stereotypes about their "inferior" status.

Every day the white power structure - be it global, national or local - makes decisions which impinge on the lives of black people. Take the Metropolitan police, who last year decided to allow people to go unpunished if caught smoking dope in Brixton, south London. This scheme was brought in without the backing of the local black population, who fear the effect on their children of scenes of overt drug taking. If the police want to experiment with drugs, why choose black people as guinea pigs?

The actions of those in power create a constant drip of negative images which seep into the national consciousness. Why is it that every time a TV news report mentions unemployment, or school exclusions, or crime statistics you are virtually guaranteed to see a black face? Black and Asian people are seen far less often on reports on the health service, for example, where they make up a high proportion of nurses and doctors. Do you question it each time? Has this negative imagery become normalised in your own mind?

Only last week, a train crash in Tanzania which killed 200 people received the tiniest of mentions in the media. The Times ran a paragraph in its "In Brief" column. What impression does this give about the value of black life?

But the media is not entirely to blame. It is a chicken-and-egg situation in which editors know that their readers care less for non-white lives - they see the evidence in their sales - and hence devote less time and effort to covering them. Which makes the hypocrisy of their response to the crown prosecutor all the more stark.

And despite changes since the Stephen Lawrence inquiry - with black faces now regularly seen on TV in adverts and as presenters - the negative imagery still persists. Take the World Cup, where Egyptian and Ecuadorian referees were treated as second-rate, yet the Scottish official who missed a blatant goal-line handball was still somehow up to the job.

Some "non-racists" like to pretend that racial differences don't exist - they even proudly claim not to notice skin colour. This is manifest nonsense. Purporting to be "colour blind" is as ludicrous as suggesting you wouldn't notice a person's gender. What's important is what you do, not what you see.

It is naive to believe that the long history of racial distortion - which goes back to the days of slavery and colonialism - has not had a lasting effect on the individual subconscious. We receive these messages virtually from birth, and as children's thought processes develop, they build up into a bank of subliminal stereotypes. A black man and white man walking down the street: Which one is the doctor? Which one is good at sport? Which one does drugs?

Reaching adulthood, how can people realistically cast off all they've come to believe as a child? Even black people themselves are not immune, and these images have had an impact on their own self-esteem.

White people need to accept that, no matter how many anti-racist demos they've marched on, they inevitably make assumptions, however subconscious, which are influenced by a racist society and which help to form their views and opinions. To refute this is to be in complete denial. But this is not a blame game. Institutional racism is now an accepted term, but it's not the inanimate "institutions" which are racist; it's their staff who perpetuate the overall inequalities by their actions. The acknowledgement of personal racism is simply a prerequisite before anyone can begin to eradicate its pernicious effects.

As a black man, I admit I am bound to suffer from prejudices of my own. I cannot be racist, however, because in the global order I do not belong to the dominant group. If I were to mistreat a white person, no matter how low in social status, the weight of this country's white power structure would come down against me. As Stephen Lawrence's parents found, this force does not come to the aid of black people.

And how could I be racist anyway? I assure you, some of my best friends are white.

Story 2 ;

Raped because I'm white

Victim targeted by immigrant

FURY: Sarah wants attacker deported now

RAPIST: Moobeng went on run

By Jane Atkinson, 03/05/2009

A DEVASTATED young mum has told how she was raped by an illegal immigrant - because he enjoyed hurting white girls.

Brave Sarah Douglas waived her right to anonymity to relive her terrifying ordeal at the hands of Amos Moobeng and stormed: "This racist should be shipped back home to rot in jail."

Sarah, 20, came forward after the South African was sentenced to nine years in prison for holding her hostage before raping her after she went to his flat with a pal.

The judge told the court Moobeng, 35, "deliberately targeted two white females".

But Sarah believes the monster has not been punished enough. "It makes me sick to think that this evil man came over specifically to rape and assault white girls," she said. "He should be booted out of the country.


"Instead, while he has shattered my life, he has the dream life he came here for - a comfy bed, a TV to watch whenever he likes and hot food three times a day. Where is the justice in that?"

Police figures have revealed that immigrants are carrying out one in six rapes in Britain - and an astonishing one in THREE in London. And last month it was revealed Romanian Ali Majlat attacked a British woman so he could go to jail because his rapist elder brother wrote to him saying how cushy life was in our prisons.

Moobeng was on the run after his visa ran out when he targeted Sarah and her pal at a hotel bar in Exeter.

"He came over with his friend Benson and was being very over the top and flirting with my friend," said Sarah. "I was pleased for her. She'd been single for a long time so I went along with it when he suggested we go to a club."

She only found out through Benson's trial evidence why Moobeng was so interested. "He said Moobeng had been making fun of me and my friend as soon as he saw us because we were white. He wanted to hurt us because we were white."

Six-footer Moobeng then invited the girls back to his flat for a nightcap. It was there he pounced. Sarah said: "He jumped on top of me and started kissing my neck but I kicked him off. I told my friend I wanted to go home before storming into the bathroom.

"The next thing Amos literally ripped the bathroom door from its hinges and shouted, 'Get out of there now'. Then I saw him grab my friend and whack her round the face three times. I screamed at him to leave her alone. He just stared at me." The girls fled the flat but in the panic Sarah lost her pal. She made the mistake of going back to find her. Moobeng was waiting.

"I heard the locks turn on the front door behind me when I went inside. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me upstairs into a bedroom. He locked that door too. I was screaming, crying and kicking.

"He slapped me around the face and then ripped off my clothes and raped me.


"All I could do was shut my eyes and scream and scream. He was so strong and no matter what I did I just couldn't free myself. I thought I was going to die.

"Afterwards I ran towards the window to try and jump out but he grabbed me and threw me back on to the bed.

"I kicked and screamed but he pinned me up against the wall and punched and punched at me until eventually I must have passed out." When she came to, she ran out of the flat to discover police - called by her friend - waiting.

Their sniffer dogs found Moobeng crouching behind the building but when arrested he gave a false name. He later jumped bail after the attack in 2007 but was tracked down to Edinburgh.

He was convicted of rape, false imprisonment and assault. Moobeng was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for life and was told he would be deported after serving his sentence.

Now Sarah is trying to piece her life back together and has managed to find love since the attack. She and her partner Dave Koker, 23, have just had a baby girl.

"I'm trying to move on, but I still have nightmares," she said. "If I hear a man with a foreign accent I shake with fear.

"That man was pure evil and should never have been allowed into this country to attack me in the first place."

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Anonymous said...

Joseph Harker, Guardian "I cannot be racist." A well balanced black, massive chips on both shoulders.

andraste said...

This idiot Joesph Harker parrots the idiotic line: "I cannot be racist, however, because in the global order I do not belong to the dominant group."This is lunatic logic. One is not immune to the charge of being a racist because one does not belong to the so-called "dominant group", one is either a racist or not a racist (of course Joesph Harker is defining the term racist as someone who believes in racial supremacy of one race over another).

What this flawed logic reveals is the absolute stupidity of the leftist mentality. So, by their logic, as one group becomes the "dominant group" then all other races automatically cannot be racist. This is an endless roundabout, whereby the label racist would change from race to race like some baton in a relay race, because during each phase one group would become the "baddie" and all the others achieve victim status.

It is rather convenient that the white race is defined as the "dominant group" - the only group who can qualify as racists. In fact, as with much leftist/liberal logic, what they appeal so much against is in reality a projection of their own neurosis. Because surely to condemn one racial group (the white "dominant" group) as only those capable of racism is in and of itself a racist position to take? Moral inversion is the defining characteristic of the liberal/leftist mind.

Anonymous said...

"John Floyd Thomas, thought by Los Angeles police to be the most murderous serial killer in the history of Los Angeles and possibly of the U.S. (see earlier VFR entries here and here), is a black man. All his known and suspected victims, whom he beat, raped, and strangled to death, were older white women. In an 1,100 word article on Thomas's arrest, providing new details on the case not contained in last week's newspaper stories, including how Thomas came to be arrested, Time magazine does not mention that all of Thomas's victims were white. There is no reference to race in the article. The words "black" and "white" do not appear."