Wednesday 13 May 2009

Harry Place Has Another Pop

Heres what I have posted on Harrys Place to respond to their article on me here ;

Hi lads,

I think the idea that Zionists have undue influence in our nations (and by Zionists lads please note that this is not a code for ‘ze jews’ as Zionism is also a wacky Christian Fundamentalist cult and also supported by atheists, communists and capitalists of all races and colours) is not one opposed by many sane people.

Zionism is not a Jewish ideology, it is primarily a cult for insane non-Jewish Christian Funda’mentalists’ that are in the grip of their Jesus Is Coming eschatology.

Only the real anti-semites call anti-Zionism ‘anti-semitism’, primarily as the Palestinians are real semites whilst most Zionists are not semites. Most Christian Zionists support the extermination of the Palestinian people so JC can come back and kill or convert all the Jews.

Heres Tam Dalyell ;

Heres Jenny Tonge ;

Heres the London Review of Books ;

Heres a video ;

Zionism, as a form of militant Israeli nationalism, is legitimate only in Israel.

When its tentacles are able to control our nations foreign policy and US foreign policy, as it did when it lobbyed for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to get the oil and bolster Israel, then it is in fact organised treason.

For fucks sake lads at least try and get it right when you have a pop at me, its a bit boring have to keep correcting you all the time.

Peace Out.


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Anonymous said...

Totalitarian or Libertarian

Just saw the new local election broadcast, it was fine until it mentioned the spy cameras!

The las thing oppressed people want to hear about is freaking spy camera's.

Even if they worked in that instance in that comunity, it smashes out opposition to the Labour police state making it look like we are reinforcing it!

This is madness in a national polituical broadcast, boarderline sabotage!

When will the BNP get with the people, get modern and rally against totalitarianism and its symbols?

The BNP have done so well in many ways, but is missing a huge oportunity and an open goal.

odin said...

Dead right Lee!

Anonymous said...

"Most Christian Zionists support the extermination of the Palestinian people so JC can come back and kill or convert all the Jews."

Perhaps there are some "Christian Zionists" who believe this, but it is not an orthodox Christian belief. Most Christians I know look forward to Christ's second coming because -
"...we are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness." 2 Peter 3:13.

In the mean time we are to battle the evil in this world, beginning with that in our own hearts. The difficulty is that in this world good and evil are mixed - so that things are often topsy turvey. Evil often succeeds in looking good, while good appears weak or even evil.

When Christ returns all lies will be exposed, and truth will finally triumph in all its purity - no admixture of evil. And that's what Christians look forward to. That's not going to be a good day for liars, which is why Christians submit to God's discipline in their lives now - that's how we become "true" and able to live in the new heaven. The present one will be destroyed, so no earthly areas are particularly important.


Anonymous said...

"No earthly areas are particularly important" - of course I meant in the future life. Not that we shouldn't esteem what we have been given to look after now.